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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2317 to 2337 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2317 to 2337 of 2648



2317 Dance of Siva Seen Within


The moving breeze

That the Dancing Feet wafts;

The vibrant sound

That the Damaruka drum emitts;

The celestial music,

That the chanting Vedas and Agamas produces;

All these in nadis within I experienced.



2318 Self-Knowledge is True Knowledge


The effect of goodly tapas

In past performed,

Can with knowledge

In present be discerned;

Self-knowledge is knowledge true,

The rest is but knowledge demented.



2319 In Actionless Contemplation Divine Message Comes


To be actionless is Siva's bliss;

They who are actionless

Seek not Siva Yoga;

They who are actionless

Will not in world merge;

Only to them who are actionless

Is the Divine message to be.



2320 In Samadhi Jiva Unites in Siva


They who attain Samadhi

They and He one become;

Sundered will be Malas,

Vanished the Jiva-State;

Their body (as Divine Light)

Will in Siva's World be;

They in Siva unite

Devoid of blemishes eight.



2321 Pedda or Jiva Mukti


At the eternal Feet of Hara,

The Sakti appears;

And as it appears

The interminable darkness

Of Jiva disappears,

And Light dawns;

And Jivaperserveres incessant

In the way of time-honouredJnana

And thus reaches the State of Pedda (Jiva) Mukti.



2322 Jiva Knowledge is Doubt-Tossed; Siva Knowledge is Light Divine


As the Sakti aids the Jiva

In Boddha as well as Mukti

Jiva that is doubt-tossed in the first,

Becomes doubt-free in the second;

And in that condition

Sakti grants its divine instrument

Of Jnana to Jiva;

That verily is the abiding Light

That transcends Jiva's flickering light.



2323 By Grace Jiva Becomes Knower


Devoid of knowledge

Are Tattvas thirty and six;

The Self that knows

I know not;

"You shall know"

Thus blessed Nandi;

Then I knew

That I am the Knower.



2324 Jnana Siva and JnanaSakti Appeared


He who transformed me into Himself,

He, the Lord of Jnana,

The First of Celestials,

The peerless gem's

Light Resplendent;

And She, Sakti-Grace

Of Jnana Pure,

She, the Immaculate

--Them I saw in this fleshly body.


2325 Love, Jnana, and Bliss of Siva-Sakti


Light and Darkness

Are Parai (Sakti), and the Love within Parai;

Transcend the Self;

Beyond is Love that is Grace,

Transcend the Mala Darkness

Beyond is Light that is Jnana;

Transcend them too;

Then is the Gift that is Siva's-Bliss.



2326 Mahavakyam--Samadhi Jnana Finite7In the Bliss of Grace


That Siva-Sakti confers,

Let Jiva

In final Samadhi enter;

If thus as the end of fleshly body

Jiva realizes the inner awareness,

It shall attain the finite Lordly (Siva) State;

--This, the Word Exalted (Mahavakyam).



2327 Tell Them, Who Know and Yet Know Not


No use telling

Those who are in ignorance steeped;

No use telling

Those who are in Jnana filled;

Tell only them

Who know and yet know not;

Then will they know

And Self-realize.



2328 Suddhas Reach Mauna State



The Sat, Asat, and Sat-Asat,

The Jiva becomes

The Chit, Achit, and Siva-Chit;

Those that reach that Turiya State

Where neither Suddha (Pure) or Asuddha (Impure) Maya is,

They verily are the Suddhas (Pure ones);

Transcending the States three,

(Sat, Asat and Sat-Asat)

They reach Silentness, surpassing.



2329 Higher Knowledge is Beyond Self-Knowledge


By himself Jiva knows not;

Yet is he not without (Higher) knowledge;

The knowledge he himself has

Is Sat-Asat;

When the two as Grace descend

Then he knows himself,

And with Siva one becomes.



2330 Master Tattva-Knowledge and Attain God-Knowledge


Only for them who master

The knowledge of Tattvas, (Tattva-Jnana)

Will the Higher Knowledge (God-Knowledge) be;

In that Higher Knowledge,

The Self with Siva one becomes;

Then has begun the Bliss of God-Knowledge.



2331 Self-Knowledge Leads to Jnana-Mudra


When Jiva attains Self-Knowledge,

Then he one with Siva becomes;

The Malas perish;

Birth's cycle ends;

Then will goodly Mukti be;

The lustrous light of Jnana;

And the Impress of Divine Knowledge too (Chin Mudra).



2332 Maunis Receive Jnana Mudra


Jnana (Knowledge) is His Form;

Kriya (Action) is His middle part;

Ichcha (Desire) is His life beat;

--Thus is His Aspect

Of the Uncreated Being (Tatpara);

He is as the seed of

The five acts He performs

(Of creation, preservation, dissolution, obfuscation and redemption)

And so,

The Maunis (in silentness seated) received

The Mudra (Impress of God-Knowledge) that is Jnana.



2333 Lord Acts From Within Jiva


For Jiva,

JnanaSakti gives Knowledge

IchchaSakti gives Desire

KriyaSakti gives Action

All these are subtle;

He who grants these to Jiva

Is Lord Himself,

And not Jiva;

It is Lord that acts from within Jiva.



2334 Siva Acting Through Mayas is Eternal and Beyond


Action, Desire and Jnana of Jivas

With Siva acting within

Are work of Mamaya and Maya (Impure and Pure);

But beyond the Void of Cause-Effect,

Is Siva,

Eternal and of Peace Exceeding (Santa-atita).



2335 Lord Who is Beyond-Beyond is Yet Life of Life


Immanent is He

In Real, the Unreal and all;

He is Lord

That is the Real, Unreal and Real-Unreal;

Beyond, beyond speech is He;

Hasten and realize,

He will be the Life of your life.



2336 Scorch Desires Worldly


Sakti (Ichcha) infuses desires

And haressesJiva;

Jnana (Sakti) scorches them

And destroys them;

As She who infuses desires into Jiva

Is within,

Do you scorch your worldly desires,

And attain the State Exalted.



2337 Rid of Malas


They who with Siva unite

Are of Malas Five rid;

They who do not unite thus

Are of dark Malas Five possessed;

Destined are they to be born

On Earth, Heaven and Hell;

None know,

All these from His Grace results.



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