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Baba: Nana, I will give you one more lesson.


N.G. Chandorkar: Very good.


Baba: Nana, if any one begs of you anything, if that be in your hand or power, and if you can grant the request or get it granted, do so. Do not say "No". If you have nothing to give, then, give a suave negative. Do not mock or ridicule the applicant nor get angry with him. If you do not like to part with what you have, do not say falsely that you have nothing . Decline to give it in polite terms and say circumstances or your desire stand in the way. Will you remember this lesson or forget it?


N.G. Chandorkar: What is difficulty in this? I shall remember.


Baba: This lesson is not quite so easy as it may seem.


N.G. Chandorkar: I will keep it in mind.


Sometime later, Nana, who had promised to pay Rs.300/- for charity to be done at the Kopergaon Datta temple did not bring the money and therefore avoided a visit to the temple, which was on his way to Shirdi. He, with the approval of his friend, took a detour through a very thorny path, as a result of which he and his friend ran thorns in their bodies. When they reached Shirdi, Baba would not talk to them.


N.G. Chandorkar: Why don't you talk with me?


Baba: Nana, when a man says he will remember the lessons I taught him but really does not, how can I talk to him?


N.G. Chandorkar: Baba, I remember all your lessons.


Baba: You gentleman, you evade seeing 'sircar' (God Datta) and take a detour. Why? Because the saint will ask for Rs.300/- is this the way to remember my lesson? If you have not the money, if it was not easy to arrange to get it, you have only to tell him that fact. Will the saint eat you? But what device is this, to avoid the temple of God for fear of the saint demanding money? Well then, have not thorns pierced your feet and body and the posterior part of your sapient friend? How can I talk to such a person?

(from Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 306)

Guruvaar Prarthna

Guruvaar Prarthna

Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy day of Guruvaar. Baba, what a great world this is!!! You are with us and guiding us in our life. You are showing right path in this wrong world, yet a small ray in our mind tries to jump out to the attractions of ills and malicious things. Make our eyes not to see sideways but straight to Your Lotus Feet. Let our accumulated sin not to increase, but to dissolve in Your stream of grace to us. On this holy day we start our prayers by reading Your divine words in Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita.

"Before the mind, the intellect and other senses enjoy their objects, remember me first so that they become an offering to me, slowly. 

The senses can never remain without their objects; but if these objects are first offered to the Guru, the attachment for them will naturally vanish. 

If you desire anything, desire me only! If you are angry vent your anger on me only! Offer me your pride and obstinacy. Be devoted only to me. 

Whenever desire, anger, pride arise strongly make me the object towards which to direct them. 

In this way, one by one, the Lord will help you in eradicating all the 'Vrittis'. The Lord (Govinda) will certainly calm the strong waves of these three venomous qualities. 

In fact, this disturbed mental state would be absorbed in my form or would become one with me. A state of peace will be yours at my feet". 

If you practise this, desires will become weak, on their own, and with the passage of time will be destroyed from their very roots. The mind will be free from all such tendencies. 

Knowing and believing that the Guru is close by, such a person would never be disturbed by such tendencies.

Once such a good habit takes firm root, the bondage of the world will loosen. The Guru's form will be seen in every desirable object. Thus desire itself becomes the form of the Guru. 

If there is the slightest desire for the enjoyment of the objects, and you think that Baba is close by, the question whether the object is fit to be enjoyed or not will at once arise. 

The object that is not fit to be enjoyed will be easily shunned. In this way, the devotee's vicious addictions will disappear and an aversion towards the undesirable will develop. 

He will be ready to obey the rules for the control of the senses, as mainly stated in the Vedas. Then, the enjoyment of the objects will be as per the rules and there will be no indiscriminate indulgence. 

When such a habit is developed, the thoughts about enjoyment of the sense objects are weakened. The desire for the worship of the Guru arises and pure knowledge will sprout.


When pure knowledge grows, the bondage of body-consciousness will break and the intellect will be merged in spirit consciousness, leading to infinite bliss.

I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.


-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  24, Ovi 46 - 59)

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Making of Saibaba’s Idol

Sai Baba's Statue in Shirdi, which has become the most mesmerizing divine image of Baba, was installed on 7th October`1954, Vijayadashami Day – 36 years after Baba's Mahasamadhi.

Balaji Vasanth Talim

Balaji Vasanth Talim

Balaji Vasanth Talim was born in 1888 in Hyderabad. His father Vasanth Rao was a building contractor for the Nizam of Hyderabad. His father died early, leaving behind his wife Saraswathi, and three small children who migrated to Mumbai.

