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Make Up for This Loss

Make Up for This Loss


Baba: This Marwadi Bagchand whose stack caught fire begged for help to avoid loss. Gain and loss, birth and death are in the hands of God. But how blindly do these people forget God! If profit comes, they rejoice. If loss comes, they weep. Why? Why say? "This is mine"? What does it mean?


The stack is not the Marwadi. It is only hay and not his body. It grew from seeds on the earth, and was fed by rains from the clouds and by sun light. Earth, Clouds and the Sun are its owners. This fellow's claim is ungrounded. Fire is in all these three and it consumed the stack. We are not the owners. God gives with one hand and takes away with the other. Sait, go home. You will make up for this loss in some other transaction.

(from Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 256)

Guruvaar Prarthna

Guruvaar Prarthna



Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy day of Guruvaar. Baba, one of your charters is 'Why fear, when I am here?' because you know our fear filled life and our inability to overcome without your grace. Please bless all and embrace us with safety and security. With you, we are confident and comfortable, we will step ahead to meet all challenges and achieve success. On this holy day we start our prayers by reading your divine words in Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita.



The soul is Brahman itself. Bliss from understanding knowledge is Brahman. By the knowledge of the untrue nature of the world, the illusion about the world will pass away. Brahman is Truth. That is ME.


I am eternal, pure, enlightened, the liberated one. I am Vasudeva, the sacred letter 'Aum'. I am the truth. Your good lies in worshipping ME with true faith and devotion.


Thus realising my true nature serve ME in the right way. Moreover, surrender to ME completely. And be one with ME.


When the river surrenders to the ocean, can it come back? Will there be a separate identity when she embraces the ocean?


Just as a wick soaked in oil when joined to a flame of light, becomes itself a bright light, in the same way a person reaches the status of a sage at the feet of the sage.


He who thinks of nothing but Allah Malik, the Supreme Being and the Pure Consciousness, he has peace, has no desires and looks upon all with an equal eye. How can he have a separate identity from the Supreme Being?


Where there is not the awareness of oneself, where there is no ego, where there is absence of strife or quarrel (twofold nature of the world), where there is no wish for worldly possessions, where these four virtues reside, can there exist the ego? "


Summing up, in Sai's nature these eight virtues exist in their complete form. Where is the place then for the ego? How can I then nurse such egotism?


"He whose self is pervading in the universe, I am part and parcel of Him. Surrender at the feet of Sai. This will mean MY service.



I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.



-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  3, Ovi 96 - 104)

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Why number 108 is holy and auspicious in Hinduism


 The number 108 is very auspicious for followers of Sanatana dharma. Number 108 has its significance in almost every rituals followed in India. Vedic sages used the term 'Shri 108' to represent yogis, preceptors, divine and highly learned gurus. Vedic sages of later era devised a Vyjanti mala (rosary) with 108 beads/stones to keep count of mantras (hymns) in their daily ritual of meditation.

Why number 108 is considered auspicious in Indian culture?
Many Indians crave for 108 in their mobile number. Its importance is so much rooted in Hinduism that mobile companies has made a business of selling mobile numbers having 108. Not only Hinduism, number 108 has its profound significance in Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism, all of which are offshoot religions of Hinduism. Japanese monk's rings their temple bells 108 times to welcome New Year and sign of the old one. Have you ever been asked to chant a mantra for fifteen minutes or 100 times, a rounded figure? The obvious question arises what is the importance of 108? Why is it holy and sacred? Why the Malas(Rosaries) have 108 beads? Why is it widely used in Indian rituals? 

 Well the answer lies in Vedic cosmology. Our early Vedic sages, who invented our modern numeral system, were renowned mathematicians.

 According to Vedic cosmology, number 108 is the basis of creation. Number 108 represent our universe. 108 represent the whole of our existence. 108 is a number which resonates throughout the universe.

Sacred number 108

Abstract meaning of number 108 

Below is the abstract definition of number 108
1- Stands for supreme truth or god consciousness.
0 -stands for nothing or emptiness or void.
8- Stand for eternity or infinity. Rotate 8 by 90 degrees either ways, you get the symbol of infinity.

