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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2167 to 2183 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2167 to 2183 of 2648




2167 Maya's Manifestations in the Four States of Consciousness


In the Waking State--

Within the Waking State

Is Tirodayi (obfuscation Sakti) active;

In the Dream State--

Within the Waking State

Is Mamaya (Impure);

In the State of Deep Sleep--

Within the Waking State

Is Kamya (of self delusion);

In the Fourth Turiya State

Within the Waking State

Is Maya (Pure).



2168 In Turiya, Kalas and Raga Arise


In that Turiya State

Within the Waking State (of Jiva)

Maya rouses the Kalas and Ragas,

Then passing back through the States

Of Sushupti, Dream and Waking

The Jiva to Sakala State returns.



2169 Jivas Grope Their Way Back to Sakala Jagra State


The blind one,

Eyes he has; but vision none;

And so gropes for the steps,

He made of yore;

Having found them,

He seizes a stick

And with its aid

Finds the Way;

Even unto it

Do the Jivas with avastas three

Seek to march back their way.



2170 Seated in the Body, Jiva Experiences


The Spider

Standing at the web's center,

Catches prey and feeds;

Even unto it,

The Jiva standing within the body stage,

Where the senses in merriment dance

Experiences the sensations five,

Sound and the rest four.



2171 God Placed the Twenty-Five Tattvas for Jiva


One there is,

Who placed Tattvas five and twenty,

With them in my body I abide;

"Mad is He, Great is He, Birthless is He"

--Thus in endearment I sought Him;

And by the Grace He granted,

Redeemed am I.


2172 Vedanta School Reckons Tattvas Differently As Twenty-Eight


With Tattvas four and twenty,

And Purusha Tattva to add,

Thus are Tattvas five and twenty;

Differently reckoned as five and twenty,

And with Purusha

And the Void (Vyoma) which is not Para,

And Para

Are Tattvas as eight and twenty reckoned,

In the school of Vedanta.



2173 Practise Yoga


Course the breath in ways appropriate

Through Nadis, Idakala and Pingala,

Seat yourself in Asanas (postures) comely,

And agreeably direct the breath within;

Through Muladhara, that is triangle shaped

Upward ascend;

Verily may you see the Feet

Of Lord, that is Timeless Eternity.



2174 Yoga Brings Rapture


The ten Nadis (pulsating nerves invisible)

And the ten Vayus (winds)

Will in ascending breath subside;

Rapturous your state shall be;

Agreeable your taste shall be;

Perfect your mind shall be;

In the your goodly body.



2175 Nandi Guides and Witnesses All


Let them be that are to be;

Let them die that are to die;

Let them leave that are to leave;

Let them enter that are to enter;

The Kingly Nandi makes us see all

And Himself, witnesses all;

All things appropriate He does;

He, of tender love.



2176 Tattvas Are Reckoned As Twenty-Eight In Yet Another Way


The sense organs ten and ten,

The intellectual organs one and three,

The Turiya State,

Time subjectively cognised,

The undifferentiated Void

And the Turiyatita above

--Thus it is as eight and twenty, too

The Tattvas reckoned are.



2177 Breath Control For Ridding Malas


If ten times three hundred and thirty

The breath twelve finger-length

As Prana ascends upward,

The Malas Five subdued are;

So do the Tattvas, according.



2178 By Breath Control Tattvas Subside Within Body


If breath appropriate spirated

Times, four crores and forty eight thousand five hundred,*

Then cessation there shall be for Prana's movement;

It in the ninety-six (Tattvas) subsides;

The ninety-six in turn

In Tattvas five and twenty merge.



2179 Tattvas Differently Counted By Different Schools of Philosophy


Tattvas six and ninety are the over-all;

Out of them, six and thirty are the Tattvas for Saivas;

Eight and twenty for Vedantins;

Four and twenty for Vainavas;

Five and twenty for Mayavadins.



2180 Letter-Sound "A" is Primal Tattva (Truth)


If Jiva can make Tattvas function his way,

He a wise one shall be;

Illumined in Knowledge Divine,

False devotion no more shall be;

The Tattva Supreme is the primal letter-sound.*



2181 Jiva Alone is the Sentient Being


Tattvas Thirty and Six

Are insentient verily (devoid of knowledge)

I am the sentient one;

Yet I knew not Myself;

"You shall know yourself"

--Thus in Grace, Nandi declared;

That I am the Knower,

I have now known.



2182 Transcend Five States of Consciousness and Thirty-Six Tattvas;


Beyond is Union in God

In the Waking State

Are States of experiences five

Malas create;

Disentangling from these states five,

And from Tattvas unreal, thirty and six,

In the holy way Jiva stood,

And one with Him union attained.



2183 Number of Malas for the Five Gods


Five are the Malas

For Brahma on the Lotus Bloom,

Anava (Egoity) and the rest; (Anava, Maya, Karma, Mayeyam and Tirodayi)

Four are the Malas for Vishnu;

Anava and others (Mayeyam devoid)

Three for Rudra,

Anava and Others (Mayeyam and Tirodayi devoid);

Two for Mahesa

Anava and Karma;

One alone for Sadasiva--Anava.


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