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Make Up for This Loss

Make Up for This Loss


Baba: This Marwadi Bagchand whose stack caught fire begged for help to avoid loss. Gain and loss, birth and death are in the hands of God. But how blindly do these people forget God! If profit comes, they rejoice. If loss comes, they weep. Why? Why say? "This is mine"? What does it mean?


The stack is not the Marwadi. It is only hay and not his body. It grew from seeds on the earth, and was fed by rains from the clouds and by sun light. Earth, Clouds and the Sun are its owners. This fellow's claim is ungrounded. Fire is in all these three and it consumed the stack. We are not the owners. God gives with one hand and takes away with the other. Sait, go home. You will make up for this loss in some other transaction.

(from Baba's Charters and Sayings, No. 256)

Guruvaar Prarthna

Guruvaar Prarthna



Our Beloved Sadguru Sainath, please accept our humble prayers on this Holy day of Guruvaar. Baba, one of your charters is 'Why fear, when I am here?' because you know our fear filled life and our inability to overcome without your grace. Please bless all and embrace us with safety and security. With you, we are confident and comfortable, we will step ahead to meet all challenges and achieve success. On this holy day we start our prayers by reading your divine words in Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita.



The soul is Brahman itself. Bliss from understanding knowledge is Brahman. By the knowledge of the untrue nature of the world, the illusion about the world will pass away. Brahman is Truth. That is ME.


I am eternal, pure, enlightened, the liberated one. I am Vasudeva, the sacred letter 'Aum'. I am the truth. Your good lies in worshipping ME with true faith and devotion.


Thus realising my true nature serve ME in the right way. Moreover, surrender to ME completely. And be one with ME.


When the river surrenders to the ocean, can it come back? Will there be a separate identity when she embraces the ocean?


Just as a wick soaked in oil when joined to a flame of light, becomes itself a bright light, in the same way a person reaches the status of a sage at the feet of the sage.


He who thinks of nothing but Allah Malik, the Supreme Being and the Pure Consciousness, he has peace, has no desires and looks upon all with an equal eye. How can he have a separate identity from the Supreme Being?


Where there is not the awareness of oneself, where there is no ego, where there is absence of strife or quarrel (twofold nature of the world), where there is no wish for worldly possessions, where these four virtues reside, can there exist the ego? "


Summing up, in Sai's nature these eight virtues exist in their complete form. Where is the place then for the ego? How can I then nurse such egotism?


"He whose self is pervading in the universe, I am part and parcel of Him. Surrender at the feet of Sai. This will mean MY service.



I bow down to Sree Ganesh

I bow down to Sree Saraswati

I bow down to the Guru

I bow down to the Family Deity

I bow down to Sree Sita-Ramachandra

I bow down to Sree Sadguru Sainath.



-(from Shri Sai Samartha Satchrita, Chapter  3, Ovi 96 - 104)

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Why number 108 is holy and auspicious in Hinduism


 The number 108 is very auspicious for followers of Sanatana dharma. Number 108 has its significance in almost every rituals followed in India. Vedic sages used the term 'Shri 108' to represent yogis, preceptors, divine and highly learned gurus. Vedic sages of later era devised a Vyjanti mala (rosary) with 108 beads/stones to keep count of mantras (hymns) in their daily ritual of meditation.

Why number 108 is considered auspicious in Indian culture?
Many Indians crave for 108 in their mobile number. Its importance is so much rooted in Hinduism that mobile companies has made a business of selling mobile numbers having 108. Not only Hinduism, number 108 has its profound significance in Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism, all of which are offshoot religions of Hinduism. Japanese monk's rings their temple bells 108 times to welcome New Year and sign of the old one. Have you ever been asked to chant a mantra for fifteen minutes or 100 times, a rounded figure? The obvious question arises what is the importance of 108? Why is it holy and sacred? Why the Malas(Rosaries) have 108 beads? Why is it widely used in Indian rituals? 

 Well the answer lies in Vedic cosmology. Our early Vedic sages, who invented our modern numeral system, were renowned mathematicians.

 According to Vedic cosmology, number 108 is the basis of creation. Number 108 represent our universe. 108 represent the whole of our existence. 108 is a number which resonates throughout the universe.

Sacred number 108

Abstract meaning of number 108 

Below is the abstract definition of number 108
1- Stands for supreme truth or god consciousness.
0 -stands for nothing or emptiness or void.
8- Stand for eternity or infinity. Rotate 8 by 90 degrees either ways, you get the symbol of infinity.

 Science is based on number 108. 108 cover the whole number system 1 to 9. Truth tables are represented by 1 and 0. Computers, machines and most of the electronic devices work because of this truth tables. Many scientific theories use the concept of infinity, which is again a Vedic concept.

Truth tables and infinity

Astronomical Evidences on auspiciousness of number 108 

  Vedic cosmology states
1) Diameter of Sun is 108 times that of earth
2) Distance between earth and sun is 108 times the diameter of the sun.
3) Distance between earth and moon is 108 times the diameter of the moon. 

    This Vedic cosmology matches approximately with modern science. Written in Sanskrit millenniums ago, 4 Vedas and the 108 Upanishads are the jewels of Indian philosophy and scriptures. They are India's richest and most revered ancient possessions. What the Vedic seers and saints said thousands of year ago, scientists are confirming the same these days. Yet, they deny the existence of god just to signify their dominance and importance.  

 Let me tell you, modern scientist's discovery and invention is nothing compared to the rich knowledge and philosophy of ancient Vedic seers and sages. In fact, modern scientist invented nothing compared to rich philosophy of ancient Vedic seers. Modern scientist just discovered something which is a natural phenomenon and laws of nature. When you combine several chips in a certain way, you get a mobile, laptop, computers etc. It is not an invention; it's a discovery which depicts how nature and combination of its various objects (Minerals) works. I shall talk about modern science in a separate post.  
Coming back to the topic, let me prove the above Vedic cosmology scientifically. 
  1) Diameter of sun = 1,392,000 km. Equatorial diameter of the earth = 12,756.28 km. On dividing, we get 109.11. This minute difference of 1.11 can be attributed to error in modern scientific instrument or measurement.
2) Diameter of sun = 1,392,000 km. Mean distance between earth and sun is 149,597,870.691 km. On dividing, we get 107.46973469181034482758620689655. Rounding it off, we get 108. Again, this minute difference of .54 can be attributed to error in modern scientific instrument or measurement.

3) Distance between earth and moon=384403. Diameter of moon=3474 km. On dividing, we get 110.651410478. Again, this minute difference of 2.65 can be attributed to error in modern scientific instrument or measurement.

Image courtesy: 

Did you say this error is too much? 

 You may say the difference 2.65 is too much...Let me prove you this point in other way around.  

 Shortest distance between earth and moon=3, 56,399km
Longest distance between earth and moon=4, 06,699 km
Average distance between earth and moon=3, 84,400 km
Multiplying 108*3474(Diameter of moon), I get 3, 75,192 km. So, I can assume very safely that at the time of creation, distance between earth and moon was 3, 75,192 km. Also note the fact that there is a possibility of change in moon orbits over the last 10K years plus variation of 11% between apogee and perigee in moon's orbit. These facts applies to the above two points as well. So, we can safely declare 108 as the unit of creation.  

 To Scientists out there,"Don't mind it Rascalla" (Tamil style)

Astrological Evidences on auspiciousness of number 108 

 Number 108 holds a special place in Vedic astrology too. You may know about the significance of Zodiac signs in Vedic astrology. We have 12 zodiac signs based on the movement of sun and moon and we have 9 navagrahas(planets) whose positions represents the events that will occur in our life. Multiplying 12*9, we get 108, a sacred number of creations. 

9 navagrahas and 12 zodiac signs

Also, Vedic astrology declares 27 constellations in our galaxy, each having 4 directions. In other words, 27*4(108) covers our whole galaxy.

Scientific Evidences on auspiciousness of number 108 

According to Vedic science, our universe is made up of 108 elements. Our modern periodic table has 108 elements-rest of the elements after Hassium are too short lived and only exists in laboratory for 1/1000 of a second. Hassium, the 108th and heaviest element of periodic table has 108 protons.  

According to Vedic philosophy, number 9 represents wholeness. Our eyes can see up to 3 dimensions. Multiply the powers of each dimension and find out the number you get. Power of 1= 1(1x1); Power of 2= 4(2x2); Power of 3= 27(3x3x3); multiplying 1x4x27, we get 108. Multiplying these three dimensions means you are deriving a number that encompasses the whole of our universe or the way your eyes sees this materialistic universe. Furthermore, If you add digits of 108, you get number 9(1+0+8). Notably, multiplying any number by 9 and adding up its digit gives the result 9.
3x9=27. Adding up digits, 2+7=9.
420x9=3780. Adding up digits, 3+7+8=18. 1+8=9.
12364x9=111276. Adding up digits, 1+1+1+2+7+6=18. 1+8=9.

This is the reasons, why our ancient books have everything in multiples of 9. 9 puranas, 108 upanishads, 18 chapters in bhagavad gita etc. I have listed the remaining significances at the end of this article.

Number 108 defines our life cycles 

 Let us go through our life cycles (Yugas). According to Vedic philosophy, there are 4 Yugas, all of which are related to 108 and 9 as
Kaliyug consists of 432000 years (4+3+2) = 9
DwaparYug consists of 864000 years (8+4+6) = 18 = (1+8) = 9
TretaYug consists of 1296000 years (1+2+9+6) = 18 = (1+8) = 9
Satyug - consists of 172,800 years (1+7+2+8) = 18 = (1+8) = 9

Vedic life cycle

Why to chant mantras 108 times?

 Vedic sages believed the outer cosmology should be mirrored in the inner cosmology of the human. They said number 108 units represent the distance from the body of the devotee to the god situated within. According to Ayurveda (Safest ancient medicinal technique), we have 107 weak spots (Marmas) in our body and these weak spots are chained together to form 108 links. This is why all mantras are chanted 108 times because each chant represents a journey from our material self towards our highest spiritual self. Each chant is believed to bring 1 unit closer to our god situated within. This means our soul has to make a journey through 108 stages to attain Moksha(Salvation) . This happens by chanting. By chanting, a devotee starts a symbolic journey from physical body to the heavens.

Why 108 beads in a mala (rosary)?

 Now you may have understood why we have 108 beads in our sacred rosary (Mala). All sacred beads have 108 beads/Stones. All mantras are chanted 108 times. Most popular of all mala is Rudraksha, which has 108 sacred beads. Rudraksha represent Lord Shiva and his feminine aspect 'Shakti' (Power). Cosmic dance of lord Shiva, which is better known as Bharat natyam, has 108 poses. As we know lord Shiva is the deity of destruction. Lord Shiva was so fond of dancing that he danced in 108 poses thus making 108 as the unit of creation.  
According to shiva purana, 108 karanas included in his Tandava(Cosmic dance) can be employed in fight, exercise and personal combats. Many of lord Shiva cosmic poses are used in Yoga (Spiritual exercise), Kalaripayattu(world oldest martial art) and kung fu.
More on lord Shiva cosmic dance can be read here
Why lord shiva is known as king of dance <Why%20lord%20shiva%20is%20known%20as%20king%20of%20dance> 

 Why 108 Upanishads?

 108 symbolises the numerical equivalent of OM. 108 is in total sync with rhythms of time and space and represents perfect totality. Reflecting the importance of 108, Vedic sages created 108 upanishads(spiritual books). The ancient sages have compiled the Vedic metaphysics into 108 Upanishads. Some of the more important Upanishads are Katha, Keno, Mundakaya, Iso, Chhandogya, Brihadarnayaka, Isvarya and Aiterya.