 Science is based on number 108. 108 cover the whole number system 1 to 9. Truth tables are represented by 1 and 0. Computers, machines and most of the electronic devices work because of this truth tables. Many scientific theories use the concept of infinity, which is again a Vedic concept.

Truth tables and infinity

Astronomical Evidences on auspiciousness of number 108 

  Vedic cosmology states
1) Diameter of Sun is 108 times that of earth
2) Distance between earth and sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun.
3) Distance between earth and moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon. 

    This Vedic cosmology matches approximately with modern science. Written in Sanskrit millenniums ago, 4 Vedas and the 108 Upanishads are the jewels of Indian philosophy and scriptures. They are India's richest and most revered ancient possessions. What the Vedic seers and saints said thousands of year ago, scientists are confirming the same these days. Yet, they deny the existence of god just to signify their dominance and importance.  

 Let me tell you, modern scientist's discovery and invention is nothing compared to the rich knowledge and philosophy of ancient Vedic seers and sages. In fact, modern scientist invented nothing compared to rich philosophy of ancient Vedic seers. Modern scientist just discovered something which is a natural phenomenon and laws of nature. When you combine several chips in a certain way, you get a mobile, laptop, computers etc. It is not an invention; it's a discovery which depicts how nature and combination of its various objects (Minerals) works. I shall talk about modern science in a separate post.  
Coming back to the topic, let me prove the above Vedic cosmology scientifically. 
  1) Diameter of sun = 1,392,000 km. Equatorial diameter of the earth = 12,756.28 km. On dividing, we get 109.11. This minute difference of 1.11 can be attributed to error in modern scientific instrument or measurement.
2) Diameter of sun = 1,392,000 km. Mean distance between earth and sun is 149,597,870.691 km. On dividing, we get 107.46973469181034482758620689655. Rounding it off, we get 108. Again, this minute difference of .54 can be attributed to error in modern scientific instrument or measurement.

3) Distance between earth and moon=384403. Diameter of moon=3474 km. On dividing, we get 110.651410478. Again, this minute difference of 2.65 can be attributed to error in modern scientific instrument or measurement.

Image courtesy: 

Did you say this error is too much? 

 You may say the difference 2.65 is too much...Let me prove you this point in other way around.  

 Shortest distance between earth and moon=3, 56,399km
Longest distance between earth and moon=4, 06,699 km
Average distance between earth and moon=3, 84,400 km
Multiplying 108*3474(Diameter of moon), I get 3, 75,192 km. So, I can assume very safely that at the time of creation, distance between earth and moon was 3, 75,192 km. Also note the fact that there is a possibility of change in moon orbits over the last 10K years plus variation of 11% between apogee and perigee in moon's orbit. These facts applies to the above two points as well. So, we can safely declare 108 as the unit of creation.  

 To Scientists out there,"Don't mind it Rascalla" (Tamil style)

Astrological Evidences on auspiciousness of number 108 

 Number 108 holds a special place in Vedic astrology too. You may know about the significance of Zodiac signs in Vedic astrology. We have 12 zodiac signs based on the movement of sun and moon and we have 9 navagrahas(planets) whose positions represents the events that will occur in our life. Multiplying 12*9, we get 108, a sacred number of creations. 

9 navagrahas and 12 zodiac signs

Also, Vedic astrology declares 27 constellations in our galaxy, each having 4 directions. In other words, 27*4(108) covers our whole galaxy.

Scientific Evidences on auspiciousness of number 108 

According to Vedic science, our universe is made up of 108 elements. Our modern periodic table has 108 elements-rest of the elements after Hassium are too short lived and only exists in laboratory for 1/1000 of a second. Hassium, the 108th and heaviest element of periodic table has 108 protons.  

