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Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba's Miracle before 1918

He will go to heaven, He is changing his clothes before Me.


"In the Wada there are many thieves fasten the doors and be alert for they will rob you of all your belongings and attack you fiercely. Property is never permanent, as for the body, it is for ever transient knowing that death is near, conduct yourself according to Dharma," said Baba to Vijayanand Swamy (Sai Satcharitra Ch.31). Baba knew that he was going to die and alerted him to do the right thing by reading the Holy Scriptures.


He said the same to Appa Kulkarni, who did not understand His words. "Thieves will come and fight with you.   They are very clever in selecting persons, and will take away only what they want. Beware!" But Appa took trouble to safeguard his property.


At that time, there was an epidemic of cholera in Shirdi. One night, Appa had incessant vomiting and diarrhoea and suf­fered from cholera. Soon, his body became cold, clammy and pulseless. Seeing his condition, Appa Kulkarni's wife ran to Baba and begged for Udi and blessings to save her husband.


Baba calmly replied, "Do not grieve. Death awaits all those who are born. Birth and death are acts of the almighty. No one lives or dies here. If you look at the phenomenon of life with the eyes of wisdom, you will realize that you are no different. When the clothes become old and fade, you throw them away. In the same way, the soul, which is immortal, casts off the worn out body. Do not stop him from going. Let him leave as he has reached his life's goal. He will go to heaven. He is right now changing his clothes before Me."


Then, his wife returned home, weeping, but com­forted by Baba's words. Appa died soon after. The villagers were frightened, lest cholera spread in epidemic proportions. They came to Baba and begged him to stop the epidemic. Baba said, "Only seven will die of chol­era." After seven people succumbed to it, the disease abated.



Leela- 14 in Ambrosia in Shirdi - Part-I

(Baba's Leelas before 1918)






Sai Baba to M.B. Rege: Do not read any book, but keep me in your heart.


Baba on each Guru Poornima day was seated at the Dwaraka Mayee. Devotees came to him, each with a book in hand, gave it to him for receiving it back with His blessings for the fruition of his study.


Baba generally returned the books to the giver. Sometimes he gave the book of one to some other, substituting some other's book for his.


On one such occasion a Bhaktha M.B.Rege had brought no book at all.


Sai Baba (to M.B.R, looking at him): You are right DO NOT READ ANY BOOK. These people think they will find Brahman (God) in these books, but they find Brama (confusion) in them.   It is enough if you KEEP ME IN YOUR HEART, and make your heart harmonise with the head.


(Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 191)



Guruvaar Prarthna


Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy Day of Guruvaar. Baba, our minds are like a garden, these need continuous removal of weeds of wrong, useless and impure thoughts. Baba, you are our Master Gardener of our Soul and Director of our own destiny, please remove those weeds from our minds, grow flowers of inner beauty, culture and character to spread  pleasant fragrance of long-lasting peace and perpetual prosperity in our lives.  Baba, on this holy day we start our prayers by reading your divine words in Shri Sai Samartha Satcharitra.



Now, for what reasons do the saints take birth on earth, and the sinfulness of the human beings, which leads to their appearance on earth.


Oh! you honoured listeners! I am a particle of dust at your feet. Pay attention – is the favour I ask of you, which I am not ashamed to do.


As it is, the biography of a saint is pleasing. Moreover, Sai's story is like nectar, When the numerous devotees of Sai partake it, they are full of happiness.


Brahmins are neglecting the duties of caste and birth. The low castes are trying to pass themselves off as Brahmins. The religious teachers are disrespected and the people try to bully others.


Nobody cares for the dictates of religion. In every house all are self-styled scholars. One tries to overpower the other and nobody listens to anybody.


Drinks and eatables which are forbidden are savoured. Right behaviour and right thinking – all these are completely disregarded. And Brahmins actually eat meat and drink liquour openly.


Under the garb of religion, they indulge in atrocities; and spread hatred amongst the sects because of which people are harassed.


When the Brahmins are reluctant towards daily bath and offering of prayers; when the orthodox are reluctant to practise the religious rites; and the yogis are reluctant to do recitation and prayers with deep concentration – then the time is ripe for the saints to take birth.