Some of the other reasons why number 108 is considered holy and auspicious are: 
1) 54 is the number of letters in divine language Sanskrit, God's own language. Each letter has feminine (Shakti) and masculine (Shiva) aspects. Hence, 54x2=108 defines Sanskrit, the world oldest and most perfect language. 
2) Multiple of 108 is the number of times you breathe in a day. In one minute, you breathe approximately 15 minutes. So, in a day, you breathe approximately 21600(10800 * 2) times. According to our scriptures, we must spend half of our day meditating and chanting the god name and the rest of your day must be spent for your daily activities. Therefore, you must devote 10800 times of your breath for godliness and meditation. This is equivalent to giving 100% of your devotion(100*108=10800)  
3) In our body, there are seven main chakras. Chakras are intersections of energy lines, and there are 108 such energy lines converging to or from the heart chakra. One of the energy lines (Sushumna) connects us to the crown chakra, the stage at which the body is enlightened or Self-realized.

Chakras and energy lines 

4) Sri yantra, a divine instruments are made of marmas which are intersection of three lines. There are 54 such intersections in sri yantra, each having masculine (Shiva) and feminine (Shakti) qualities. Thus, there are 54x2=108 points that make up the Sri Yantra as well as human body. Sri yantra is made up of 54 pentagons and each angle in a pentagon equals 108 degrees.
5) All major deities of Hinduism have 108 names. Be it Lord Shiva, lord Krishna or lord ganesha, everyone has 108 names. Srimad bhagvatam states 108 numbers of Gopis or lord Krishna maid servants. 
6) All rosaries have 108 beads. Even in Mitanni (Egypt) and Persian (Iraq) cultures which is an offshoot of Vedic culture, number 108 left its presence in various traditions, customs and beliefs such as use of rosaries having 108 beads or circumambulating around a rock 108 times.

108 beads in Rosary with Ram written on it!!! Jai shri ram!!!! For god sake, don't start counting

7) Parashurama,sixth avatar of lord Vishnu, installed 108 Dhanwantari idols (god of Ayurveda) after the drying up of river Saraswati. 
8) Mahamritunyaj mantra and gayatri mantra is repeated 108 times. Mahamritunyaj mantra pleases lord Shiva and removes all problems and difficulties in life. Gayatri mantra is like a thanksgiving song to the god. Read below post for more on gayatri mantra
Why gayatri mantra is the most powerful mantra 
9) In Mendeleyeev periodic table, there are 108 elements-rest of the elements after Hassium are too short lived. Hassium, the 108th and heaviest element of periodic table has 108 protons. 
10) In 1851, Queen Victoria who stole the Indian diamond Kohinoor (Diamond of lord Krishna) decided to recut it. At a cost of $40,000, this extraordinary stone was reduced to 108 carats in 38 days. In 1911, the same Kohinoor diamond was used on a new crown, specially designed for coronation ceremony of Queen Mary. Later In 1937, this same crown was used for coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth.

First is Kohinoor diamond, second is Crown of Queen Victoria and third is a thief who stole our lord Krishna diamond. What the heck? She stole the diamond (Kohinoor) of India most revered deity (Lord Krishna) and she calls herself a queen.... Disgusting Angrez chor...

11) Stonehenge is 108 feet in diameter. (I will come up with an article with irrefutable evidences that Stonehenge were made by ancient Vedic sages and that shall be one of the evidences of Vedic culture in ancient Europe before the advent of Christianity) 
12) The sacred River Ganga spans a latitude of 9 degrees (22 to 31) and longitude of 12 degrees (79 to 91). 12 times 9 equal 108. 
13) On April 12, 1961, the first man to space, Yuri Gagarin, lasted for 108 minutes. 

 14) Golf balls have dimples in multiples of 108.

 15) FM Radio frequency upper limit is 108 MHz. 
Importance of number 108 in Buddhism?

In Japan, bells are rung in temples for 108 times. Each ring represents one of 108 earthly temptations a person must overcome to achieve nirvana (Salvation).

Bell in Buddhist temple rung 108 times 
Similarly, Followers of Zen Buddhism wears juzu(or suchu) around their wrists. Juzu is a prayer ring with108 beads. According to Buddhism sacred scripture "Lankavatara Sutra", Bodhisattva Mahamati asked Buddha 108 questions after which he had no questions about this materialistic world. Chinese Buddhism talks about 108 sacred stars.

Buddhism further states the following
There are 108 earthly desires in mortals.
There are 108 numbers of lies humans can tell.
There are 108 human delusions or forms of ignorance.
Besides these, there may be many more concepts connecting to sacred number 108. If I have missed any, then please comment and let me know. 


All these are mereCoincidences. I guess scientists and missionaries of other religions are finding too many coincidences in philosophy and teaching of early Vedic seers. There was obviously a deeper spiritual science involved behind this rich philosophy which was understood only by enlightened Vedic sages. Western science may call it as coincidences or XYZ constant or any other scientific jargons, for they will never understand the direct or underlying perception of Vedic sages. Only an enlightened mind can perceive the whole creation directly. An enlightened soul doesn't need any scientific instruments, books or tools to experience or understand the ultimate reality. Like a projector projects a movie or any video, mind of an enlightened soul projects the universal creation of god. Let the scientists and atheists work in their materialistic way to falsely claim themselves as a knowledgeable person for they will never become truly one. Knowledge doesn't come from book; it comes from experience, enlightenment, inner perception and intuition. It is time to free ourselves from the lies and deception spread throughout the world about our culture.

Lead the DIvine Life

Lead the DIvine Life
by Swami Sivananda
Om! Salutations to the adorable Hari, than whom there is nothing greater, and who is above all this universe!

Why should you prolong your bondage unnecessarily? Why should you not attain your divine birthright now? Why should you not break your bondage now? Delay means prolongation of your sufferings. You can break it at any moment. This is in your power. Do it now. Stand up. Gird up your loins. Do rigorous and vigorous Sadhana and attain freedom, which is immortality or eternal bliss.

The divine within you is stronger than anything that is without you. Therefore, be not afraid of anything. Rely on your own Inner Self - the Divinity within you. Tap the source through looking within. Improve yourself. Build your character. Purify the heart. Develop the divine virtues. Eradicate evil traits. Conquer all that is base in you. Endeavour to attain all that is worthy and noble. Make the lower nature the servant of the higher through discipline, Tapas, self-restraint and meditation. This is beginning of your freedom.

Become a good man first. Then control the senses. Then subdue the lower mind by the higher mind. Then the Divine Light will descend. Only then the vessel will be able to receive and hold the divine light.

So long as your senses are not subdued or weakened, you will have to practise tapas or self - restraint, dama or pratyahara. You may conquer millions of persons in a battle, but you will become the greatest conqueror only if you can conquer your own lower self or mind.

Build your spiritual life on a sure foundation on the rock of divine grace and strength of character. Take refuge in the Lord and his eternal Law. There is no power in heaven or on earth that can bar your path now. Success in Self-realisation is certain. Failure exists not for you. There is light on your path. All is brilliant.

Purify the heart first and then climb the ladder of Yoga steadily within courage and undaunted spirit. Climb onwards swiftly. Attain Ritambhara Prajna and reach the summit of the ladder, the temple of wisdom, where the cloud of virtue or nectar drizzles from Dharmamegha Samadhi.

Sufferings purify the soul. They burn up the gross material sins and impurities. The Divinity becomes more and more manifest. Sufferings give inner spiritual strength and develop the will-force, the power of endurance. Hence, sufferings are blessings in disguise. Spiritual life is toilsome and laborious. It demands constant vigilance and strong perseverance before substantial progress is made.

Meditation and worship are the means of evolving your potentialities and seeking a higher level of consciousness or existence. Practise meditation persistently and calmly without haste. You will soon attain samadhi. Only when you have purified your heart, silenced the mind, stilled the thoughts and surging emotions, withdrawn the outgoing senses, thinned out the vasanas, you can behold the glorious Atman during deep meditation. Even a ray of your light during meditation will lighten your path. It will give you great deal of encouragement and inner strength. It will goad you to do more Sadhana. You will experience this ray of light when the meditation becomes more deep and when you rise above body-consciousness.

You have yourself build the walls of your prison-house through ignorance. You can demolish the walls through discrimination and enquiry of 'Who am I? When an electric lamp is covered by many wrappings of cloth, there will be no bright light. When the cloth is removed one by one, the light grows brighter and brighter. Even so, with the self-resplendent Atman which is covered by the five sheaths. By meditation on the pure Self and practise of the 'neti-neti' doctrine, the self-luminous Atman reveals itself to the meditator.

There are four means by which perfect tranquility or emancipation can be attained. These form the highest happiness. They are: Satsanga or association with the wise, dispassion, enquiry of 'who am I? and meditation. These are called Heaven. These are religion. These form the highest happiness.

Without renunciation you can never be happy. Without renunciation you can never be successful in gaining the highest good, i.e. Moksha. Without renunciation you can never be at your ease. Therefore renounce everything. Make happiness your own. Hold renunciation as the foremost of things.

Life is unfolding of the latent capacities of the soul. Lead the Divine life. Generate sublime divine thoughts in your mind through meditation, Japa, Kirtan and study of sacred scriptures. Worship is the unfolding of the bud of the flower of the soul. Worship bestows life eternal. Bask the body in the physical sunlight. Bask the soul in the sunlight of the Eternal. You will have good health and everlasting life. Bathe in the river of life everlasting. Plunge into it. Take a dip in it. Float in it. Rejoice!

Living the Divine Life

Living the Divine Life
by Swami Chidananda

O man! You are Divine, but you have forgotten your essential nature. Essentially you are a divine ray of light, purity, bliss, wisdom, with the consciousness of God. You are ever perfect, ever-pure Atman. Life must be lived in this awareness.

You are imperishable Divine Spirit, beyond body and mind. God is the source of your being and you are inseparable from Him in your inner nature. Despite wealth and opulence there is no peace in the twentieth century mankind. Man is in a state of restlessness and insecurity and there is discord and disharmony in the world.

Holy Master Swami Sivananda, out of great love and compassion, showed the modern man the path to blessedness in and through Divine Life right there in this world. We are only passing pilgrims here. Due to the force of karma we have temporarily come into this state of physical embodiment as a rare, golden opportunity to once again regain our lost connection with that universal Being which is our source.

We must strive for Moksha- liberation from pain sorrow and suffering - and for the attainment of eternal Bliss. Gurudev showed to the mankind an easy path even while fulfilling one's obligations in the world in and through secular life.

Divine Life means living in the awareness that you are essentially divine, that your real being is timeless, eternal, immortal Soul. God is the basis and goal of all religions, despite their different names. That supreme cosmic Reality remains one and non-dual regardless of place of worship and is the same, One glorified in all the world scriptures. Divine Life proclaims that the goal of life is God realisation.

You need not renounce the world to lead a Divine life, because even while living your normal domestic professional and social life you can attain your goal.

Four Steps towards Divinity
1) Purity: You must purify your heart and rid it of individual selfishness by dedicated service to others. Be ever eager to serve all the sick, the poor, the suffering and sorrowful. Feel blessed by every opportunity to serve your fellow beings and all of God's creatures on planet earth. From this motiveless selfless service comes a pure heart, which in turn brings devotion to God.

2) Daily Worship: Worship the Supreme daily, for God is the center of your existence. He is not far away from you but is the ever present divine Spirit pervading all of this Universe. He is closer to your than your own breath. Never forget this. Out of a heart full of Love for Him try to re-establish your relationship of spiritual love with God. This process of daily worship and prayer has the power to gradually steady the restless mind, to overcome its fickle nature and bring concentration.

