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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2139 to 2166 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular


TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2139 to 2166 of 2648





2139 Sublimate Speech and Thought Godward


The sweet speech, love intones

The loud sound, airy prana articulates

The mind within fleshly body dwells

--All these you upward course (in Yogic way),

No more, the thoughts of body be.



2140 When Body Perishes, Nothing There Is


The body perishes;

With it, ears and eyes;

Speech and pulse;

Fasts and gifts;

Nothing left, for dying flesh to lean on.



2141 The Pure Will Reach God


The heart that lusts after

Slender-waisted damsels,

Will in distress immersed be;

They, with hearts pure,

Body glowing as lightning

And Will made of iron

Are for Siva's presence destined.





2142 Where Tattvas Stand in the Four States of Jiva Awareness


In the Waking State (Jagra)

The Tattvas twenty and five

In Eye-Brow Center their position take;

In the Dream State (Swapna)

Tattvas ten and four

In Throat Center their hold take;

In Deep Sleep state (Sushupti)

The Purusha (Soul) stands

Alone in Heart Center;

In Turiya State (Fourth)

He (Purusha) stands

In Center that is Navel.



2143 Siva the Beginning and End of Five Avastas


Of the Five Avastas Jagra commencing

That to Tattvas six and thirty pertain,

The Fourth is the luminous Turiya;

Passing beyond to Turiyatita

The Two in One inseparate merge

The Jiva himself Siva becoming;

This the Order do know,

The Siva that stands in the Beginning

Becomes verily in End of Experience all.



2144 Instruments of Experience


Indriyas ten (five sensory organs and five motor organs)

Their Tanmatras ten (Subtle potent elements of Indriyas)

The Vayus ten (winds) that secret work,

The Antakaranas four (inner seats of thought)

And Purusha, the Experient Jiva,

--All these (instruments of experience)

Are again and again entangled

In the cycle of life's awareness.



2145 The Five Elements Also Are Within Body


Earth is of color, gold pure;

Water is white;

Fire red;

Wind dark;

Space smoky;

Thus the five elements concealed stand within.



2146 Ninety-Six Tattvas


The elements five, too,

To sense organs additional function;

The five permeating each of Malas three,

Gunas three, and Adharas six;

Together with Tattvas thirty and six,

The organs of Avastas

Are six and ninety, in all.



2147 In Waking State Jiva is With Twenty-Four Tattvas


In Jagra State

The Jiva of Tattvas five and twenty

Its position takes

In Eye-Brow center;

With elephants Five, (sensory organs)

Infantry Five (motor organs)

Cavalry Five (internal sense potencies)

And Elements Five,

Inside Soldiery Four (the Antakaranas)

He with Tattvas twenty and four

Stands at the Gate of Waking (Jagra) state;

Thus, Tattvas stand in centers respective.



2148 Know the Relationship Between Body and Jiva


The bodies (Causal, Subtle and Gross) embrace one another,

But the Jiva within body stood,

They know not;

They who the kinship between body and Jiva

Understood not,

Are verily bewildered

Unto the dog that into a kitchen abrupt strays.          



2149 Meet God in the Body By the Yoga Way


They know not how To-Be;

Poor are they in Spirit;

Those, who,

Course upward the vital Ajapa*

(Through breathing in Yoga way)

And sublimate the Bindu,

They meet the Lord

That destroyed Kama, the God of Love;

Comely their body becomes

And indestructible here remains.



2150 Lord Placed in Concealment the Sixteen Kalas


and the Fourteen Inner Tattvas

The Tattvas four and ten*

That in me lay concealed,

The Pure One appeared

And in bounty revealed;

The Kalas six and ten

That to me lend grace,

He placed, to none beknown,

My thoughts in Him to center.



2151 Conquer the Five Elements and the Four Karanas


The Earth and Water expanses;

The Fire that blazes in color gold,

The Wind and Space

The Mind, Will, Intellect and Egoity

On their quintessence,

You in succession contemplate;

Then victorious you stand, the elements vanquishing.



2152 Out of the Five Elements are Born the Five Senses


One the child for Space--Sound

Two for Wind--Sound and Touch

Three for Fire--Sound, Touch and Light

Four for Water--Sound, Touch, Light and Taste

Five for Earth--Sound, Touch, Light, Taste and Smell

This was not of yore there, before creation began

Before the Virgin Sakti (Spirit), the Virgin Maya (Matter) loved.