When people believe that happiness consists only in society, wealth, status, progeny and family and turn away from spiritual values, then the saints manifest themselves.


They lose the highest good because of the decline of dharma. In order to bring about a revival of dharma the saints appear.


When people, to the detriment of their health, longevity and prosperity, go astray in pursuing their sexual needs, and completely miss the chance of their upliftment, at such times saints take birth.


To protect the religion of Vedic Hinduism, to annihilate the sinfulness and to protect the down-trodden, poor and weak, the saints incarnate on this earth.


The saints themselves are liberated souls and are always ready for the betterment of the weak. They take birth only for the sake of others and have no self-interest.


They build the foundation in the form of renunciation around the sanctum sanctorum of active worldly life; build the temple of ultimate good and easily elevate the devotees.


By working for religion and for the awakening of religion, they achieve their mission in life; and having fulfilled their goal they give up their mortal coil.


The individual soul is itself the Supreme Spirit which gives joy to the whole world. And the Supreme Spirit is the Guru Himself – Shankara, the giver of bliss.


He is the transcendent abode of love. He is eternal, constant and unchangeable. He is beyond space, time and matter. He is beyond definition – indefinable!



I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.


Sarveshaam Svaastir Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Shaantir Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Poornam Bhavatu

Sarveshaam Mangalam Bhavatu

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanteeh




-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  4, Ovi 2 - 18)

Tirumantiram - TANTRA TWO - Verses 391 to 410 of 548


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular


TANTRA TWO - Verses 391 to 410 of 548



391: The Primal One is Narayana and Brahma as Well


He is the First Cause,

All-pervasive in love;

He is Vishnu; He is Brahma,

He is Veda, the Cosmos, the Abiding One.



392: As Light Within Brahma, the Primal One Creates


A rare Ruby--He is easy of reach,

The One Lord--He is easy of love,

He is the light within Brahma;

And now I know why the Creator does it easy so.



393: At the Creation the Compassionate One Pervades All Space


Death and birth, the Holy One in Grace ordained;

And in that hour when by His Thought

He Commenced the act of Creation

He fills and pervades in eight directions

He, the Compassionate One.



394: The Lord Animates the Body in Justice


The Immaculate One creates all;

And as He created me too,

He animates within me

A support to the body, an heir to karmic ills;

Verily, the Lord is the Just one.



395: Lord is the Refuge of All Departed Life


In the act of creations

He stands adorning death's bones and konrai's blooms,

His resplendent Form out-shines red-hot gold;

A refuge vast of all departed life;

The Lord that performs the act of Becoming.



396: Creation the Play of He-She


He-and-She commenced play

The play of Two produced all;

With seasons changing, diverse the produce;

When He-and-She in holy union join

Complete be the act of creation.



397: The Three Gods Enter Within Us and Know All


The Lord of universe vast enters within and cognises

So does Hari that wields the Chakra;

And so too Brahma on the lotus flower seated;

They Three stood within

As treasure-heap of cognition all.



398: The Five Gods Were Born of Anava Sakti


Out of the union of Anava Sakti with Bindu

The Five Gods were born.

Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Sadasiva and Maheswara.

For the five acts to perform--

Creation, preservation, destruction, obscuration and redemption--

As One from the other in causative succession;

Born as they were of the Anava Sakti,

Of Anava they were not rid.



399: Creation the Play of the Ultimate


Out of Ichcha of the Saktis three arose Maya;

And Maya in union with Bindu yielded

The rest of Mayas three (Suddha, Asuddha and Prakriti)

(The Bindu was of Nada born)

And Nada was of Parai born;

And all this in the Creative play of Parasiva, the Unltimate.



400: The Five Gods Were the Primal Family for Five Duties to Perform


From out of Anava Sakti

Arose the Primal Family;

Sadasiva was the First Born;

With Him came the brothers

Maheswara, Rudra, Vishnu and Brahma--

Each to perform on heaven and earth

His allotted function--Creation, Preservation and the rest.



401: Maya Sakti Born of Bindu Performs the Five Acts


From Bindu by Orderly triangle denoted

The honeyed Sakti Tripurai devoluted;

She it is the Compassionate Sadasiva became;

She it is the five merciful deeds performs.