3) Meditation: Withdraw the mind controlling the senses and thoughts, and meditate upon the supreme divine Reality. Devotion and prayer create an upward ascent in your life and you enter into daily meditation, which brings about steadiness. You begin to feel the presence of God in your heart so that even as you are engaged in daily activities, meditation creates an unbroken current of God-awareness. You begin to know that you live, move and have your being in God. Meditation brings a spiritual quality to your life, which lifts you to new standards of purity, kindness and wholeness. You become a transformed spiritual being with lofty thoughts and sublime sentiments.

4) Oneness with Reality: Having entered in this state of God-awareness, your intellect becomes purified, Philosophical enquiry and discrimination dawn between the permanent and the passing, the eternal and the non-eternal. This discrimination should be carried on every hour of your waking life. You then begin to reject that which is unspiritual and to direct your mind towards the Reality behind and beyond this world-play. Your mind begins to move towards the eternal Reality, even though you continue to function in this phenomenal world. You become established in that supreme divine Reality.

Foundation of Divine Life.

If you want to enter into Divine Life, you have to observe three principles of conduct and character in your day-to-day living in the secular world. They are indispensable requirements which form the foundation and basis of a Divine Life of service, worship, meditation and God-realisation. They are:

1) Ahimsa: Kindness and compassion towards all in thought, word and deed is ahimsa or non-injury. Be a cosmic benefactor having ceaseless love for all, even to the least of God's creatures. Be a center of peace and happiness to all.
2) Truthfulness: Be rooted in absolute truthfulness, even at the cost of your life, with absolute honesty and integrity; for Truth is God. One who is established in Truth can attain God.
3) Purity: Purify conduct and character through self-restraint, chastity, purity of feelings for all people and over-all control of the base aspects of your being.

Ever keep your mind on the supreme goal. Have absolute faith in your connection with God. See His invisible presence in and through all the things in and around you, for he is present in all the creations.

Ceaselessly inquire: 'Who am I? Whence I have come into this universe: What is the nature of all these sense objects?"

Affirm: "I am not this body, the mind or the limited, finite intellect, I am the unborn, deathless, eternal Atman, Satchidananda"

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Krishna gives Arjuna a vision of Truth that God is present and immanent in all the universe, filling every atom of matter in this world. In this awareness go through all your activities as worship, offering them at His feet. Then to act becomes to adore.

Come! Rise to this Divine experience! Even now you are Satchidananda (Existence, Consciousness and Bliss!) That is your true being. Living in this awareness is Divine Life.

God bless you all.

What is Divine Life?

What is Divine Life?
by Swami Sivananda

To shed the animal in man and to sublimate the human in him into the divine, to express this sublimation in his daily, hourly, life in thought, word and deed - that is truly divine life.

To speak the truth at all costs, to speak sweetly with love, to practise non-violence, celibacy, to behold the Lord in all forms is Divine life.

To be ever in communion with the Lord by annihilating mineness and egoism through faith, devotion and self-surrender is Divine life.

If you want to be a devotee of the Lord, you must also realize the evils of undivine life. This will surely save you, Repetition of the Lord's Names will purify the mind. But along with these you must also practise vichara, When the mind entertains unholy thoughts, remember the consequences, viz. pain, disease and death. Also think of the advantages of leading a pure life. Remember the lives of saints and draw inspiration from them. Pray to God for more and more strength. Read Ramayana, Bhagavata and the Gita. All that is beautiful, all that gives some pleasure, appears so because of the beautiful, blissful God who is behind them all. Real beauty, real joy can be had only in God who eternally lives in your own heart.

Every attempt to cultivate divine virtues, selflessness, straight-forwardness, courage, serenity, generosity, mercy and self-restraint, this in reality is Divine life or life in God. Ever keep up a balanced mind in success and failures, censures and praise, honour and dishonour, gain and loss, heat and cold. Give up identification with the body, wife, children and all kinds of property. Identify yourself with the all-pervading immortal blissful Atman and rest peacefully in Brahman.

Of all creations of the Lord, man alone can comprehend and love God and attain to liberation. Really, man's knowledge should embrace the whole universe. There is nothing in the universe that man cannot know. It is the love of knowledge for its own sake, not because it brings us food not because it enables us to practise a profession but love of truth for its own sake. That is the destiny and glory of man.

Man's life must not be confined to the limits of his family: but should take in the entire village or town, nay, the whole state, the whole country, the whole earth and the whole universe. His love must embrace the entire universe. Therefore, when he loves knowledge for its own sake and his love is universal and boundless, then the mighty protector God is pleased because man attains the summit of his glory.

The true goal of life is to get back to the source from which we came. Just as the river flow restlessly till they join the ocean, the ultimate source from which they got their supply of water, just as fire leaps and burns furiously till it merges in its own origin, so too, we should be restless here till we obtain His grace and become one with him.

All is God: God is all. This world is your best teacher or Guru. There is a lesson in each and every experience. Learn it and try to become wise. Every failure is a stepping stone of your faith in God. Every disease is a Karmic purgation. Every unpleasant incident is test of your inner spiritual strength.

If you have faith and absolute trust in the Lord the source for everything, your only deliverer, the only Reality, the power within you the powerful fountain of eternal Bliss and joy, you are indeed most blessed. He will surely take his seat in your noble and pure heart. Think of the beautiful lotus flower within your heart. Everything that comes your way is an expression of his beautiful grace. God is your Divine parent, friend, guide, goal and support. He is your all. Faith in the Lord will lead you to Him

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Readers can take a print out of this page, for their convenience as and when they wish to recite this during their prayer or while meditating on Shri Sainath Jai Sai Ram.

1. Om Akhandasachchidanandhaya Namaha
Om I bow to him-who is perfect Sat Chit Anandi

2. Om Akhilajivavathsalaya Namaha
who loves all creatures.

3. Om Akhua vasthu vistharaya Namaha
who pervades all things.

4. Om Akbharajna Abhivandhithaya Namaha
who was revered by the Emperor Akbar.

5. Om Akhila chethana vistaya Namaha
who is immanent in all sentient beings.

6. Om Akhila veda sapradaya Namaha
whogives away all his wealth.

7. Om Akhilandesarupdpi pinde pinde prathistithaya Namaha
who is established in each body though he is also the Lord of the Universe.

8. Om Agranyai Namaha
who is the foremost.

9. Om Agrya bhumne Namaha
whose perfection is highest.

10.Om Aganitha gunaya Namaha
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who has innumerable good qualities.

11. Om Agauga sannivarthine Namaha
who removes masses of sin.

12. Om Achinthyamahimne Namaha
whose greatness is inconceivable.

13. Om Achalaya Namaha
who is fixed.

14. Om Achyuthaya Namaha
who fails not.

15. Om Ajaya Namaha
who is unborn.

16. Om Ajathasthrave Namaha
who has no enemies.

17. Om Ajnana thimirandhanarh chakshurunmilanakshamaya Namaha
who can give sight to those blinded by the darkness of ignorance.

18. Om Ajanma sthithi nasaya Namaha
who has no birth, life and death.

19. Om Animadhivibhushithaya Namaha
who has the 8 siddhies, Anima etc.

20. Om Athyunnatha dhunijvalamajnayaiva nivarthakaya Namaha
who beats down the high flame of the faggots in his fire by force of his order alone.

21. Om Athulbana mahasarpadhapi bhakthasurakshithre Namaha
who saves his devotees even from highly venomous serpents.

22. Om Athithivra thapasthapthaya Namaha
who performed austerest penances.

23. Om Athinamra svabhavakaya Namaha
who was very humble.

24. Om Annadhanasadhanistaya Namaha
who was always feeding others.

25. Om Athithi bhuktha sesabhuje Namaha
who first fed Atities (strangers) and then took his food.

26. Om Adhrsyaloka sancharine Namaha
who traversed and moved in worlds unseen.

27. Om Adhrustapurvadharsithre Namaha
who showed wonders unseen before.

28. Om Adhvaithavasthuthathvajnaya Namaha
who knew the One Real.

29. Om Adhvaithanandha varsakaya Namaha
who showered the bliss of the one.

30. Om Adhvaithananthaskthaye Namaha
who had wonderful and numerous powers.

31. Om Adhitanaya Namaha
who is the substratum (of All).

32. Om Adhokshajaya Namaha
who is the supreme Adhokshaja.

33. Om Adharmorutharucchethre Namaha
who fells down the great tree of Unrighteousness.

34. Om Adhiyajnaya Namaha
who is the presiding deity over sacrifices (Yajna).

35. Om Adhibhuthaya Namaha
who is the presiding deity over all creatures and elements.

36. Om Adhidaivaya Namaha
who presides over gods.

37. Om Adhyakshaya Namaha
who presides {over the Universe).

38. Om Anagaya Namaha
who is sinless.

39. Om Ananthanamne Namaha
who has numberless names.

40. Om Anantha guna bhusanaya Namaha
who has innumerable (good ) qualities.

41. Om Anantha murthaye Namaha
who has innumerable forms.

42. Om Ananthaya Namaha
who is endless.

43. Om Anantha sakthi samyuthaya Namaha
who has innumerable powers.

44. Om Ananthascharya viryaya Namaha
who has unlimited and wonderful prowess.

45. Om Analhakathi manithaya Namaha
who highly esteems "An al haq " (Aham Brahma Asmi)

46. Om Anavaratha samadhisthaya Namaha
who is ever plunged in Samadhi.

47. Om Anatha parirakshakaya Namaha
who protects the unprotected.

48. Om Ananyapremasamhrsta gurupadha vilinahrdhe Namaha
whose heart is merged in the feet of the Guru who is delighted at the undiverted love (of the disciple)

49. Om Anadhruthasta siddhaye Namaha
who regarded not even the 8 siddhies.

50. Om Anamaya padhapradhaya Namaha
who grants one the abode of unalloyed Bliss.

51. Om Anadhimath parabrahmane Namaha
who is the Para Brahman without origin.

52. Om Anahatha dhivakaraya Namaha
who is the Sun of the Anahata Chakra (or the uneclipsed Sun)

53. Om Anirdesyavapuse Namaha
whose body eludes understanding.

54. Om Animese kshith aprajaya Namaha
who sleeplessly watches over his subjects or children (the devotees).

55. Om Anugrahartha murthaye Namaha
who has incarnated (only) to bestow blessings.

56. Om Anuvarthitha venkusava Namaha
who is the disciple of Venkusa (=Venkatesa).

57. Om Aneka dhivyamurthaye Namaha
who has many divine forms.

58. Om Anekadhbhutha dharsanaya Namaha
who appears in many wonderful forms.

59. Om Anekajanmajam papam smruthimathrena harakaya Namaha
who by his bare thought wipes off sins accumulated in many births.

60. Om Anekajanma vruththantham savistharamudhirayathe Namaha
who narrated with full detail the events that happened in many previous births.

61. Om Anekajanma sampraptha karmabhandhavidharanaya Namaha
who cuts asunder the bonds accumulated in many births.

62. Om Anekajanma samsiddha sakthijhana svarupvathe Namaha
whose nature is but Power (Sakti) and Jnana (Realisation) achieved through many Janmas (births).

63. Om Antharbhahischa sarvathra vyapthakilacharacharaya Namaha
who is everywhere and in all moveable and immoveable objects, being immanent in and transcending them.