2153 Fourteen Tattvas in Dream State


In Dream State

The Senses Five experienced;

The Tanmatras Five too;

And Antakaranas Four as well;

Having experienced thus in Dream State

The Jiva returned to Jagra State to experience;

There he stood in full knowledge of world.



2154 But Only the Four Intelligence Organs are Involved in Dream Vision


Thus it is, Jiva with Tattvas four and ten

In Dream State stands;

But with the ten sense organs uninvolved

With Antahkaranas Four alone,

And aided by the memory

Of earthly life here below,

He (Jiva) in the Throat-Center,

Dreams visioned.



2155 Deep Sleep in Heart-Center


Leaving the Throat Center there,

Alone, he (Jiva) enters the Heart's-Center

There, Egoity (Ahamkara) lost, Intellect (Buddhi) lost,

Cognition (Mind) lost

In the State that discerns not world,

Consciousness of body bereft,

He (Jiva) reached the Deep Sleep State of Sushupti.



2156 Tattvas in Deep Sleep


Having reached Deep Sleep State of Sushupti,

He with three there remains;

--Chitta (Will), Prana (Vital Breath) and Sentience of Self,

Thus into the Herat-Center Jiva enters

There one with the Subtle Object he stands

(In the state of Sushupti Deep.)



2157 Nada Peaks in Turiya or Fourth State


From Sushupti Center,

He further moves continuing,

Into Turiya Expanse

Leaving thoughts of world below;

On to peaks of Nada (in navel center) he ascends;

There rid of primordial ignorance,

He remains in Mauna (Silentless).



2158 Turiyatita Experience


When with silent letter "M"

The articulate letters "A" and "U" conjoins,

The Five Senses are withdrawn,

As limbs within the tortoise;

Then Jiva is by "Aum" pervaded;

The light Divine beams from within;

The Self its sentience loses;

--This we know not.



2159 State Beyond Turiya--(Turiyatita)


Turiya is in Jagrat experienced;

The foxes fourteen* (Indriyas etc.) of themselves die;

The swiftly steed of Prana flees,

How that State beyond Turiya (Turiyatita) is,

Impossible to state, indeed.



2160 All Jivas Experience These States of Awareness


Contaminated by Primordial Mala (Impurities) Five,

Jivas, all, the Five States of Awareness experience;

Endless indeed are the bodies and organs

That Maya endows;

All Souls, caught in birth and death,

Are by Karma alike struck.



2161 Maya Gives States of Experience For God's Grace to Attain;


Jnanis Reach Mukti Direct

Maya feeds Jiva with Avasta experiences unbroken,

For the Jiva by Lord's Grace

To attain Mukti;

But the Jivas in Jnana born

Them Maya nears not;

And contemplating in Jnana

They direct attain Mukti.



2162 Consciousness Begins With Egoity


In the Primordial Slumber State of Jivas (Kevala State)

Devoid of Awareness,

Egoity is activated;

Then Consciousness springs,

And actions diverse Jiva pursues;

From the State of Kevala

Thus passing out,

He the Five States (Avastas) experiences,

Until he becomes Para Supreme.



2163 Maya Awakens Soul From Primordial (Kevala) Slumber


As with his staff the teacher rouses the pupil

Who in his presence slumbers,

Even unto it,

The benevolent Lord with Maya awakens

The Soul that in prolonged Egoity slumbers.



2164 Life After Death Is


They who say: "After death nothing left;

The Jiva the five states experienced

Forever fled;"

They are verily unenlightened surpassing;

They might as well say:

"The heavenly Ganga Mandakini

That from clouds aloft streams forth

Ends as an empty pot."



2165 In Turiyatita State Tattvas Remain Behind In Body


When the Earthly King, that is Jiva,

Mounting the steeds swift (of consciousness),

At the Lovely City (of Turiyatita) arrives,

The Senses Five

And Tattvas rest that remained behind,

But slept in the body,

That vibrant once was.



2166 Be Freed of Malas to Reach God


In the States Five,

In purity, vision Malas Five

That pure are not;

See, in the Waking State

They trouble you not;

Straight confront them;

Then shall you with Para direct,

Forever and ever be.



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