According to Vedic philosophy, number 9 represents wholeness. Our eyes can see up to 3 dimensions. Multiply the powers of each dimension and find out the number you get. Power of 1= 1(1x1); Power of 2= 4(2x2); Power of 3= 27(3x3x3); multiplying 1x4x27, we get 108. Multiplying these three dimensions means you are deriving a number that encompasses the whole of our universe or the way your eyes sees this materialistic universe. Furthermore, If you add digits of 108, you get number 9(1+0+8). Notably, multiplying any number by 9 and adding up its digit gives the result 9.
3x9=27. Adding up digits, 2+7=9.
420x9=3780. Adding up digits, 3+7+8=18. 1+8=9.
12364x9=111276. Adding up digits, 1+1+1+2+7+6=18. 1+8=9.

This is the reasons, why our ancient books have everything in multiples of 9. 9 puranas, 108 upanishads, 18 chapters in bhagavad gita etc. I have listed the remaining significances at the end of this article.

Number 108 defines our life cycles 

 Let us go through our life cycles (Yugas). According to Vedic philosophy, there are 4 Yugas, all of which are related to 108 and 9 as
Kaliyug consists of 432000 years (4+3+2) = 9
DwaparYug consists of 864000 years (8+4+6) = 18 = (1+8) = 9
TretaYug consists of 1296000 years (1+2+9+6) = 18 = (1+8) = 9
Satyug - consists of 172,800 years (1+7+2+8) = 18 = (1+8) = 9

Vedic life cycle

Why to chant mantras 108 times?

 Vedic sages believed the outer cosmology should be mirrored in the inner cosmology of the human. They said number 108 units represent the distance from the body of the devotee to the god situated within. According to Ayurveda (Safest ancient medicinal technique), we have 107 weak spots (Marmas) in our body and these weak spots are chained together to form 108 links. This is why all mantras are chanted 108 times because each chant represents a journey from our material self towards our highest spiritual self. Each chant is believed to bring 1 unit closer to our god situated within. This means our soul has to make a journey through 108 stages to attain Moksha(Salvation) . This happens by chanting. By chanting, a devotee starts a symbolic journey from physical body to the heavens.

Why 108 beads in a mala (rosary)?

 Now you may have understood why we have 108 beads in our sacred rosary (Mala). All sacred beads have 108 beads/Stones. All mantras are chanted 108 times. Most popular of all mala is Rudraksha, which has 108 sacred beads. Rudraksha represent Lord Shiva and his feminine aspect 'Shakti' (Power). Cosmic dance of lord Shiva, which is better known as Bharat natyam, has 108 poses. As we know lord Shiva is the deity of destruction. Lord Shiva was so fond of dancing that he danced in 108 poses thus making 108 as the unit of creation.  
According to shiva purana, 108 karanas included in his Tandava(Cosmic dance) can be employed in fight, exercise and personal combats. Many of lord Shiva cosmic poses are used in Yoga (Spiritual exercise), Kalaripayattu(world oldest martial art) and kung fu.
More on lord Shiva cosmic dance can be read here
Why lord shiva is known as king of dance <Why%20lord%20shiva%20is%20known%20as%20king%20of%20dance> 

 Why 108 Upanishads?

 108 symbolises the numerical equivalent of OM. 108 is in total sync with rhythms of time and space and represents perfect totality. Reflecting the importance of 108, Vedic sages created 108 upanishads(spiritual books). The ancient sages have compiled the Vedic metaphysics into 108 Upanishads. Some of the more important Upanishads are Katha, Keno, Mundakaya, Iso, Chhandogya, Brihadarnayaka, Isvarya and Aiterya.

Some of the other reasons why number 108 is considered holy and auspicious are: 
1) 54 is the number of letters in divine language Sanskrit, God's own language. Each letter has feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) aspects. Hence, 54x2=108 defines Sanskrit, the world oldest and most perfect language. 
2) Multiple of 108 is the number of times you breathe in a day. In one minute, you breathe approximately 15 minutes. So, in a day, you breathe approximately 21600(10800 * 2) times. According to our scriptures, we must spend half of our day meditating and chanting the god name and the rest of your day must be spent for your daily activities. Therefore, you must devote 10800 times of your breath for godliness and meditation. This is equivalent to giving 100% of your devotion(100*108=10800)  
3) In our body, there are seven main chakras. Chakras are intersections of energy lines, and there are 108 such energy lines converging to or from the heart chakra. One of the energy lines (Sushumna) connects us to the crown chakra, the stage at which the body is enlightened or Self-realized.