402: Names of Glories of Maya Sakti


She is Manonmani, the ample-bosomed;

Mangali, the ever auspicious;

Varani of elephant form

Arani of haunting forests

Mohini of tempting beauty

Poorani--the Perfect Being,

Cause-Effect conjoint in one

--She, Consciousness beyond Consciousness.



403 One Sadasiva Became Five


Sadsiva that stood as One

Animated Maheswara;

And then Hara, Hari and Brahma,

Thus did the One become the familial Five.



404: Sadasiva Alone Performs the Five Functions


The One alone created the worlds seven;

The One alone spanned the worlds seven;

The One alone survived the worlds seven;

The One alone pervaded body and life.



405: Of Red Lotus Hue is Our Lord!


Of red lotus hue is our Lord!

Of Crimson fire hue is our Lord!

He sundered the chain of births,

That the dark cloud hued Mal in pasa bound,

And to flower-bedecked Maya-Crowd, consigned.



406: Sadasiva is in the Heart of Even Those Who Doubt Him


He is Nandi the Great;

In directions eight,

He is life pervasive;

He brings body and soul together in birth;

Even in the heart of those who doubt Him, He is;

And from there He seeks them;

This I have known Him oft perform.



407: The One Holy Family Performs All


The One Family creates the worlds seven;

The One Family preserves the worlds seven;

The One Family destroys the worlds seven;

The One Family pervades all life and body.



408: The Act of Genesis


The One Lord and the goodly two (Maya Saktis)

Together stirred and Commingled the Family Impure (of matter)

The Two then besought of the Lord:

"What shall we make? Command us, O Lord"

And the Lord Himself then spells them out.



409: He Pervades All Creation as Life Within


And so,

Through creations four and eighty lakhs of species

He filled as life within;

Then men who in doubt ask: How is it?

Are verily to enveloping darkness condemned.



410: Varieties of Creation


The Sun, Moon, Agni and rest of celestials,

The space, air, fire, water and earth

The sound, word, mind andd the like

All these were of Maya born,

In union with Bindu.





Lord Krishna granted Arjuna divine vision (VISWARUPA DARSHANAM the universal form) as the cosmic universe. Thus He conclusively establishes His divinity. Krishna explains that His own all beautiful form of Godhead. One can perceive this form only by pure devotional service. (B. C. chapter XI)


Every one of us can have God's darshan (vision) in some form or other in our sojourn of life provided we surrender ourselves to Him with body, mind and possessions, (Tan, man, dhan) as Arjuna did to Lord Krishna. Also, when we get such darshan (divine vision) we must go on always (throughout our life) remember & cherish, (such blessings of Lord on us) so that it becomes a sadhana spiritual practice) for us to become one with the Lord (SELF REALISATION). Thus avoid the recurrence of birth & deaths, (punarapi Jananam & punarapi Maranam). Now, I shall narrate how our Lord Sai had blessed me to have such darshan on the auspicious day of Gurupoornima in 1983 or so.


I along with some devotees from Hubli were staying in the "Mangala Karyalaya" SHIRDI on the day prior to "Guru Poomima". My brother Sri. Subramaniam with some devotees from MADRAS also joined us there. We were spending the night, each narrating his own Sai experiences (Sai Leelas). All of a sudden at 11.00 pm, I was feeling uneasy (in stomach) & dysentery (purging) started. I began to run to bath room every now & then. My physical condition deteriorated. I was completely exhausted & lying on the bed with semi - consciousness & chanting Baba's name silently.


At about, 4.00 am on Guru Poornima day the other devotees wanted to go and stand in the queue near Dixit wada & enter the Mandir premises in time so that they could attend the "KAKAD ARATHI" on time (ie) 5.15 Am. But, at the same time they did not want to leave me alone. Someone amongst them said to others that he (I) is a great Sai devotee, nothing will happen to him, come on let us go & attend the KAKAD ARATHI on this auspicious Guru Poornima day, & went out for Kakad Arathi. Wonder of wonders!! After they left, Baba appeared in a flash & said, "Meet the unknown yogi today & have his Darshan in Gurusthan". After this vision (Baba's appearance), I regained my (physical) strength, took bath & ran to attend the Kakad Arathi. The other devotees who were in the Mandir were wonder struck to see me there & took me near Baba. I told them about Baba's appearance to me & they were all delighted & said that Baba is "Bhaktha Paradeena" (Bonded slave of His sincere devotees). I would like to narrate some prelude (before meeting the unknown yogi on that auspicious Guru Poornima day) as indicated by Baba in the morning.