After primary education Balaji joined the J.J School of Art to learn sculpture. He won the "Dolly Khurshatjee" scholarship thus enabling him to complete his education. Balaji was a brilliant sculptor and painter, portraits being his speciality. In 1918 'Thalim's Art Studio' was established. He won many prestigious awards, gold medals, and accolades. Balaji was a highly spiritual, religious, philosophical and a man of principles.

The statue, which has become such a famous and well-loved image of Baba, was not installed until 1954, and there is an intriguing story behind it. Some white marble arrived from Italy at the Bombay docks, but nobody seemed to know anything about it – who it was for, or why it had come. In the absence of a claimant, the dockyard auctioned it and the purchaser offered it to the Shirdi Sansthan (temple authorities). Impressed by the quality of the marble, they wanted to use it for an image of Baba and gave the commission to Balaji Vasant Talim.

However, Balaji Vasant Talim had only one black-and-white photo of Baba to use as his model and was struggling to get the likeness. One night Baba came to him in a dream, remarked on his difficulties and then showed him his face from various angles, encouraging Talim to study it thoroughly and remember it well. This gave Talim the fillip he needed and after that the work flowed easily and the result exceeded all expectations.

saibaba idol

Making of Saibaba Idol

Shri.Balaji Talim testified about this to Sri Sai Narayan Baba, as to how Baba himself had directed the Sculpting of the Statue and how at every stage, he could very clearly hear the divine voice of Baba guiding him.

The Shirdi Sai Sansthan immediately approved this Mud Statue of Baba, on the basis of which the present Italian Marble Statue of Sai Baba was carved and installed in the Samadhi Shrine.

In 1954, while working with his workers at the finishing stages of Sculpting the almost ready Marble Statue of Sai Baba, Shri.Balaji Talim found an Air Pocket in a small additional portion below the Left Knee of Baba's Statue, which had to be removed. It seemed dangerous, as in removing an Air Pocket from a Finished Statue, there was every risk of the entire portion coming down, thus leaving the Statue Khandit (Broken), which therefore could not be worshiped at all.

So the work stopped and Shri.Balaji Talim hesitated to strike and chisel out the additional portion.He feared that the entire Statue might get destroyed and all his labour & time would go waste.He became nervous and prayed to Baba, "Baba have mercy on me. Your Murti is ready. Please Baba have mercy on me." Just then he then heard a voice within saying "Balaji, Carry on".

So Balaji instructed his workers to carry on and chisel out the additional portion, but the workers refused to do so fearing that the entire knee portion would just drop out.

Making of saibaba idol

naking of saibaba idol

Eventually & quite nervously, Shri.Balaji Talim took the chisel & hammer himself and while praying "Baba, help me" gave a small stroke, touching the additional portion of the marble below the Left Knee. And to his great surprise, only the additional portion of the marble came down leaving the rest of Baba's Statue intact. Seeing this, tears rolled down his eyes and he prostrated before Baba, started dancing and distributing sweets to all.As, he experienced such a wonderful miracle of Sai Baba.

The 5′ 5″ finished Idol of Sai Baba was taken throughout the village with pomp & ceremony.Baba's Idol was so Life like that devotees like Swami Sri Sai Saranananda & Laxmibai, who had personally been with Baba, felt as if Baba had come back alive in the form of his Idol.

On 7th October`1954, Vijayadasami Day, this lifelike Marble Statue of Sai Baba was installed on the platform of the Samadhi Shrine's western side behind Baba's Samadhi and the due formalities of Prana Pratistha were done by Swami Sri Sai Saranananda who had met Baba before His Mahasamadhi.


saibaba idol

At the time of preparation of Baba's Statue, one day Baba gave Darshan to Shri.Balaji Talim and said, "Finish the work and you will not do any other Idol in future." So Talim did not prepare any other Idol since then and finally at the age of 82 on 25th December`1970 he breathed his last.


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Baba Doesn’t Like Even Silver Palanquin

Baba Doesn't Like Even Silver Palanquin


When a silver palanquin was brought and presented to Baba 

Baba: Take it away, I do not want it. 

But the devotees insisted that it was needed for processions, when Baba's portrait would be placed in it.

The Palki was left in the open and on the first night some silver appurtenances were stolen. 

Devotee: Baba, the silver trappings are stolen! 

Baba: Why was not the whole palki stolen?