Chakras and energy lines 

4) Sri yantra, a divine instruments are made of marmas which are intersection of three lines. There are 54 such intersections in sri yantra, each having masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) qualities. Thus, there are 54x2=108 points that make up the Sri Yantra as well as human body. Sri yantra is made up of 54 pentagons and each angle in a pentagon equals 108 degrees.
5) All major deities of Hinduism have 108 names. Be it Lord Shiva, lord Krishna or lord ganesha, everyone has 108 names. Srimad bhagvatam states 108 numbers of Gopis or lord Krishna maid servants. 
6) All rosaries have 108 beads. Even in Mitanni (Egypt) and Persian (Iraq) cultures which is an offshoot of Vedic culture, number 108 left its presence in various traditions, customs and beliefs such as use of rosaries having 108 beads or circumambulating around a rock 108 times.

108 beads in Rosary with Ram written on it!!! Jai shri ram!!!! For god sake, don't start counting

7) Parashurama,sixth avatar of lord Vishnu, installed 108 Dhanwantari idols (god of Ayurveda) after the drying up of river Saraswati. 
8) Mahamritunyaj mantra and gayatri mantra is repeated 108 times. Mahamritunyaj mantra pleases lord Shiva and removes all problems and difficulties in life. Gayatri mantra is like a thanksgiving song to the god. Read below post for more on gayatri mantra
Why gayatri mantra is the most powerful mantra 
9) In Mendeleyeev periodic table, there are 108 elements-rest of the elements after Hassium are too short lived. Hassium, the 108th and heaviest element of periodic table has 108 protons. 
10) In 1851, Queen Victoria who stole the Indian diamond Kohinoor (Diamond of lord Krishna) decided to recut it. At a cost of $40,000, this extraordinary stone was reduced to 108 carats in 38 days. In 1911, the same Kohinoor diamond was used on a new crown, specially designed for coronation ceremony of Queen Mary. Later In 1937, this same crown was used for coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth.

First is Kohinoor diamond, second is Crown of Queen Victoria and third is a thief who stole our lord Krishna diamond. What the heck? She stole the diamond (Kohinoor) of India most revered deity (Lord Krishna) and she calls herself a queen.... Disgusting Angrez chor...

11) Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter. (I will come up with an article with irrefutable evidences that Stonehenge were made by ancient Vedic sages and that shall be one of the evidences of Vedic culture in ancient Europe before the advent of Christianity) 
12) The sacred River Ganga spans a latitude of 9 degrees (22 to 31) and longitude of 12 degrees (79 to 91). 12 times 9 equal 108. 
13) On April 12, 1961, the first man to space, Yuri Gagarin, lasted for 108 minutes. 

 14) Golf balls have dimples in multiples of 108.

 15) FM Radio frequency upper limit is 108 MHz. 
Importance of number 108 in Buddhism?

In Japan, bells are rung in temples for 108 times. Each ring represents one of 108 earthly temptations a person must overcome to achieve nirvana (Salvation).

Bell in Buddhist temple rung 108 times 
Similarly, Followers of Zen Buddhism wears juzu(or suchu) around their wrists. Juzu is a prayer ring with108 beads. According to Buddhism sacred scripture "Lankavatara Sutra", Bodhisattva Mahamati asked Buddha 108 questions after which he had no questions about this materialistic world. Chinese Buddhism talks about 108 sacred stars.

Buddhism further states the following
There are 108 earthly desires in mortals.
There are 108 numbers of lies humans can tell.
There are 108 human delusions or forms of ignorance.
Besides these, there may be many more concepts connecting to sacred number 108. If I have missed any, then please comment and let me know. 