64. Om Antarhrdhaya Akasaya Namaha
who is the Akasa (ether) in the heart.

65. Om Anthakaleapi Namaha
who protects even at the Death crisis.

66. Om Antharyamine Namaha
who is the Antaryamin, the indwelling soul.

67. Om Antharathmane Namaha
who is the Atma in each creature.

68. Om Annavasthrepsitha pradhaya Namaha
who bestows (on his devotees) food, clothing and other desired things.

69. Om Aparajitha sakthaye Namaha
whose might is unconquerable.

70. Om Aparigraha bhusithaya Namaha
who is free from the sense of possession

71. Om Apavargapradhathre Namaha
who grants (to his devotees) Heaven.

72. Om Astavarga mayaya Namaha
who is himself Heaven.

73. Om Apantharathma rupena srasturista pravarthakaya Namaha
who as an Apantaratma is carrying out the will o! the Creator, [when a Poorna Bhakta or Jnani or Jivanmukta dies wishing to continue his personality, the soul thereafter surviving, in subtle form is calico an Apantaratma]

74. Om Apavrutha krupagaraya Namaha
who has thrown open the door of Mercy.

75. Om Aparajnana sakthimathe Namaha
whose Jnana (wisdom) and Sakti (Power) are limitless

76. Om Aparthiva dhehasthaya Namaha
whose body is etheral (and not material).

77. Om Apam puspanibhodhakaya Namaha
who knows "Apam Pushpam".

78. Om Aprapanchaya Namaha
who is beyond Samsara.

79. Om Apramatthaya Namaha
whose serenity is undisturbed by Pride etc.

80. Om Aprameygunakaraya Namaha
who is a mine of invaluable virtues and good qualities.

81. Om Aprakrutha vapuse Namaha
whose frame or mould is uncommon.

82. Om Aprakrutha parakramaya Namaha
whose prowess is extraordinary.

83. Om Aprathithestadhathre Namaha
who grants desired objects even before they are prayed for.

84. Om Abdhuladhi paragathaye Namaha
who is the highest goal of Abdul etc.

85. Om Abhayam sarvabhuthebhyodhadhamithi vrathine Namaha
whose vow is "I grant sanctuary against the attacks of all creatures".

86. Om Abhimanathi dhuraya Namaha
who is devoid of conceit.

87. Om Abhiseka chamatkruthaye Namaha
who performed a wonderful feat when he was bathed (of holding up some gallons of water over his head)

88. Om Abhista varavarsine Namaha
who showers desired objects.

89. Om Abhiksna dhivya sakthibhruthe Namaha
whose divine powers are patent.

90. Om Abhedhanandha sandhathre Namaha
who grants one the bliss of the realisation of the Undifferentiated Absolute.

91. Om Amarthyaya Namaha
who is immortal.

92. Om Amrtha vaksruthaye Namaha
whose mouth sheds a stream of nectar like speech.

93. Om Aravindhadhalakshaya Namaha
who is lotus eyed.

94. Om Amitha parakramaya Namaha
who has immeasurable prowess.

95. Om Arisadvarga nasine Namaha
who destroys the six internal enemies (Kama, Krodha, Lust, Anger, etc.)

96. Om Aristagnaya Namaha
who overcomes inauspicious influences

97. Om Arhasathamaya Namaha
who is the best of saints.

98. Om Alabhyalabha sandhathre Namaha
who gives unattainable gifts.

99. Om Alpadhana suthosithaya Namaha
who is easily satisfied with petty gifts.

100. Om Allanama sadhavakthre Namaha
who always utters the name of God (Allah).

101. Om Alambudhdhaya svalangkruthaya Namaha
who is contented.

102. Om Avatharitha sarvesaya Namaha
who is God's Avatar.

103. Om Avadhiritha vaibhavaya Namaha
who disdains wealth and power.

104. Om Avalanibhya padabhjaya Namaha
who is fit to be worshipped.

105. Om Avaliyethi visruthaya Namaha
who is famous as an Avalia (saint).

106. Om Avadhuthakilo pathayc Namaha
who is free from all attributes,

107. Om Avisistaya Namaha
who is undifferentiated.

108. Om Avasistasvakaryarthe thyakthadheham pravistavathe Namaha
who re-entered into the body he had given up as still there was work for him to do.

109. Om Avakpani padhorave Namaha
who has no vocal organs, hands feet, or thigh.

110. Om Avangmanasa gocharaya Namaha
who is beyond the reach of speech or thought.

111. Om Avapthasarvakamoapi karmanyeva prathistithaya Namaha
who still continues engaged in action, though he has no desire unfulfilled.

112. Om Avicchinnagnihothraya Namaha
who kept up his fire worship (Agnihotra) without any break.

113. Om Avicchinna sukhapradhaya Namaha
who bestows unbroken bliss.

114. Om Avekshitha dhiganthastha prajapalananistithaya Namaha
who is engaged in seeing all the directions and protecting his devotees in each.

115. Om Avyajakarunasindhave Namaha
who is an ocean of true Mercy.

116. Om Avyahathesta desagaya Namaha
who can move to any place he likes, without difficulty or obstruction.

117. Om Avyahruthopa dhesaya Namaha
who instructs (gives upadesa) without speech.

118. Om Avyahrutha sukhapradhaya Namaha
who bestows ineffable bliss.

119. Om Asakyasakyakarthre Namaha
who achieves the impossible.

120. Om Asubhasaya suddhikruthe Namaha
who cleanses the heart of its impurities.

121. Om Asesa bhuthahruthsthanave Namaha
who is rooted in the hearts of all creatures.

122. Om Asokamoha srunkhalaya Namaha
who is free from the chains of Sorrow and Delusion.

123. Om Astaisvaryayutha thyagine Namaha
who possessed of all the 8 forms of wealth etc., is giving (them) away.

124. Om Astasiddhi parahmukhaya Namaha
who cares not for the 8 siddhies.

125. Om Asangayoga yukthathmane Namaha
whose yoga takes the form of detachment (from all objects).

126. Om Asangadhrudha sasthrabhruthc Namaha
who wears the powerful weapon of Asanga (detachment)

127. Om Asarikyeyavatharesu Runanubhandhirakshskava Namaha
who is protecting persons connected with him by ties in countless lives.

128. Om Aham bhramhasthithaprajhaya Namaha
who is stead fast in the Aham Brahman (Self Realised) attitude.

129. Om Ahambhava vivarjithaya Namaha
who is free from Egotism or conceit.

130. Om Ahaih thvam cha thvamcvahamithi thaththvaprabhodhakaya Namaha
Who teaches truth thus-"I am You and You are myself .

131. Om Ahethuka krpasindhave Namaha
who is an ocean of unbought Love (and Mercy).

132. Om Ahimhsa nirathaya Namaha
whose delight is in Ahimsa (i.e., avoidance of harm).

133. Om Aksina sowhrdhaya Namaha
whose love and friendship are unflagging.

134. Om Akshayyaya Namaha
who is imperishable.

135. Om Akshaya sukhapradhaya Namaha
who bestows unfading bliss.

136. Om Aksharadhapi kutasthadhutthama purushotthamaya Namaha
who is the Purushotama that excels by far the undying Jiva (Kootastha).

137. Om Akliuvahana murthaye Namaha
who is in the form of Ganapathi or Vigheswar.

138. Om Agamadhyantha sannuthaya Namaha
who is praised in the beginning and at the end of (i.e., right through) the Vedas.

139. Om Agamathitha sadhbhavaya Namaha
whose reality (or existence) is beyond the reach of (the bare words of ) the vedas.

140. Om Acharyaparamaya Namaha
who regarded his Guru as Supreme.

141. Om Athmanubhava santhustaya Namaha
who is happy with his experience of self-realisation.

142. Om Athmavidhya visaradhaya Namaha
who is well versed in atma Vidya, the Science or Knowledge of the Self.

143. Om Athmanandha prakasaya Namaha
who beams with the bliss of the Atman.

144. Om Athmaiva paramathmadhrse Namaha
who sees his self as identical with the Supreme self Paramatma.

145. Om Athmaika sarvabhuthathmane Namaha
who realises himself as the soul of all creatures.

146. Om Athmaramaya Namaha
whose garden is his soul (Atma).

147. Om Athmavathe Namaha
who is self-possessed

148. Om Adhithyamadhyavarthine Namaha
who is in the centre of the Sun.

149. Om Adhimadhyantha varjithaya Namaha
who has neither beginning nor middle, nor end (i.e., who is beyond space, being unspatial).

150. Om Anandha paramanandhaya Namaha
who is himself Bliss, Supreme Bliss.

151. Om Anandha Pradhaya Namaha
who bestows Bliss.

152. Om Anakamadhruthajnaya Namaha
whose behests are obeyed even in Heaven.

153. Om Anathavana nirvruthaye Namaha
who rejoices in protecting his devotees.

154. Om Apadhamapaharthre Namaha
who relieves distress.

155. Om Apadhbhandavaya Namaha
who is a friend, in times of trouble and distress.

156. Om Aprikagathavaidhyaya Paramanandhadhayakaya Namaha
who granted Parama Ananda to the doctor from Africa.

157. Om Ayurarogya dhathre Namaha
who grants health and length of life.

158. Om ArthathranaParayanaya Namaha
whose objective is the relief of the distressed.

159. Om Aropanapavadaischa mayayoga viyogakruthe Namaha
who creates maya by Adhyaropana (i.e., superimposition of the unreal on the real) and destroys it by Apavada (i.e., removal of that superimposition).

160. Om Aviskrutha thirodhaththa bahurupa vidambhanaya Namaha
whose sport is through appearance in many forms and disappearance of the same.

161. Om Ardhrachiththena bhakthanam Sadanugraha Varsakaya Namaha
who with tender heart showers blessings on devotees.

162. Om Asapasavimukthaya Namaha
who is free from the bondage of desire.

163. Om Asapasa vimochakaya Namaha
who frees others from the bondage of desire.

1 64. Om Ichchadhina Jagathsarvaya Namaha
whose will is supreme over all the worlds.

165. Om Ichchadhina vapuse Namaha
whose body obeys his will.

166. Om Istepsithartha dhathre Namaha
who gives his dear ones, their objects of desire.

167. Om Ichchamoha nivarthakaya Namaha
who frees (people) from the delusion underlying Desire.

168. Om Ichchoththa dhuhkha Sanchethre Namaha
who eradicates sorrow that arises from desire.

169. Om Indriyarathi dharpagne Namaha
who quells the pride of the enemies named (5) senses.

170. Om Indhira ramana haladhinama Sahasraputhahrude Namaha
whose heart was purified by the use of Vishnu Sahasranama.

171. Om Indhivara dhalarjyothi lochanalangkruthananaya Namaha
whose eyes and face flash forth with the beauty of the lotus.

172. Om Indhu sithala bhasine Namaha
Whose speech is as gratifying and cooling as the moon's rays

173. Om Indhuvath priyadharsanaya Namaha
who is as attractive as the Moon.

174. Om Istapurtha Sathairlabdhaya Namaha
faith in whom is the result of hundreds of meritorious acts of charity etc., performed (in previous births).

175. Om Istadhaiva Svarupadhruthe Namaha
who appears before devotees in the form of their (special protective deity) Ishta Devata.

176. Om Istikadhana Suprithaya Namaha
who was hightly pleased with the brick, bestowed on him as a gift (by his guru).

177. Om Istkalaya rakshithre Namaha
who carefully tended the brick till he left his body and attained Mahasamadhi.

178. Om Isasaktha manobhuddhaye Namaha
whose mind and intellect were riveted to God.

179. Om Isaradhana thathparaya Namaha
who was ever after the worship of God.

180. Om Isithakila devaya Namaha
who could dictate to all gods.

181. Om Isavasyartha suchakaya Namaha
who explained Isavasya Upanishad.

182. Om Uccharanadhruthe bhakthahrudhantha upadesakaya Namaha
who gave Upadesa to the heart of the devotees without uttering any words.