(from Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 252)

Guruvaar Prarthna

​​Guruvaar Prarthna

Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy day of Guruvaar. Baba, all these days we are asking you to do something for us, yet we have numerous worries and wonders in our days, we are unable to express each and every issue to You. We are not capable to list out our trouble lined up against us. Today we  pray by not uttering any word on our problems, we submit our soul and body on to your Lotus Feed. Silence is our prayer, our silence will tell you millions of our minds desires and disturbances to you. We will continue to follow Your shraddha and shaburi. On this holy day we start our prayers by reading Your words in Satcharita.


Many people have novel methods of teaching. But Baba gave instructions according to the understanding of the person.


Maharaj's method was singular. His way was to make it amusing so that it was well remembered. I have no experience of having heard or seen the like of it elsewhere.


He said: "He has a bad habit – that of liking to eat alone. Taking advantage of the market day, he came rubbing the grams in his palms (to take off the skin).


It is not good to eat alone. But I know his habit. These grams give the proof. What is there to be surprised about? ".


Then I said: "It does not occur to me to eat without sharing. Then, whence arises the question of this bad habit? This stigma cannot be applicable to me.


Baba, till this day, I have not seen the Shirdi bazaar. If I went there, I could buy the grams. And the question of eating them would arise only later.


I never eat anything without sharing it with someone. Whosoever has this liking may do so, but this is not my habit ".


Now observe Baba's skill. How he made devotion firmer to himself! Hear with attention, to what he said after listening to my clear denial.


" You share the food with whosoever is near you. But what do you do, when you are alone? What can I also do? Do you remember me?


Am I not beside you? Do you offer me a morsel? " Thus he made the grams a mere pretext and deeply impressed upon me this principle.


Eating food without offering to Indra and other deities, the five 'pranas', the fire and defrauding them of it or without offering to all deities made by presenting oblations to the fire before meals, or without offering it to the unexpected guest makes the food highly impure.


In principle, this appears insignificant. But its application in daily life is very important. Enjoying the

flavour of the food is not the only implication – all the five senses and other enjoyments are included.


One who panders to his senses can never hope to achieve spiritual progress. He who has a tight control over the senses alone can succeed.

I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.


-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  24, Ovi 31 - 43)

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Thrown a Challenge to Sai Baba on My Smoking

Thrown a Challenge to Sai Baba on My Smoking


I first came to know of Sai Baba in 1972, when I joined services of a firm in Mumbai.


My uncle who lived in Mumbai was a steadfast follower of Baba and visited Shirdi every now and then. His wife, three daughters and a son, along with him stayed in Mahim. He was a hard drunkard and a chain smoker.


One day during his drinking session I questioned him, if he thought Sai Baba approved of his drinking heavily and smoking like a chimney? To my disbelief he answered that Baba preached, that you can belong to me inspite of all your vices and virtues as long as you have faith in Me nd My values. He said Baba says you can quit your vices with my help but I never disown My devotes. Amused at his answer, I told myself that these Babas are all farce and fakes and this is only a justification for his ill habits.


I, as a young man had also fallen prey to the bad habit of smoking and used to smoke 25-30 cigarattes a day. I believed no power on earth could make me quit smoking, as I was badly addicted to it already. Let me see if any Baba can do such a miracle of making me quit smoking, I told myself.


A few days later, I quit my job in Mumbai and headed back to my home town, Delhi. Back in Delhi, I planned to start my own venture with a friend's help who was handling an electrical wires business. Sai Baba had probably accepted the challenge to free me from smoking, but I learned the lesson in a very hard way.


Four days after joining the business, my father died of heart stroke. It was so sudden and heart breaking and happened within minutes, that for a day I even forgot that I smoke, till he was cremated. It was next day, after 24 hrs. that the urge to smoke could be felt, but hundreds of elderly relatives, neighbours, some coming from outside the city and staying on, I was never in a position to leave the gathering.


Being the only son and the one performing the last rites, the urge to smoke got crushed and another two days went by waiting to find an opportunity to sneak out of home and buy cigarettes and smoke.


Suddenly it struck me that if I could forget to smoke for 4 days, I could quit it as well. It then flashed in my mind I had thrown a challenge at Sai Baba, at my uncle's house in Mumbai to make me quit smoking.


Oh! What a price I had to pay for my arrogance. I bowed in reverence and offered an apology.


Though it made me sad, but made me realize that I had turned into His Devotee for the first time.


-Narinder Nandwani


Source: Shri Sai Sumiran Times, May 2015