All these are mereCoincidences. I guess scientists and missionaries of other religions are finding too many coincidences in philosophy and teaching of early Vedic seers. There was obviously a deeper spiritual science involved behind this rich philosophy which was understood only by enlightened Vedic sages. Western science may call it as coincidences or XYZ constant or any other scientific jargons, for they will never understand the direct or underlying perception of Vedic sages. Only an enlightened mind can perceive the whole creation directly. An enlightened soul doesn't need any scientific instruments, books or tools to experience or understand the ultimate reality. Like a projector projects a movie or any video, mind of an enlightened soul projects the universal creation of god. Let the scientists and atheists work in their materialistic way to falsely claim themselves as a knowledgeable person for they will never become truly one. Knowledge doesn't come from book; it comes from experience, enlightenment, inner perception and intuition. It is time to free ourselves from the lies and deception spread throughout the world about our culture.

Lead the DIvine Life

Lead the DIvine Life
by Swami Sivananda
Om! Salutations to the adorable Hari, than whom there is nothing greater, and who is above all this universe!

Why should you prolong your bondage unnecessarily? Why should you not attain your divine birthright now? Why should you not break your bondage now? Delay means prolongation of your sufferings. You can break it at any moment. This is in your power. Do it now. Stand up. Gird up your loins. Do rigorous and vigorous Sadhana and attain freedom, which is immortality or eternal bliss.

The divine within you is stronger than anything that is without you. Therefore, be not afraid of anything. Rely on your own Inner Self - the Divinity within you. Tap the source through looking within. Improve yourself. Build your character. Purify the heart. Develop the divine virtues. Eradicate evil traits. Conquer all that is base in you. Endeavour to attain all that is worthy and noble. Make the lower nature the servant of the higher through discipline, Tapas, self-restraint and meditation. This is beginning of your freedom.

Become a good man first. Then control the senses. Then subdue the lower mind by the higher mind. Then the Divine Light will descend. Only then the vessel will be able to receive and hold the divine light.

So long as your senses are not subdued or weakened, you will have to practise tapas or self - restraint, dama or pratyahara. You may conquer millions of persons in a battle, but you will become the greatest conqueror only if you can conquer your own lower self or mind.

Build your spiritual life on a sure foundation on the rock of divine grace and strength of character. Take refuge in the Lord and his eternal Law. There is no power in heaven or on earth that can bar your path now. Success in Self-realisation is certain. Failure exists not for you. There is light on your path. All is brilliant.

Purify the heart first and then climb the ladder of Yoga steadily within courage and undaunted spirit. Climb onwards swiftly. Attain Ritambhara Prajna and reach the summit of the ladder, the temple of wisdom, where the cloud of virtue or nectar drizzles from Dharmamegha Samadhi.

Sufferings purify the soul. They burn up the gross material sins and impurities. The Divinity becomes more and more manifest. Sufferings give inner spiritual strength and develop the will-force, the power of endurance. Hence, sufferings are blessings in disguise. Spiritual life is toilsome and laborious. It demands constant vigilance and strong perseverance before substantial progress is made.

Meditation and worship are the means of evolving your potentialities and seeking a higher level of consciousness or existence. Practise meditation persistently and calmly without haste. You will soon attain samadhi. Only when you have purified your heart, silenced the mind, stilled the thoughts and surging emotions, withdrawn the outgoing senses, thinned out the vasanas, you can behold the glorious Atman during deep meditation. Even a ray of your light during meditation will lighten your path. It will give you great deal of encouragement and inner strength. It will goad you to do more Sadhana. You will experience this ray of light when the meditation becomes more deep and when you rise above body-consciousness.

You have yourself build the walls of your prison-house through ignorance. You can demolish the walls through discrimination and enquiry of 'Who am I? When an electric lamp is covered by many wrappings of cloth, there will be no bright light. When the cloth is removed one by one, the light grows brighter and brighter. Even so, with the self-resplendent Atman which is covered by the five sheaths. By meditation on the pure Self and practise of the 'neti-neti' doctrine, the self-luminous Atman reveals itself to the meditator.

There are four means by which perfect tranquility or emancipation can be attained. These form the highest happiness. They are: Satsanga or association with the wise, dispassion, enquiry of 'who am I? and meditation. These are called Heaven. These are religion. These form the highest happiness.

Without renunciation you can never be happy. Without renunciation you can never be successful in gaining the highest good, i.e. Moksha. Without renunciation you can never be at your ease. Therefore renounce everything. Make happiness your own. Hold renunciation as the foremost of things.

