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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA SEVEN - Verses 2104 – 2121 of 2121


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA SEVEN - Verses  2104 – 2121 of 2121



2104 One the Family, One the God


One the family,

One the God;

Thus intense hold,

No more will death be;

None Other is Refuge,

With confidence you can seek;

Think of Him and be redeemed,

In your thoughts, holding Him steadfast.



2105 Praise Lord and Spurn Death


Praise the benevolent Lord,

He of Mount Kailas;

He as central stood,

In cardinal directions four, our Lord;

With the precious body

That Prana's vital breath holds

Praise the Lord and be redeemed,

The Lord,

Who with His Feet the God of Death spurned.



2106 Seek Lord; No More Births Will Be


Seek the Way

That when this body leaves,

Another body, you enter not;

"When did this human body come to me?"

Of that time you think of;

Verily will you His Grace receive.



2107 Lord is Your Redemption


The Lord who enters into you

And walks with you in the life

Knows sure when you in holiness ripen;

Seek the Lord

Even on the eve of your death;

He will your Redemption be

For the life to be.



2108 Think of Lord unto Your Last Days


If your fleeting life

Is its goodly goal to attain,

Even on death-bed

Think of Lord;

Then will follow Siva's grace,

No more birth will be;

The heavenly world will yours be.



2109 Lord Yearns After Devotees


Praise Our Lord

In devotion congregational;

Sing His praise within,

And at His Feet adore;

Dance within and know Him;

Then He yearns after you,

Like the cow after its calf.



2110 Attaining Celestial Status


When in death

Your life breath upward ascends

Course it through central Sushumna

And seek the Feet of Lord;

Your evil Karmas dire perish;

He of the blemishless fame

Seats you among Beings Immortal.



2111 Devotees Become Celestials


"O! Lord on the bull mounted,

O! God, My Lord--"

The devotees who thus praising

His holy ashes wear,

Celestial Beings, indeed, become;

For them who adore the Feet of Lord,

Who the Ganga on His matted lock wears,

No more Karma further is.



2112 Know Lord and Be in Bliss


Know Our Lord,

And in bliss be;

Be filled with love;

Perform Tapas;

Perfect Jnana True;

You, who has laboured hard,

In worldly pursuits,

Of miserable Pasa entangled.



2113 Ways to Seek the Higher Goal


There is a Tapas High

That you should seek;

There are Feet True

That you should adore;

There is a Way True

That you should adopt;

For all those

That the Higher Goal in earnest seek.



2114 Seek Lord and Be Blessed


On them who seek Him

He, His blessings bestows;

To them, who do not

He sorrows of birth gives;

To those who intense adore Him,

He reveals the Grace of His Holy Feet;

Joining the horde of Devas

They seek and realize Him,

Him, the Fire-hued Lord.



2115 Lord Stands as Ghee in Milk


He is Mukti, Jnana and Nada

That in the three branches of Tamil resound,

Thus they praise Lord

Through time unending;

As the ghee within milk

The Pure One within them stands;

That Light they seek not, and love not.



2116 Cascade of Births


The Pure One, as Creator of all

Many aeons, allotted;

How many they are,

None knows;

Into the cascade of births they leap;

Beyond that,

Of Siva they nothing clear know.



2117 Pray in Pure Heart


Filled with misery

Is life here below;

When to sleep in death

You near,

Praise the Pure One,

Of gem-hued Form;

Unless you in melting heart hail Him

As "Oh, Lord, who in Light Divine abides"

You realize Him not.



2118 Fate of Knaves who Seek the Holy Guru


Some, who, knaves in real are,

Seek the Holy Guru;

If such be there,

Famine strikes the land;

At them even the Lord is appalled;

And to bottomless hell He consigns them;

To meet them

Who the righteous path tread,

That is Siddhi, verily.



2119 Holy Guru Shows the Way


The countless Devas worshipped Siva;

What becomes them

By worshipping Him?

Far better it be,

That you worship the Holy Guru

--Who, having himself worshipped Lord

Shows the Way of Becoming, too;

Sure, indeed, is your Mukti finite.



2120 Hold on to Guru


The humans and Celestials

Inveighed by Pasas

In Karma perish;

Seeing this,

Why not hold to Guru

That is Jnani,

And blemishless Pure

As Param Supreme itself?

No more then to speak of.



2121 Guru is Lord Siva Himself


The Guru who admitted him into his loving Grace,

Is Lord Himself;

He works day by day

For the disciple's Karma to perish;

In the form of Lord

Of flowing russet locks

That wears the dripping Ganga

The Guru appears

And our sorrows ends.





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