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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2338 to 2354 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2338 to 2354 of 2648



2338 All Acts Are of Lord's Grace


They who are caught

By forces of Maya twine (Pure and Impure)

Do things according;

They who are caught

By forces of Jnana

Act appropriate;

They who are caught

By forces of world desires

Behave that way;

--All these they do

Are acts of Lord's Grace.



2339 Wealth of Holiness Leads to Union in Siva


They that are possessed of wealth of Holiness

Are not for dark Hell destined;

They that are possessed of wealth of Holiness

Are not for delicious heaven too;

They that are possessed of wealth of Holiness

Depart from Mala's huddle;

They that are possessed of wealth of Holiness

Depart from all things unworthy;

And so Siva become.



2340 Knowledge of What is God's, What is World's Comes from Grace


Ignorant are they

Who do not know

What is God's

And what is World's;

Only they are wise

Who both these know;

When both these they know,

By His Grace,

They shall of His Grace know;

Both these are.



2341 Grace of Sakti Leads to Siva


As fire and heat

Are Siva and Sakti;

With Him as Substance

She, Jiva's awareness espouses;

Darkness and Light She is;

She pervades too Malas Three;

And then by Light of Grace

She makes Jiva the very Siva.



2342 States of Grace-Receiving Differ As the sun rises,


The lotuses wake;

But some bloom,

And some do not;

That happens

As their differing conditions are;

Even though sun's beams

Alike strike them,

The differing effects

Are result of

Differing states of Grace.



2343 All Forms of Knowledge Proceed From Grace


Bheda (Difference), Abheda (Non-difference)

And Bheda-Abheda (Difference-Non-difference),

Knowledge native,

Knowledge that comes of learning,

And God-Knowledge;

Nada, (Sound)

And the Nada-Beyond-Nada, (the Nadanta that is Beyond-Beyond Sound)

All these come by Grace of the Holy One.



2344 Play of Hara's Grace


Unto the artificial elephant

On stilt played,

Is the play of Hara's Grace;

With the aid of elements (Tattvas), it sways Jiva,

And makes it dance this way and that,

And consigning it to life and worldly ways,

Infuses the Light of Jnana

And finally plants it (Jiva) in Life of Grace;

All, all, the work of Grace.



2345 When Tattvas Are Transcended, Grace Descends and Union in Siva Takes Place


He, Jiva,

Abandoning Tattvas six times six

Realized the Self;

He the Finite became

And pervaded,

He (Jiva) in them (Tattvas) and they in him;

Yet transcending them

He passed into the Beyond;

And as Grace descends on him

He doubt-free Jnana attained

And Siva became.



2346 Mount the Steed of Sivajnana and Reach God


The love of Holy Feet

That is beyond reach,

By Grace he reaches;

Then by way appropriate journeying,

He rouses the mighty steed of Sivajnana

And mounting it passes beyond,

And so reaching Siva Himself.



2347 The Evolved Souls Who Reached Siva's Grace


Those who reached Siva

Are the Charanars, Siddhas, and Samadhi Yogis

The Jnanis who in God-Truth stood,

The Anandas who in love adored,

And Nathas--all, blessed of Grace Divine.



2348 Suddha State Knows No "I" and "He" Difference


They speak of States two,

"I" and "He"

But there is a State

Where "I" and "He" are undifferentiated;

Those who are in the Higher Kevala (inert) State

Will not the difference cognise;

Effacing Self,

And He and Self as one uniting,

Is the State of Suddha (Pure).



2349 Seek Siva Within the Self


The Great souls that realize Siva

That is Self within,

Will seek forth Siva in the Self;

They who do not reach Siva in the Self,

Will reach Siva never.



2350 Go and Seek Siva in the Proper Way


Lament not

That you know Him not;

Go the proper way

And you shall meet Him;

He who as Lights twine (Sakti and Siva)

Creates all,

As one Light in my heart is united.



2351 God is Immanent and Yet Jiva Sees not


One the clay,

Many the pots made of it;

One the Lord,

Immanent in Creation all;

The eyes see things diverse,

But they see not the eyes;

So too is Lord to Jiva.



2352 Think of Siva and Draw Unto Him


Standing within,

He protects the worlds seven;

The goodly one who in love praises Him,

Close upon Him;

They who think not of Siva

Loud sob in distress;

How can those

Who center not their thoughts in Him

Ever, ever reach Him?



2353 Divine Swan Becoming


They who see not the Self within

Will see not the Goal without;

They who see not the Self within

Will incarnate bodies several;

Unite in Lord, the Self effacing;

And in knowledge undifferentiated

You the "Divine Swan" (I-and-He united) became.



2354 Limits of Human Knowledge


When the Lady of Celestials (Sakti)

In Maya stands,

Is it body or soul

That joys in the bliss?

The men who think they know all,

Know not why they are born, and why they die.





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