Life is unfolding of the latent capacities of the soul. Lead the Divine life. Generate sublime divine thoughts in your mind through meditation, Japa, Kirtan and study of sacred scriptures. Worship is the unfolding of the bud of the flower of the soul. Worship bestows life eternal. Bask the body in the physical sunlight. Bask the soul in the sunlight of the Eternal. You will have good health and everlasting life. Bathe in the river of life everlasting. Plunge into it. Take a dip in it. Float in it. Rejoice!

Living the Divine Life

Living the Divine Life
by Swami Chidananda

O man! You are Divine, but you have forgotten your essential nature. Essentially you are a divine ray of light, purity, bliss, wisdom, with the consciousness of God. You are ever perfect, ever-pure Atman. Life must be lived in this awareness.

You are imperishable Divine Spirit, beyond body and mind. God is the source of your being and you are inseparable from Him in your inner nature. Despite wealth and opulence there is no peace in the twentieth century mankind. Man is in a state of restlessness and insecurity and there is discord and disharmony in the world.

Holy Master Swami Sivananda, out of great love and compassion, showed the modern man the path to blessedness in and through Divine Life right there in this world. We are only passing pilgrims here. Due to the force of karma we have temporarily come into this state of physical embodiment as a rare, golden opportunity to once again regain our lost connection with that universal Being which is our source.

We must strive for Moksha- liberation from pain sorrow and suffering - and for the attainment of eternal Bliss. Gurudev showed to the mankind an easy path even while fulfilling one's obligations in the world in and through secular life.

Divine Life means living in the awareness that you are essentially divine, that your real being is timeless, eternal, immortal Soul. God is the basis and goal of all religions, despite their different names. That supreme cosmic Reality remains one and non-dual regardless of place of worship and is the same, One glorified in all the world scriptures. Divine Life proclaims that the goal of life is God realisation.

You need not renounce the world to lead a Divine life, because even while living your normal domestic professional and social life you can attain your goal.

Four Steps towards Divinity
1) Purity: You must purify your heart and rid it of individual selfishness by dedicated service to others. Be ever eager to serve all the sick, the poor, the suffering and sorrowful. Feel blessed by every opportunity to serve your fellow beings and all of God's creatures on planet earth. From this motiveless selfless service comes a pure heart, which in turn brings devotion to God.

2) Daily Worship: Worship the Supreme daily, for God is the center of your existence. He is not far away from you but is the ever present divine Spirit pervading all of this Universe. He is closer to your than your own breath. Never forget this. Out of a heart full of Love for Him try to re-establish your relationship of spiritual love with God. This process of daily worship and prayer has the power to gradually steady the restless mind, to overcome its fickle nature and bring concentration.

3) Meditation: Withdraw the mind controlling the senses and thoughts, and meditate upon the supreme divine Reality. Devotion and prayer create an upward ascent in your life and you enter into daily meditation, which brings about steadiness. You begin to feel the presence of God in your heart so that even as you are engaged in daily activities, meditation creates an unbroken current of God-awareness. You begin to know that you live, move and have your being in God. Meditation brings a spiritual quality to your life, which lifts you to new standards of purity, kindness and wholeness. You become a transformed spiritual being with lofty thoughts and sublime sentiments.

4) Oneness with Reality: Having entered in this state of God-awareness, your intellect becomes purified, Philosophical enquiry and discrimination dawn between the permanent and the passing, the eternal and the non-eternal. This discrimination should be carried on every hour of your waking life. You then begin to reject that which is unspiritual and to direct your mind towards the Reality behind and beyond this world-play. Your mind begins to move towards the eternal Reality, even though you continue to function in this phenomenal world. You become established in that supreme divine Reality.

Foundation of Divine Life.

If you want to enter into Divine Life, you have to observe three principles of conduct and character in your day-to-day living in the secular world. They are indispensable requirements which form the foundation and basis of a Divine Life of service, worship, meditation and God-realisation. They are:

1) Ahimsa: Kindness and compassion towards all in thought, word and deed is ahimsa or non-injury. Be a cosmic benefactor having ceaseless love for all, even to the least of God's creatures. Be a center of peace and happiness to all.
2) Truthfulness: Be rooted in absolute truthfulness, even at the cost of your life, with absolute honesty and integrity; for Truth is God. One who is established in Truth can attain God.
3) Purity: Purify conduct and character through self-restraint, chastity, purity of feelings for all people and over-all control of the base aspects of your being.

