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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2445 to 2465 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2445 to 2465 of 2648





2445 Parallel Yoga Way


In the encircling Spheres Three within me,

The Primal Lord appears;

I reached Him and was in bliss immersed;

I clung to the tender vine of Kundalini Sakti

That she, Her Grace may shower.



2446 Lord Appears in love in Para Turiya


The Expanse vast of Para

As divine dance arena extended

Nandi there appeared

And stood and filled;

When He came in tender love

As cow that yearns for calf,

Beaming was Jiva,

As lamp upon hill-top placed.



2447 Beyond Para is Parasiva


Beyond Tattvas six times six

Is that Para;

When the unarticulated mantra

Is in Silentness chanted,

Then appears Siva Para,

That is still above;

He is the God

Of whom Vedas speak;

Then shall Divine Rapture well up in you;

Do foster it, and enlarge.



2448 Seek Lord in Intense Divine Desire and Become Siva


Shedding desires (worldly)

In intense (Divine) desire seek Him;

Yours shall be the Heavenly Kingdom of God (Param);

When you in intense (Divine) desire seek Him,

Shorn of desires (worldly),

Then shall the Knowledge of God be;

Only those who in intense (Divine) desire seek Him,

Bereft of desires (worldly),

Will (Param Param) Siva become.



2449 Pati-Pasam Leads to Para, Para Siva and Para Siva-Ananda


Cherish Pati-Pasam (God-love)

That is holy beyond holiness;

Then shall the transcendental Para be;

And then beyond Parasiva reached be;

Then shall the transcendental Siva Bliss (Parasivananda) be;

Jiva Becoming Siva is indeed Knowledge Divine.



2450 Beyond Kalanta is Tat-Para State (God-Union and Not God-Becoming Yet)


Transcend Kalas Five

In the Waking State (of Turiya) appear;

Reach the lonely State of Higher Kevala (inertness)

And there solitary be;

Bereft of sentience,

Ardent enter the (Turiya) atita State;

Then shall you the very Tat-Para be.



2451 In Tat-Para Union is Aum


The Purity State

That Self-Realization brought,

The Expansive State within it,

The Malas that affected Jiva before

All these passing,

Seek the Para-atita State

Where the Tatpara and the time-bound Jiva that Para became

Commingle into one letter

That with "A" begins; "Aum."





2452 Para Jiva that Had Become Tat-Para, Jiva, Now Merges in Siva Himself


He, Nandi, is within Atita

And Beyond it;

He, Jiva that had Para-Jiva become

Is within Atita

Yet Jnana (Full) without;

The Para Jiva attaining Jnana

And rid of dark Ignorance

Will with God (Pati) One be.



2453 Nature of Pati


The Pati (Lord) has

Neither Beginning nor End;

He is Divine Light Resplendent;

He is seen and yet unseen;

Those who attain Jnana

Of that Para

Are Holy indeed.



2454 He Dances in Void and Lurks Inside the Deep Well of Pranava


Transcending Turiya

And entering Turiyatita,

Is the endless Void;

There vision the mighty Lord

That dances eternal;

They who can peer

Into the deep well of Pranava (Aum) within,

And glimpse Him

Will no more birth have.



2455 Jiva's Purification


In contact with color red

White, too, becomes red;

Unto it it is,

When Jiva purified (white)

Reaches Siva (that is red);

In Jnana's Void

That absorbs universes so unreal,

Siva stands high aloft

As a flag planted on Meru Mountain top.



2456 Lord Accepts Jiva in His Grace


Faded have they,

Kalas and other Tattvas (below);

Sundered were they,

The Mayas two, left behind;

And after taking me into the baptismal font of Jnana,

He made me in Him unite;

Dispelling my fears

He accepted me in His Grace,

He, Nandi Holy.



2457 After Self-Realization is the Light Where No Self is


"Realize the Self,"

--So taught my Nandi;

When I realized the Self,

He placed me in place where the Self is unknown;

There the Light-Form arose,

And He granted me Himself,

Tat-Para I became.



2458 Siva's Immanence and Transcendence


Expanding and contracting,

Earth, water, space and wind,

Sun and Moon,

Pervasive and immanent,

Hara stood;

Supporting the firmament vast.



2459 Sakti Manifestations


From Sat (Siva) arose of Herself, Sakti,

In that State She as Tat-Parai stands;

In the Ichcha (Desire) State

She Para's Form materiality is;

Then Jnana Sakti and other forms

She assumes;

Thus acting in love surpassing

She daily, daily moves this world.



2460 Bindu Sakti Imparts Power to Cognitive Organs


From within Parai

Expanded Bindu Sakti;

From above descending, to here below,

It imparted sentience to the cognitive Organs four,

--This the story of Jivas,

That inherent no sentience has.



2461 Maya, Little Light Leading to Great Light


Then separate arose Maya from Parai

And the Caused Tattvas and experiences six

The body is an heir to;

Feeling, breathing, eating, and sleeping

Are all enjoyments that Maya gives;

She is the little light within,

That kindles the Great Light to reach.



2462 Lord is Splendorous Light in the Void Beyond


The Primal Lord that is Tat-Para

Is Light Resplendent

He is Chit-Para, (Divine Jnana filled)

He is the Divine Sentience

That engrosses universe;

Enter in the Splendorous Light,

In the Void that is beyond words,

No more is there anything to compare.



2463 Risk to Suddha State Even in Turiyatita


The hoary scriptures say,

The expanding Space is His Body;

He wears the crescent moon;

Even after reaching the Turiyatita State,

If Jiva a victim to Causal Experiences (of Suddha Maya) falls.

He will Suddha (Pure) per se not be,

When you ask me.



2464 Pervasive Sakti is Pervasive Siva's Form


Space, air, fire, water and earth

He pervasive fills

He is Tat-Para of love infinite;

Sakti that is manifested

In space, air, fire, water and earth

Is but of His Form Divine.



2465 Contemplate in Yogic Way


To the Yogis of intense Tapas,

Contemplating on Mystic Meru Mount

In the radiant Sphere within,

In their rare Tapas

Siva's Grace, of itself, appears;

Move not from this way;

There is none other too.





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