I do daily 'Parayana' (reading 2 chapters everyday) of Sri Sai Satcharita. There is a reference to this unknown Yogi in chapter XXIII under the caption 'YOGA and ONION'. "Once it so happened, that a Sadhak of yoga came to Shirdi with Nanasaheb Chandorkar. He had studied all works on Yoga, including the Yoga sutras of Patanjali, but had no practical experience. He could not concentrate his mind and attain samadhi even for a short time. He thought that if Sai Baba was pleased with him, He will show him, the way to attain samadhi, for a longer time. With this object in view, he came to Shirdi and when he went to the Masjid he saw Sai Baba eating chapati with onion. On seeing this, a thought crossed his mind: 'How can this man, eating stale bread with raw onion, solve my difficulties and help me?' Sai Baba read his mind and said to Nanasaheb, "Oh Nana, he who has the power to digest onion, should eat it and none else." Hearing this remark, the yogi was wonder struck and, he fell at Baba's feet with complete surrender. With pure and open mind, he asked his difficulties and got their-solution from Baba. Thus, being satisfied and happy, he left Shirdi with Baba's udi and blessings.


I was very inquisitive (very eager to know) about this yogi's name & other details etc. Our kind Baba had fulfilled my long desire on this auspicious day. The details are as follows: After attending KAKAD Arathi we took darshan of Lord GANAPATHI, Saneswar & Siva installed in separate temples near the Samadhi Mandir. Then we visited Maruthi Temple & had darshan of Maruthi, then to BABA'S Chavadi, Dwarkamai & finally entered "Gurusthan" at about 9.30 AM or so. Lo!! I couldn't believe my eyes. The unknown yogi, tall well built 5'-6" high with effulgent eyes, was present there with his disciples. I prostrated before him, (at a distance from his feet) as the yogi did not allow any one to prostrate at his feet. I saw actually Baba in him. (Baba himself appeared through him).


He blessed me & suddenly went straight to Samadhi Mandir with his disciples via Gurusthan connecting SAMADHI MANDIR (only this path / way, connecting Samadhi Mandir with GURUSTHAN will be permitted to TRUSTEES OF SANSTHAN & high dignitaries to avail). Baba's indication in the early morning dream vision has been realized by me viz: I had the darshan of the unknown yogi - a divine person. Then I contacted the personal secretary of this yogi Sri. B. SAMANTH, who told me that his name was 'RAM BABA'. He visited Shirdi every year on "Guru Poornima day" to pay obeisance to Samartha Sadguru Sai Baba. He was very simple, egoless, shunned name &fame and did not accept any donation gift etc., from devotees without prior approval (intuition) from Baba. He had travelled abroad & propagated Baba's life, teachings, sayings, philosophy in all those places. He never allowed any one to prostrate at his feet nor allowed them to publish his name in any paper, magazine etc., So to say he was silently preaching BABA's life, His Leelas (experiences to his devotees). Hundreds of different devotees from all over the world became Sai devotees through him. What a great selfless Sai service he had done!! Such people are very rarely found in this world. He lived for 114 years or so. Finally he merged with Baba, thinking of BABA only just like KAKASAHIB DIXIT.


The great, Sai Devotee late Sri. Nimbalkar of Pune who was present on that day told me that the yogi never craved for food, clothes etc., and some devotee would go to him & offer food; clothes at the appropriate time, some rich philanthropists would go to him & take him abroad for Sai Prachar. Baba had taken complete care of him in all matters. It is no wonder because he had surrendered (Tan, Man, Dhan) body, mind and all possession to his Sadguru Sri. SAI BABA. His firm conviction was that Baba (BABA'S Sakthi -power) was doing everything (residing in him, in his heart) and he was only an instrument in his hands. Indeed it is the truth, the reality which we the devotees, have to understand (realize) in life and act accordingly to receive our Samartha Sadguru BABA'S Grace & Blessings.