183. Om Uththama prema margine Namaha
whose Marga is the Supreme Path of Love (Prema).

184. Om Uththamoththara karmakruthe Namaha
whose activities were for the excellent purpose of amelioration or elevation.

185. Om Udhasma vadhasinaya Namaha
who is quiescent, as through he is indifferent.

186. Om Uddharamithyudirakaya Namaha
who says "I shall raise (you)."

187. Om Uddhavaya mayaproktham Bhagavathamithi bruvathe Namaha
who said "I spoke the Bhagavata (XI Skanda) to J Uddhava ".

188. Om Unmaththasvabhigopthre Namaha
who saved a mad dog (from being clubbed to death by the villagers).

189. Om Unmaththavesanamadhruthe Namaha
who dressed and behaved like a crazy or mad man and was so termed.

190. Om Upadhrava nivarine Namaha
who relieves distress and trouble.

191. Om Upamsujapabodhakaya Namaha
who advised devotees to carry on Japa secretly, silently and without loud utterance,

192. Om Umesamesa ukthathmane Namaha
who combined in himself both the amsas of Vishnu and of Siva.

193 . Om Urjitha bhakthi lakshanaya Namaha
whose faith was adamant.

194. Om Urjitha vakpradharthre Namaha
whose plighted word was firm and unbroken.

195. Om Urdhvarethase Namaha
who was a perfect celebrate (Brahmachari).

196. Om Urdhvamulamadha; sakhamasvaththam bhasmasathkaraya Namaha
who destroyed (for himself) the tree of Samsara with its roots above (i.e., in past births) and branches below (in the present birth).

197. Om Urdhvagathi vidhathre Namaha
who helped people to attain their High Goal.

198. Om Urdhvabhadhdhadvikethanaya Namaha
who floated two tall and flowing standards above his mosque or Dwaraka Mayee.

199. Om Rujave Namaha
who was straightforward.

200. Om Ruthambharaprajnaya Namaha
who had Ritambhara Prajna (i.e., that yogic state in which knowledge is instantaneously present of all facts, of the past, present and future and connected with any place anywhere).

201. Om Runaklishtadhanapradhaya Namaha
(I bow to him) who bestows wealth to those who are heavily indebted.

202. Om Runanubhaddhajanthunam Runamukthyaiphalapradhaya Namaha
To him who bestows gifts to those connected with him by ties in previous births, for meeting the obligations arising out of those ties.

203. Om Ekakine Namaha
To the solarity One.

204. Om Ekabhakthaye Namaha
To one who has concentrated faith.

205. Om Ekavakkayamanasaya Namaha
who is the same in thought, word and deed.

206. Om Ekadhasyam svabhakthanam svathano: Kruthanishkruthaye Namaha
who (by his power and grace) has enabled his, devotees to leave their bodies (i.e., die) on Ekadasi and himself did so.

207. Om Ekaksharaparajnanine Namaha
who knows that which is the Supreme beyond

208. Om Ekathmasarvadhesadhruse Namaha
who is the one Soul that sees All.

209. Om Ekesvaraprathithaye Namaha
who believes in (the One God) Divine Unity.

210. Om Ekarithyadhruthakhilaya Namaha
who regards all with equal eye.

211. Om Ekyanandhagathadhvandhvaya Namaha
who rejoices in realising Unity and is devoid Duality.

212. Om Ikyanandhavidhayakaya Namaha
is devoid of Duality.

213. Om Ikyakruthe Namaha
who achieves Unity (and Merger).

214. Om Ikyabhuthathmane Namaha
who has identified his self with all creatures. ,

215. Om Ihikamushmikapradhaya Namaha
who bestows blessings here and for the life after

216. Om Omkaradharaya Namaha
who has regard for Pranava (OM).

217. Om Ojasvine Namaha
who is effulgent.

218. Om Aousadhlkruthabhasmadhaya Namaha
whose udhi (sacred ashes) work cures like medicines.

219. Om Kathakirthanapadhdhathyam naradhanustitham sthuvathe Namaha
who praises the practice adopted by Narada in performing Harikathas.

220. Om Kapardheklesanasine Namaha
who removed the cares and anxieties of G.S. Khaparde.

221. Om Kabhirdhasavatharakaya Namaha
who is the avatar of Kabirdas.

222. Om Kapardhe puthraraksarthamanubhuthathadhamayaya Namaha
who to cure the plague of G.S. Khaparde's son drew the Plague on to his own body.

223. Om Kamalaslistapadhabhjaya Namaha
who is worshipped by the Goddess of wealth.

224. Om Kamalayathalochanaya Namaha
with broad lotus-like eyes.

225. Om Kandharpadharpavidhvamsine Namaha
who humbles the pride of cupid.

226. Om Kamaniyagunalayaya Namaha
who is the abode of many good qualities.

227. Om Karthakarthanyathakarthe Namaha
who makes, alters, and undoes what he does.

228. Om Karmayukthopyakarmakruthe Namaha
who though doing is really not the Doer (i.e., who has no sense of his being the agent of action).

229. Om Karmakruthe Namaha
who is engaged in activity.

230. Om Karmanirmukthaya Namaha
who is freed from the bondage of karma.

231. Om Karmakarmavichakshanaya Namaha
who discerns what is binding (or affecting) Karma and what is not.

232. Om Karmabhijakshayam karthre Namaha
who burns up (i.e., destorys) the very root of karma.

233. Om Karmanirmulanaksamaya Namaha
who can eradicate Karma.

234. Om Karmavyadhivyapohlne Namaha
who removes Diseases due to Karma.

235. Om Karmabhandhavinasakaya Namaha
who cuts off the bondage of Karma.

236. Om Kalimalapaharine Namaha
who dispels all the evils due to Kali Age.

237. Om Kalau prathyakshadhaivathaya Namaha
who is the veritable visible God present in this Kali Age

238. Om Kaliyugavatharaya Namaha
who is an avatar of the Kali Age

239. Om Kalyuththabhavabhanjanaya Namaha
who removes all the fears arising from Kali Age.

240. Om Kalyanananthanamne Namaha
who has many auspicious names.

241. Om Kalyanagunabhushanaya
who is adorned by virtues.

242. Om Kavidhasaganuthrathre Namaha
who protected the Kavi Dasa Ganu.

243. Om Kastanasakaraushadhya Namaha
who is the medicine to remvove all troubles.

244. Om Kakadikshitha rakshaya dhurmohamithi rakaya Namaha
who declared himself as ever guarding Kaka Dikshit.

245. Om Kanabhiladhapi thrathre Namaha
who saved (Das Ganu) even from the (terrible) Kana Bhil.

246. Om Kananepanadhanakruthe Namaha
who gave drink (Tea) in the forest (to Nana G.Chandorkar).

247. Om Kamajithe Namaha
who has conquered Lust and desire.

248. Om Kamarupine Namaha
who can assume any shape or form that he likes.

249. Om Kamasankalpavarjithaya Namaha
who has no desires or anticipations.

250. Om Kamitharthapradhathre Namaha
who bestows desired boons.

251. Om Kamadhisathrusathanaya Namaha
who destroys kama (lust) and other enemies.

252. Om Kamyakarmasusanyasthaya Namaha
who has completely given up desire.

253. Om Kamerasakthinasakaya Namaha
who prevented even the camera from taking a photo of his face.

254. Om kalaya Nahama
who is Time (Kala) or death.

255. Om Kalakalaya Namaha
who is the Death of the Death.

256. Om Kalathithaya Namaha
who transcends Time and Death.

257. Om Kalakruthe Namaha
who creates Time.

258. Om Kaladhapavinasine Namaha
who crushes the pride or power of Time.

259. Om Kalaratharjana kshamaya
who can frighten the Goddess of Cholera and driv her away.

260. Om Kalasunakadaththannam jvaram haredhithi bhruvathe Namaha
who declared (truly) that feeding a black dog would cure fever.

261. Om Kalagnisadhrusakrodhaya Namaha
whose anger was as terrible as the flames of Kala,

262. Om Kasiramasurakshakaya Namaha
who saved the life of Kasirama.

263. Om Kirthivyapthadhiganthaya Namaha
whose frame spread in all directions.

264 Om Kupnivithakalebharaya Namaha
who was robed in Kupni.

265. Om Kumbharagni sisuthrathre Namaha
who saved the child that fell in the potter's fire.

266. Om Kustaroganivarakaya Namaha
who cured Leprosey.

267. Om kutasthaya Nahama
who is the Kutastha (or Jivatma in all).

268. Om Kruthajnaya Namaha
who is graetful.

269. Om Kruthsnakshethraprakasakaya Nahama
who shines in all bodies.

270. Om Kruthsanjnaya Namaha
who knows everything.

271. Om Krupapurnaya Namaha
who is full of Mercy.

272. Om Krupayapalitharbhakaya Namaha
who looked after the children out of pure grace.

273. Om Krsnaramasivathreyamaruthyadhisvarupadhruthe Namaha
who appeared in the form of Krishna, Rama, Siva, Datta and Maruti.

274. Om Kevalathmanubhuthaye Namaha
who experienced the identity of himself with the Supreme Self.

275. Kaivalyapadanayakaya
who guides people to Heaven.

276. Om Kovidhaya Namaha
who is filled with knowledge and Wisdom.

277. Om Komalarigaya Namaha
whose body was soft.

278. Om Kopavyajasubhapradhaya Namaha
who gave blessings while appearing angry.

279. Om Kohamithi dhivanaktham vicharamanusasakaya Namaha
who ordered devotees to explore night and day, pursuing the inquiry into the self with the question "who am I"?.

280. Om Kistarakshadhurmaya Namaha
who is engaged in relieving distress.

281. Om Krodhajithe Namaha
who conquered Anger.

282. Om Klesanasanaya Namaha
who removes cares and anxieties.

283. Om Gaganasaukshmyavistharaya Namaha
who is subtle and as limitless as Ether (or space).

284. Om Gambhiramadhurasvanaya Namaha
whose voice was grand and sweet.

285. Om Gangathiramvasine Namaha
who resided on the banks of Ganga (=Godavari).

286. Om Gangothpaththipadhambhujaya Namaha
from whose feet flowed the stream Ganga. .

287. Om Gangagirithikyathayathi srestena samsthuthaya Namaha
who was praised by the well known Saint Gangagir.

288. Om Gandhapushpakshathai pujyaya Namaha
who was worthy of worship with Sandal, coloured rice, and flowers.

289. Om Gathividhe Namaha
who knows all the ways and goals.

290. Om Gathisuchakaya Namaha
who is the guide.

291. Om Gahvarestapuranaya Namaha
who is the ancient seated in the cave (of the Heart).

292. Om Garvamathsaryavarjithaya Namaha
who is free from Pride and Jealousy.

293. Om Gananruthyavinodhaya Namaha
whom song and dance amused.

294. Om Galavankarvarapradhaya Namaha
who gave boons to Rao Sahib Yeswant Rao Janardhan Galwankar.

295. Om Girisasadhrusathyagine Namaha
who is as liberal in his gifts as Mahadeva.

296. Om Githacharyaya Namaha
who is the author of the Gita.

297. Om Githadhbhutharthavakthre Namaha
who explained the Gita with a remarkable interpretation.

298. Om Githarahsyasampradhaya Namaha
who declared that it is sufficient for one's welfare and advance that he should have intense faith in the Guru.