Ever keep your mind on the supreme goal. Have absolute faith in your connection with God. See His invisible presence in and through all the things in and around you, for he is present in all the creations.

Ceaselessly inquire: 'Who am I? Whence I have come into this universe: What is the nature of all these sense objects?"

Affirm: "I am not this body, the mind or the limited, finite intellect, I am the unborn, deathless, eternal Atman, Satchidananda"

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna gives Arjuna a vision of Truth that God is present and immanent in all the universe, filling every atom of matter in this world. In this awareness go through all your activities as worship, offering them at His feet. Then to act becomes to adore.

Come! Rise to this Divine experience! Even now you are Satchidananda (Existence, Consciousness and Bliss!) That is your true being. Living in this awareness is Divine Life.

God bless you all.

What is Divine Life?

What is Divine Life?
by Swami Sivananda

To shed the animal in man and to sublimate the human in him into the divine, to express this sublimation in his daily, hourly, life in thought, word and deed - that is truly divine life.

To speak the truth at all costs, to speak sweetly with love, to practise non-violence, celibacy, to behold the Lord in all forms is Divine life.

To be ever in communion with the Lord by annihilating mineness and egoism through faith, devotion and self-surrender is Divine life.

If you want to be a devotee of the Lord, you must also realize the evils of undivine life. This will surely save you, Repetition of the Lord's Names will purify the mind. But along with these you must also practise vichara, When the mind entertains unholy thoughts, remember the consequences, viz. pain, disease and death. Also think of the advantages of leading a pure life. Remember the lives of saints and draw inspiration from them. Pray to God for more and more strength. Read Ramayana, Bhagavata and the Gita. All that is beautiful, all that gives some pleasure, appears so because of the beautiful, blissful God who is behind them all. Real beauty, real joy can be had only in God who eternally lives in your own heart.

Every attempt to cultivate divine virtues, selflessness, straight-forwardness, courage, serenity, generosity, mercy and self-restraint, this in reality is Divine life or life in God. Ever keep up a balanced mind in success and failures, censures and praise, honour and dishonour, gain and loss, heat and cold. Give up identification with the body, wife, children and all kinds of property. Identify yourself with the all-pervading immortal blissful Atman and rest peacefully in Brahman.

Of all creations of the Lord, man alone can comprehend and love God and attain to liberation. Really, man's knowledge should embrace the whole universe. There is nothing in the universe that man cannot know. It is the love of knowledge for its own sake, not because it brings us food not because it enables us to practise a profession but love of truth for its own sake. That is the destiny and glory of man.

Man's life must not be confined to the limits of his family: but should take in the entire village or town, nay, the whole state, the whole country, the whole earth and the whole universe. His love must embrace the entire universe. Therefore, when he loves knowledge for its own sake and his love is universal and boundless, then the mighty protector God is pleased because man attains the summit of his glory.

The true goal of life is to get back to the source from which we came. Just as the river flow restlessly till they join the ocean, the ultimate source from which they got their supply of water, just as fire leaps and burns furiously till it merges in its own origin, so too, we should be restless here till we obtain His grace and become one with him.

All is God: God is all. This world is your best teacher or Guru. There is a lesson in each and every experience. Learn it and try to become wise. Every failure is a stepping stone of your faith in God. Every disease is a Karmic purgation. Every unpleasant incident is test of your inner spiritual strength.

If you have faith and absolute trust in the Lord the source for everything, your only deliverer, the only Reality, the power within you the powerful fountain of eternal Bliss and joy, you are indeed most blessed. He will surely take his seat in your noble and pure heart. Think of the beautiful lotus flower within your heart. Everything that comes your way is an expression of his beautiful grace. God is your Divine parent, friend, guide, goal and support. He is your all. Faith in the Lord will lead you to Him