To conclude, though all cannot become "RAM BABA" (one with BABA), let us at least remember BABA always, meditate on him, go through his stories (Leelas) & chant his Taraka mantra "OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI" constantly which is the easiest path to attain salvation (self realization)




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Baba said, "So the best way to receive is to give" in Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. 35


"What may I do?" asked a disciple of his Master.


And the Master said, "Undo what you have to done!"


We have set up wrong relations with people by thinking what we should not have thought about them, by saying what we should not have said about them. We have thought in terms of jealousy and hatred, of suspicion and scorn, of doubt and disdain. We have spoken words of disrespect and dishonor, of insult and abuse, of rage and outrage, of irreverence and affront, of mockery and ridicule. We have spoken words which have cut into the hearts of others, wounding them beyond repair. It is time we started upon the work of healing!


How often do we not enter into controversy when we had rather remain silent! All controversy is heat; and heat is pride. Controversy puffs up the ego and so throws barriers in the way of self-realization. What is right and what is wrong? Who can say? Let but each walk according to the light that is shown him. What is right for me may be wrong for another; what is right for him may be wrong for me. Though we all come from the One and to Him must one day return, we all are so different from each other, in equipment, in opportunities, in heredity, in traditional background. Let us only be true to the Truth as we see it.


How often do we not make uncharitable remarks against others! And how hasty we are in passing judgment over the actions of others! And how quick we are in slandering our own friends behind their back!


There is a touching incident in the life of the great Sufi saint, Junaid. One day, a beggar comes to his door. He looks so well-built and strong that Junaid wonders why he has taken to begging instead of earning his livelihood by the sweat of his brow.


At night, Junaid is visited by a dream in which he sees something covered with a sheet; he is asked to eat it. On uncovering it, Junaid finds dead body. Startled, he cries out, "Lord, how shall I eat this corpse?"


He hears a voice say "How did you eat this morning?"


He remembers that in the morning he had cherished a uncharitable thought against the beggar. Junaid prays to the Lord for forgiveness.


The next morning, Junaid goes out in search of the beggar. Junaid finds him sitting underneath a tree, lost in communion. After a while, the beggar opens his eyes and, on seeing Junaid, says to him, "Brother, the Lord accepts the repentance of those who offer it as soon as they realize they have erred. Do take heed that you do not commit again the sin of cherishing an uncharitable thought against a brother or of slandering anyone behind his back!"


If I know what is right for me, let me strive to live by it. I can never know what is right for another; he will know it himself, and will shape his life in accord with it. No fighting over words, for words never reach the Truth. So it is that when Pilate asked Jesus, "What is Truth?" Jesus remained silent. The world will not improve by argumentation and hot discussion, but by radiating thoughts of love and compassion.


How often do we not gossip about others, when we should be minding our own business? How often do we not, as Jesus said, see "the mole in another's eye," when we should be careful about "the beam in our own?" Gossip, it has been rightly remarked, in spiritual murder. Many a promising life has been wrecked by gossip.


There is an inviolable law which governs the universe from end to end; What you send out comes back to you!


Do you gossip about others? You will be gossiped about!


Do you send out thoughts of hatred and enmity to others? Hatred and enmity will come back to you, turning your life into a dreary desert!


Do you send out loving thoughts to others? Do you pray for struggling souls? Do you serve those that are in need? Are you kind to the passer-by, the pilgrims on the way who seek your hospitality? Then, remember, sure as the sun rises in the East, all these things will return to you making your life beautiful and bright as a rose garden in the season of spring!


Has life been unkind to you?

Do your brother and sisters ill-treat you at home?

Do your friends and co-workers pay little heed to your words and wishes?

Do you get a cold reception wherever you go?


Then, may I tell you brothers and sisters, what you should do?


Do not find fault with others. But search yourself and see where you are at fault.


The treatment you receive from the outside world is only a reflection of what is going on within you.


He whose heart is a flowing fountain of love will be greeted with love wherever he goes. He who harms no one will be harmed by none.