299. Om Githajnanamayaya Namaha
who is identified with the wisdom enshrined in B.Gita.

300. Om Githa purnopadesakaya Namaha
who explained the whole Gita to N.G.Chandorkar

301. Om Gunathithaya Namaha
(I bow to him) who transcends attributes (gunas)

302. Om Gunathmane Namaha
who is the soul of attributes.

303. Om Gunadhosha vivarjithaya Namaha
who is beyond merit and demerit.

304. Om Guna Guneshuvarthantha Ithyanasakthi susthiraya Namaha
who is steadfast in his detachment (Anasakti), feeling that "his" actions are merely the work of the senses (Indriyas or gunas) moving among sense objects (i.e., not feeling himself to be the doer).

305. Om Gupthaya Namaha
the hidden.

306. Om Guhahithaya Namaha
who is inside the cave of the heart (or core).

307. Om Gudaya Namaha
who is concealed.

308. Om Gupthesarva nibhodhakaya Namaha
who knows all hidden things or secrets.

309. Om Gurvangrithlvrabhakthihichetha-Devalamithirayathe Namaha
who declared that it is sufficient for one's welfare and advance that he should have intensense faith in the Guru.

310. Om Gurave Nama
the guru.

311. Om Guruthamaya Namaha
the greatest.

312. Om Guhyaya Namaha
the secret.

313. Om Gurupada parayanaya Namaha
who regarded the Guru as his highest goal.

314. Om Gurvisangri sadhadyathre Namaha
who always remembered his Guru Deva.

315. Om Gurusanthosa vardhanaya Namaha
with whom the Guru was pleased.

316. Om Gurupremasamalabdha paripurna svarupavathe Namaha
who attained perfection by loving his Guru.

317. Om Gurupa sanasamsiddhaya Namaha
who achieved success by serving the Guru.

318. Om Gurumarga pravarthakaya Namaha
who followed the Guru-Marga i.e., the system of entire faith in and dependence on the Guru.

319. Gurvathmadhevatha buddhaya brahmanandhamayaya
who was transformed into (the bliss of) Brahman by perpetual concentration on the identity of the Guru, God and Self.

320. Om Guroho samadhiparsvastha nimba-cchayanivasakruthe Namaha
who resided in the shade of the Margosa tree next to his Guru's (samadhi) tomb.

321. Om Gururvenkusa sampraptha vasthrestika sadhadruthaya Namaha
who always held in esteem the cloth and brick presented by Guru Venkusa.

322. Om Guru paramparadhista sarvathyaga parayanaya Namaha
Who regarded it as of the highest importance for him to follow the principle of giving away everything a principle handed down as a command by his Guru his guru's guru and so on.

323. Om Guru paramparapraptha sacchidhanandha murthimathe Namaha
who became the embodiment of Divine Bliss (Sat Chit Ananda) by the grace of his gurus, in regular lineal succession (from guru to disciple).

324. Om Gruhahina maharajaya Namaha
the homeless (Maharaja) King.

325. Om Gruhamedhi parasrayaya Namaha
the highest refuge of (grihastas ) householders.

326. Om Gopimsthratha yatha krusnah thathanachne kulavanaya Namaha
who ever watched over and guarded the family of S.B.Nachne with the perfect care bestowed by Sri Krishna in protecting the shepherdesses of Vraja or Brindavan.

327. Om Gopalagundurayadhi puthra - pauthradhi vardhanaya Namaha
who bestowed progeny i.e., sons, grandsons etc., on Gopal Rao Gundu.

328. Om Gospadhikrutha kastabdhaye Namaha
who easily crossed the ocean of troubles (of his devotees).

329. Om Godhavarithatagathaya Namaha
who had come to live on the banks of the Godaveri.

330. Om Chaturbhujaya Namaha
who is four armed (or who has swallowed up into his unity the four viz., Manas, Buddhi, Chitta and Ahankara, ie., mind, reason, desire and ego).

331. Om Chathurbhahu nivaritha nrusahkataya Namaha
who averts the evil befalling men by sustaining them (as in the case of falls and accidents) with his four hands.

332. Om Chamathkarairasam klistair bhakthijnana vivardhanaya Namaha
who develops the devotion and realization of Jnana by working wonders with ease.

333. Om Chandanaleparustanam dhustanam dharsanakshamaya Namaha
who defied the evilminded persons, who got enraged at his being painted with sandal (in the masjid and threatened to use force against Baba's worshippers).

334. Om Chandorkaradhi bhakthanarh sadha – palananistithaya Namaha
who was engaged in protecting N.G. Chandorkar and other devotees.

335. Om Charachara parivyapthaya Namaha
who pervades all things movable and immovable

336. Om Charmadhahepya vikriyaya Namaha
whose equanimity was not upset by his hand being burnt.

337. Om Chanbhayakyapatelartham chamathkara sahayakruthe Namaha
who performed miracles and helped Chanbai Patel.

338. Om Chintamagna harithrane thasya sarvabharam vahaya Namaha
who undertook all the responsibilities and burdens of Hari Sitaram Dixit who was careworn.

339. Om Chithrathi chithracharithraya Namaha
whose deeds were wonderful and more and more wonderful.

340. Om Chinmayanandhaya Namaha
who was but Pure Consciousness and Bliss.

341. Om Chiravasakruthair bhandhai sirdigrama-punargathaye Namaha
who returned to Shirdi by reason of the numerous obligations and ties arising out of long residence there (in previous births).

342. Om Choradhyahrutha vasthuni dhaththanyevethi harsithaya Namaha
who was pleased (and not dejected) at thieves etc., walking away with properties, as these were only lent and would (by force of the Law of Karma) be surely returned later on.

343. Om Chinna samsayaya Namaha
who had no doubts to clear.

344. Om Chinna samsara bhandhanaya Namaha
who had no chains of Samsara as he had torn aside all such chains.

345. Om Jagathpithre Namaha
to the world's father.

346. Om Jaganmathre Namaha
to the world's mother.

347. Om Jagaththrathre Namaha
to the world's protector.

348. Om Jagadhdhithaya Namaha
to the world's benefactor.

349. Om Jagathsrastre Namaha
to the world's creator.

350. Om Jagathsakshine Namaha
to the (Unconcerned) spectator (witness) of all the happennings in the world.

351. Om Jagadvyapine Namaha
to him who pervades all the earth.

352. Om Jagadgurave Namaha
to the World's Teacher.

353. Om Jagathprabhave Namaha
the world's Lord.

354. Om Jagannathaya Namaha
the world's supporter.

355. Om Jagadheka dhivakaraya Namaha
the One Sun that lights up the universe.

356. Om Jaganmoha chamathkaraya Namaha
whose miracles astound the world.

357. Om Jagannataka suthradhruthe Namaha
who pulls the strings of his world's marionette show

358. Om Jaganmangala karthre Namaha
who blesses the world.

359. Om Jaganmayethi bhodhakaya Namaha
who teaches that the world is Maya (an unreal product of the mind).

360. Om Jadonmaththa pisachabhopyantha sacchithsukhasthithaya Namaha
who is externally like a dull idiot, a madcap or an obsessed person but is internally firm in his realisation of himself as Sat Chit Ananda.

361. Om Janmabhandha vinirmuktaya Namaha
who is free from the bondage of Births (i.e., Samsara).

362. Om Janmasaphalya manthradhaya Namaha
who gives his devotees the mantra that will make their life fruitful.

363. Om Janmajanmantharajnaya Namaha
who knows his past births.

364. Om Janmanasa rahasyavidhe Namaha
who knows the secret how to prevent Rebirth in Samsara.

365. Om Japthanama susanthusta Hari-prathyaksha bhavithaya Namaha
who was blest by Hari who appeared before him, being pleased with His Hari Nama Japa.

366. Om Junajalpa manadhruthya-japa-sidhdha mahadhyuthaye Namaha
who shone with the splendour resulting from the Japa He carried on disregarding people's views and criticisms thereof.

367. Om Japapreritha bhakthaya Namaha
who induced his devotees to go on with japa.

368. Om Japyanamne Namaha
whose name is a mantra used for Japa.

369. Om Janesvaraya Namaha
the Master or King of men.

370. Om Jalahinasthale khinnabhakthartham jalasrstikruthe Namaha
who created water, when his devotee (Nana G. Chandorkar) was sorely oppressed by thirst in a water less place (viz., Harischandra Hill).

371. Om Javaralithi maulana sevane aklistamanasaya Namaha
who did not lose his peace and serenity of mind even when he had to serve under the Mowlana Jawar Ali.

372. Om Jathagramath gurorvasam thasmathpurvasthalalh vrajathe Namaha
who went from his birth place to do Gurukulavasa at the Guru's place and thence went away to his former residence (of previous births).

373. Om Jathibhedhomathairbhedha ithi bhedha thiraskruthaya Namaha
who discarded differences of caste and creed etc

374. Om Jathividhyadhanaih chapi hinanardhrahrdha vanaya Namaha
who kindly helped and protected people even though they were without (high) caste, learning and wealth.

375. Om Jambhunadha parithyagine Namaha
who gave up gold.

376. Om Jagaruka vithaprajaya Namaha
who watchfully protected devotees.

377. Om Jaya pthyagruhakshethra svajana-svartha varjithaya Namaha
who had no wife, issue, home, lands, kinsmen wealth.

378. Om Jithadvaitha mahamohaya Namaha
who had overcome the Great Illusion of Duality.

379. Om Jithakrodhaya Namaha
who had subdued Anger.

380. Om Jithendriyaya Namaha
who was master of his senses.

381. Om Jitakandarpadarpaya Namaha
who had mastered the sex urge.

382. Om Jithathmane Namaha
who was self subjugated.

383. Om Jithasadripave Namaha
who had conquered the six internal enemies (Lust, Anger, etc.,).

384. Om Jirnahunalaya sthane purva-janmakrutham smarathe Namaha
who, seated in a dilapidated mosque recalled the events that transpired there in former ages or centuries.

385. Om Jirnahunalayam chadya sarva-marthyalayaihkaraya Namaha
who converted a dilapidated mosque into the present Temple of All Religions.

386. Om Jirnavasthrasamam mathva dheham-thyakthva sukarh sthithaya Namaha
who shook off his fleshy sheath as though it was merely a torn garment and remained happy.

387. Om Jirnavasthrasamam-pasyan thyakthadheham pravistavathe Namaha
who re-entered his body, treating it as a tattered cloth he had just got rid of.

388. Om Jivanmukthaya Namaha
who is a Jivan-mukta (i.e., Liberated liberated still in the flesh).

389. Om Jivanam mukthi sadhgathi dhayakaya Namaha
who gives creatures, a good life after death or even Release from Rebirths.

390. Om Jyothihisasthra rahasyajnaya Namaha
who knew the truths of Astrology.

391. Om Jyothirjnana pradhaya Namaha
who imparted a knowledge of Astrology (to Sri G.M.Buty).

392. Om Jyokche suryam dhrusapasyathe Namaha
who gazed unflinchingly at the orb of the Sun.

393. Om Jnanabhaskara murthimathe Namaha
who was the incarnation of the Sun or Jnana or wisdom.

394. Om Jnatha sarva rahasyaya Namaha,
who knew everything hidden from others.

395. Om Jnatha brahma parathparaya Namaha
who realised the Supreme Brahman.

396. Om Jnanabhakthi pradhaya Namaha
who endowed his devotees with Jnana (Realisation) and Bhakti (devotion).

397. Om Jnana vijnana nischayaya Namaha
who was established in his wisdom and Realisation.

398. Om Jnana sakthi samarudhaya Namaha
who was firm in his mastery over Jnana Sakti.

399. Om Jnanayoga vyavasthithaya Namaha
who was well balanced in his jnana Yoga.

400. Om Jnanagni dhagdhakarmane Namaha
whose action was not productive of any bondage, as it was burnt out by his Realisation, that he was Brahman and not the doer of action in the phenomenal world.

401. Om Jnana nirdhutha kalmasaya Namaha
who was freed from all sin or demerit by reason of his realisation.

402 Om Jnana vairagya sandhathre Namaha
who developed Jnana, wisdom and Vairagya (Dispassion in his devotees).

403. Om Jnana sanchinna sarhsayaya Namaha
whose doubts were dispelled by his Jnana (Realisation).

404. Om Jnana pastha mahamohaya Namaha
who was freed from the Great Illusions (of body being the self, and himself the agent of action) by the force of his self Realisation.

405. Om Jnamthyathmaiva nischayaya Namaha
who realised that the realiser (or knower) of Brahman (Self) is the Self (Brahman).

406. Om Jnanesvari patadhdheva prathibhandha-nivarakaya Namaha
whose grace enabled B.V.Dev to read his Jnaneswari, right through without breaks and obstacles.

407. Om Jnanaya Namaha
who is Jnana or Chaitanya Pure Consciousness.

408. Om Jneyaya Namaha
who is the object known or worthy of Knowing

409. Om Jnanagamyaya Namaha
who is the goal reached by Jnana or Realisation.

410. Om Jnathasarvam param mathaya Namaha
who viewed everything known as the Supreme.

411. Om Jyothisam prathamajyothise Namaha
who is the foremost among lights.

412. Om Jyothirhinadhyuthi pradhaya Namaha
who gave light to those without light.

413. Om Thapassandhipthathejasvine Namaha
whose glow was heightened by his Austerities-Tapas.

414. Om Thapthakanchana sannibhaya Namaha
who was like molten gold.

415. Om Thatthvajnanartha dharsine Namaha
who realised the meaning of the Real, i.e. the essence of all Philosophy.

416. Om Thatthvama syadhi lakshithaya Namaha
who was the goal denoted by the Mahavakyas (Tatwam Asi,
Thou art That) etc.

417. Om Thatthva vidhe Namaha
who knew the Truth.

418. Om Thatthva murthaye Namaha
who was the embodiment or incarnation of Truth.

419. Om Thandhralasya vivarjithaya Namaha
who was not subject to Indolence and Sloth.

420. Om Thathvamaladharaya Namaha
who wore the garland of Truth.

421. Om Thattvasara visaradhaya Namaha
who was well versed in the essence of all Philosophy.

422. Om Tharjithanthaka dhuthaya Namaha
who had frightened and driven away the myrmidons of Yama (God of Death) .

423. Om Thamasah paraya Namaha
who is beyond all darkness.

424. Om Thathyaganapathi prestaya Namaha
who was fond of Tatya Kothe Ganapati Patel.

425. Om Thathyanulkar gathipradhaya Namaha
who gave Sadgati or a happy future life to Tatya Noolkar (Sub- Judge).

426. Om Tharaka brahmanamne Namaha
whose name was a potent mantra enabling people to cross Samsara.

427. Om Thamo rajovivarjithaya Namaha
who was free from Rajas and Tamas.

428. Om Thamarasadalakshaya Namaha
who was lotus-eyed.

429. Om Tharabhayya surakshakaya Namaha
who saved the life of Tarabai (Tarkhad) .

430. Om Thilakapujithangraye Namaha
who was worshipped by Bal Gangadhar Tilak.

431. Om Thiryagjanthu gathipradhaya Namaha
who gave a good after-life (Sadgati) even to brutes

432. Om Thirthikrutha nivasaya Namaha
whose residence became sacred.

433. Om Thirtha padhaya Namaha
who was holy.

434. Om Thivrabhakthi nrusimhadhibhakthali Bhuryanugrahaya namaha
who showered copious blessings on very staunch devotees like Narasimha.

435. Om Thivraprema viragaptha venkatesa-krupanidhaye Namaha
who received abundant kindness and mercy from his Guru Venkusa, through his intense love for that Guru and detachment from everything else.

436. Om Thulyapriyapriyaya Namaha
to whom attractive and repulsive objects were the same.

437. Om Thulya nindhathma samsthuthaye Namaha
who viewed praise and blame as the same to him

438. Om Thulyadhika vihinaya Namaha
who had no equal nor (much less) superior.

439. Om Thustasajjana samvruthaya Namaha
who was surrounded by good people, who were pleased with him. ,

440. Om Thrpthathmane Namaha
whose mind was contented (or satisfied).

441. Om Thrusahinaya Namaha
who was free from hankerings.

442. Om Thrunikrutha jagadvasave Namaha
who viewed all the wealth of the world as trifles.

443. Om Thailikrutha jalapurnadhipa-sanjvalithalayaya Namaha
whose mosque was lit up with lamps fed by water which had been turned into oil.

444. Om Thrikalajnaya Namaha
who knew the past, present and future.

445. Om Thrimurthaye Namaha
who was Brahma, Vishnu and Siva all in one.

446. Om Thrigunathithaya Namaha
who was beyond the reach of the Three gunas, Rajas, Tamas and Satva, i.e. Activity, Darkness and the harmonious balance of both.

447. Om Thriyama yoganistathma dasadhigbhaktha palakaya Namaha
who protected his devotees in all the 10 directions, by keeping himself in Yoga samadhi all the night.

448. Om Thrivarga moksha sandhathre Namaha
who bestowed Dharma, Wealth, Desires and also Moksha.

449. Om Thriputi rahitha sthithaye Namaha
who was free from the threefold division i.e., knowing, knower and known.

450. Om Thriloka sveccha sancharine Namaha
who wandered over all the three worlds, at his will.

451. Om Thrailokya thimirapahaya Namaha
who removed the darkness of the Three worlds

452. Om Thyaktha karma palasangaya Namaha
who was not attached to the fruits of his action,

453. Om Thyaktha bhoga sadhasukhine Namaha
who had relinquished enjoyments and was ever ; happy.

454. Om Thyaktha dhehathmabhuddhae Namaha
who was free from the error of mistaking the body for oneself.

455. Om Thyaktha sarvaparigrahaya Namaha
who had no attachement to anything

456. Om Thyakthva-mayamayam sarvamsvemahimni- sadhasthithaya Namaha
who gave up all the things of the world as illusory and was established in his own high state.

457. Om Dhandadhruthe Namaha
who carried a baton, (or who was the punishing authority).

458. Om Dhandanarhanam dhutavrtther nivarthakaya Namaha
who turned the wicked that deserved punishement, away from their evil propensities.

459. Om Dhambha dharpathidhuraya Namaha
who had no pomp or fuss.

460. Om Dhakshinamurthaye Namaha
the Dakshinamurti.

461. Om Dhakshinadhanakarthrubhyo dhasadhaprathi- dhayakay Namaha
who returns tenfold the Dakshina (gift) that is given to him.

462. Om Dhakshinaprarthanadhvara-subha-krutthaththva-bhodhakaya Nahama
who by means of requests for Dakshina, confers boons, and imparts instruction.

463. Om Dhayaparaya Namaha
who esteems Mercy as of Supreme importance.

464. Om Dhayasindhave Namaha
the Ocean of mercy.

465. Om Dhaththathreyaya Namaha
Dattatreya (the Three faced Avatar made up of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva).

466. Om Dharidroyarh dhanivethi-bhedhachara vivarjithaya Namaha
who does not consider whether a person is rich or poor and whose conduct is not swayed by such considerations.

467. Om Dhaharakasa bhanave Namaha
who is the sun in the firmament of the Heart.

468. Om Dhagdhahastharbhakavanaya Namaha
who saved a child by burning his own hand.

469. Om Dharidhrayadhukkha bhithignaya Namaha
who drives away poverty, sorrow and fear.

470. Om Dhamodhara varapradhaya Namaha
who bestowed boons (of progeny, wealth etc.,) on Damodar S.Rasane.

471. Om Dhana saundaya Namaha
the expert in giving gifts (Dana).

472. Om Dhanthaya Namaha
the self controlled (i.e., whose body and senses are contorlled).

473. Om Dhanaih chanyan vasamnayathe Namaha
who sways others by free gifts.

474. Om Dhanamargaskhalathpadha nanachandorkaravanaya Namaha
who guided and protected Nanasahib Chandorkar when he stumbled (i.e., made mistakes) in respect of gifts (Dana) (i.e., when he did not have the correct attitude and behaviour when approached for gifts).

475. Om Dhivyajnana pradhaya Namaha
who imparted divine Jnana (i.e., knowledge and experience of God or Gods and worthy of Gods).

476. Om Dhivyamahgala vigrahaya Namaha
whose bodily frame was charming and auspicious

477. Om Dhinedhayaparaya Namaha
who is very merciful to those in distress.

478. Om Dhirghadhruse Namaha
who had long views, i.e., viewed the remote past and future also and gave advice or based his conduct there on.

479. Om Dhinavathsalaya Namaha
who was very kind to the wretched.

480. Om Dhustanam dhamanesakthaya Namaha
who could control the wicked.

481. Om Dhuradharsa tpobalaya Namaha
whose strength due to austerities was too great for any to daunt or beard him.

482. Om Dhurbhikshepyanna dhathre Namaha
who gave food (freely) even in times of famine.

483. Om Dhuradhrusta vinasakrthe Namaha
who warded off or conquered even misfortune or bad planetary influences etc.

484. Om Dhkkhasoka bhayadhvesa mohadhyasubha nasakaya Namaha
who removed all evils eg., Pain, Sorrow, Fear, Hatred, Moha (delusion) etc.

485. Om Dhustanigraha-sistanugraha rupa-mahavrathaya Namaha
whose great resolve (vrata) was to put down wickedness and assist virtue.

486. Om Dhustamurkhajadadhinam aprakasa-swarupavathe Namaha
whose real nature was unrevealed to the wicked, fools, dullards etc.

487. Om Dhustajanthu parithrathre Namaha
who gave sanctuary and protected even venomous (snakes) and dangerous animals (like rabid dogs).

488. Om Dhuravarthi samasthadhruse Namaha
who could see everything that goes on at a great distance.

489. Om Dhrusyam nasyam na visvasyamithi bhuddhi prabhodhakaya Namaha
who taught that things seen are perishable and not worthy of our interest.

490. Om Dhrsyam sarvarm hi chaithanyamithyanandha-prathistithaya Namaha
who was established in Supreme Bliss, by regarding everything seen as Chaitanya, Pure Consciousness (=Brahman).

491. Om Dhehe vigalithasaya Namaha
who was free from attachment to his body.

492. Om Dhehayathrarthamannabhuje Namaha
who ate to live (and not to satisfy the palate)

493. Om Dheho ghehah thatho manthum-ninyegururithirakaya Namaha
who declared "The body is but a house. My Guru took me away thence (i.e., that the Guru eradicated the idea that the body was his self).

494. Om Dhehatmabhuddhi hinaya Namaha
who was devoid of "Dehatma Budhi" (i.e., the delusion that the body and nothing but the bodyis[ the self).

495. Om Dhehamoha prabhanjanaya Namaha
who destroys the delusions connected with the body i.e., bodily attachments (eg., to property, kith .and kin etc).

496. Om Dheho dhevalayasthasmin dhevam pasyethyudhirayathe Namaha
who said "The body is the temple of God. Behold the Divine within it.

497. Om Dhaivi sampathprapurnaya Namaha
who was full of the Daivi Sampath, viz., Abhaya and fearlessness, Purity etc. (see B.Gita).

498. Om Dhesoddhara sahayakruthe Namaha
who helps in elevating or improving the country.

499. Om Dhvandvamoha vinirmukthaya Namaha
who was free from the delusions produced by the pairs of opposites (e.g., Heat and Cold, Pain and Pleasure etc.).

500. Om Dhvandhvathitha vimathsaraya Namaha
who was free from the pairs of duality and also from Matsara, jealousy.

501. Om Dhvarakamayi vasine Namaha
the resident at Dwaraka Mayi (i.e., Shirdi Mosque).

502. Om Dveshadhroha vivarjithaya Namaha
who had no hatred nor desire to injure others.

503. Om Dhvithadhvaithavisistadhin kalesthane vibhodhakaya Namaha
who taught dualisim, non-dualism (Adwaita system) and modified nondualism (Visishta Adwaita) at the proper time and at the proper place (i.e., to the person fit for such teaching).

504. Om Dhanahinandhanadyamscha samadhrustaiva rakshakaya Namaha
who protected The rich and The poor alike i.e., with equal eye.

505. Om Dhanadhena-samaihyagaya Namaha
who gave gifts like Kubera the god of wealth.

506. Om Dharamdhara sannibhaya Namaha
who resembled a hill (in respect of strength, firmness' and in helping and serving all and sundry always)

507. Om Dharmajnaya Namaha
who knew Dharma (i.e., Principles of Righteousness, Virtue etc.).

508. Om Dharmasethave Namaha
who was the -sheet anchor of Righteousness (Dharma).

509. Om Dharmasthapana sambhavaya Namaha
who was born to establish Righteousness.

510. Om Dhumalupasini pathnyor niryane sadhgathipradhaya Namaha
who gave sad-gati (i.e., a good post mortem state) to the departed spirit of the wife of S.B.Dhumal that of Kashinath Govinda Upasani Sastri.

511. Om Dhupakheda patelchanbhay nastasvasthana suchakaya Namaha
who revealed to Chanbhai Patel of Dhoopakheda, where his lost horse was to be found

512. Om Dhumayana pathath pathevarapathni-surakshakaya Namaha
who shielded from all harm, Mrs. Pathewar who had fallen from a moving train (between the train and the platform).

513. Om Dhyanavasthitha chethase Namaha
whose mind was held in Dhyana or meditation.

514. Om Dhruthyuthsaha samanvithaya Namaha
who was full of courage and resource.

515. Om Nathajanavanaya Namaha
who protected the devotees.

516. Om Naraloka manoramaya Namaha
who delighted the hearts of vast masses (a world) of people.

517. Om Nastadhrusti pradhathre Namaha
who restored lost sight.

518. Om Naralokavidambhanaya Namaha
who sported or played with vast masses (and allowed them to mistake him for a mere human being).

519. Om Nagasarpamayurecha samarudha-sadananaya Namaha
who was Subrahmanya riding on a peacock that is on a serpent.

520. Om Nanachandhorkramahuya - thathsadgathyai kruthodhyamaya Namaha
who sent for Nanasaheb G.Chandorkar and took pains to secure for him Sadgati, i.e., advance in the next life.

521. Om Nananimonkarasyanthe svangri dhyanalayapradhaya Namaha
who, at the close of the life of Nana Saheb Nimonkar, gave him (Dhyana) concentration on the guru and laya merger (i.e., the power to see everything as Baba during the last days of his life).

522. Om Nana dhesabhidhakaraya Namaha
who had various forms and names in various places. '•

523. Om Nanavidhi samarchithaya Namaha
who was worshipped and revered in diverse ways by a diversity of devotees.

524. Om Narayanamaharaja samslaghitha patharhbhujaya Namaha
who was highly praised by Narayan Maharaj (of Khedgaon Bhet).

525. Om Narayanaparaya Namaha
who was wholly devoted to God (Narayana).

526. Om Nama varjithaya Namaha
who had no proper Name (as 'Sai Baba' is a common noun or a class name).

527. Om Nigruhithendriyagramaya Namaha
who had controlled his senses.

528. Om Nigamagamagocharaya Namaha
who is that to which the Vedas and Sastras point viz., Brahman or God.

529. Om Nithya sarvagathasthanave Namaha
who is the permanent, undying found in everything.

530. Om Nithyathrupthaya Namaha
who was always happy and blessed.

531. Om Nirasrayaya Namaha
who needed and had no support.

532. Om Nithyannadhana dharmistaya Namaha
who was ever at his Dharma of giving daily food (to the poor etc).

533. Nithyanandha pravahakaya Namaha
who poured forth a stream of Nitya Ananda, the endless Bliss.

534. Om Nithya mahgaladhamne Namaha
who was the abode of Permanent good (for auspiciousness) .

535. Om Nithyagnihothra vardhanaya Namaha
who was daily having his fire worship (at the Dhuni) with offerings.

536. Om Nithyakarma niyokthre Namaha
who bade his devotees adhere to their own daily duties (Nitya Karma).

537. Om Nithya sathvasthithaya Namaha
who was always in Satwaguna (the principles of balance and harmony).

538. Om Nimbapadhapa mulasthaya Namaha
who resided at the foot of the Margosa tree.

539. Om Nirantharagnirakshithre Namaha
who always kept up a perpetual fire (in the Dhuni at the masjid, and in the Akhanda Deepa in the Lendi garden) .

540. Om Nispruhaya Namaha
who had no desires.

541. Om Nirvikalpaya Namaha
who had no mental variations of Desire etc.(Vikalpa).

542. Om Niran kusagathagathaye Namaha
whose motion to any place and in any direction at will was easy and unobstructed (because of his Siddhi power).

543. Om Nirjitha kamanadhosaya Namaha
who had conquered the sex urge.

544. Om Nirasaya Namaha
who had no longings.

545. Om Niranjanaya Namaha
who was free from sin

546. Om Nirvikalpa samadhisthaya Namaha
who was steady in his Nirvikalpa Samadhi formless and undeflected concentration

547. Om Nirapekshaya Namaha
who had no wants (Apeksha) or desires.

548. Om Nirgunaya Namaha
who was free from attributes (gunas).

549. Om Nirdhvandhvaya Namaha
who was beyond "duals" or the pair of opposites Relativity.

550. Om Nithyasathvasthaya Namaha
who was always in Satwa guna.

551. Om Nirvikaraya Namaha
whose serenity was undisturbed by gusts of desire, disappointment etc.

552. Om Nischalaya Namaha
who was immmovable and unshaken.

553. Om Niralambhaya Namaha
who had no support (as he needed none).

554. Om Nirakaraya Namaha
who was formless.

555. Om Nivruthagunadhosakaya Namaha
who was devoid of good and evil qualities.

556. Om nulkarvijayanandhamahisan dhaththa sadhgathaye Namaha
who gave sadgati to (1) Tatya Sahib Noolker the Sub-Judge, (2) Vijayanandaswami of Madras and (3) a she buffalo.

557. Om Nrusimha ganudasadhaththa -prachara-karma-sadhanaya Namaha
who gave Das Ganu Maharaj and Narasimhaswami the propaganda work (of spreading devotion to Sai Baba) as a good sadhana for their spiritual welfare.

558. Om Naistika brahmacharyaya Namaha
who was a Naishtika Brahmachari i.e., perfect celebrate observing it as a religious principle.

559. Om Naiskarmya parinistithaya Namaha
who was established in Naishkarmya i.e., doing work without getting karmic bonds as a result.

560. Om Panadari pandurahgakyaya Namaha
who is the well-known Panduranga of Pandharpur.

561. Om Patelthathyaji mathulaya Namaha
who was regarded by Tatya Ganapati Patel Kothe (his devoted servant) as his maternal uncle.

562. Om Pathithapavanaya Namaha
who raised and purified those who were fallen (by non observance of Dharma etc).

563. Om Pathrigrama samudhbhavaya Namaha
who was born at Pathri.

564. Om Padavisrustagangambhase Namaha
who guarded his devotees.

565. Om Padhambuja nathavanaya Namaha
who had lotus-like eyes.

566. Om Parabrahma svarupine Namaha
who was of the nature of Para Brahman (God).

567. Om Parama karunalayaya Namaha
who was the abode of highest or perfect Mercy.

568. Om Parathathva pradhipaya Namaha
who was a great blaze radiating highest spiritual teachings.

569. Om Paramartha nivedhakaya Namaha
who taught the Supreme Wisdom (or goal of life).

570. Om Paramanandha nisyandhaya Namaha
who dripped Supreme Bliss.

571. Om Paramjyothise Namaha
who was the Supreme Light.

572. Om Parathparaya Namaha
who is the most Supreme (i.e., beyond the highest known).

573. Om Paramestine Namaha
who is the great Brahma.

574. Om Paramdhamne Namaha
who is the Supreme Abode (or Goal).

575. Om Paramesvaraya Namaha
who is the Supreme Personal God.

576. Om Parama sadhgurave Namaha
who is the Supreme Sad Guru or teacher of Divine Realisation.

577. Om Paramacharyaya Namaha
who is the highest teacher Acharya.

578. Om Paradharmabhayadhbhakthan svesve – dharmeniyojakaya Namaha
who kept each devotee to his own faith as change of faith is dangerous.

579. Om Pararthaikantha sambhuthaye Namaha
who took birth only for helping others.

580. Om Paramathmane Namaha
who is the Paramatma (the highest atma meditated on by yogis.

581. Om Paragathaye Namaha
who is the highest goal of life or creation.

582. Om Papathapoughasamharine Namaha
who removes masses of sin and suffering.

583. Om Pamaravyaja pandithaya Namaha
whose vast wisdom was hidden under the guise of an ignorant rustic.

584. Om Papaddhasam samakrsya punyamarge pravarthakaya
who withdrew his devotee (Das Ganu) etc. from paths of sin and made him tread the path of virtue.

585. Om Pipilika mukhannadhaya Namaha
who ate (when ants ate) in the form of ants.

586. Om Pisachesvapyavasthithaya Namaha
who resides even in evil spirits (Pisachas).

587. Om Puthrakamestiyagadhe: rthe-santhanavardhanaya Namaha
who granted progeny to devotees without making them perform the Putrakameshti Yaga sacrifice et (prescribed for it in the Sastras).

588. Om Punarujjivitha prethaya Namaha
who revived the dead.

589. Om Punaravarthi-nasakaya Namaha
who destroyed rebirth (Samsara).

590. Om Punah punarihagamya bhakthebhyah sadhgathipradhaya Namaha
who revisited the world (i.e., took births) frequently and gave sadgati to devotees.

591. Om Pundarikayathakshaya Namaha
who has broad lotus eyes.

592. Om Punyasravana kirthanaya Namaha
metion of whose name or hearing it is Punya (destructive of sin).

593. Om Purandharadhi bhakragraya parithranadhurandharaya Namaha
who bears the burden of protecting ardent devotees like R.B.Purandhare.

594. Om Puranapurusaya Namaha
who is the Ancient Purusha.

595. Om Purisaya Namaha
who is the Lord of the city (or the person reposing in the Heart of the devotee).

596. Om Purushoththamaya Namaha
who is the highest of Persons (or Personal gods).

597. Om Pujapararimukhaya Namaha
who was averse (at first) to his being worshipped.

598. Om Purnaya Namaha
who is perfect.

599. Om Purnavairagya sobhithaya Namaha
who has perfect detachment.

600. Om Purnanandha svarupine Namaha
whose nature is perfect bliss.

601. Om Purna krupanidhaye Namaha
who is the store of overflowing Mercy.

602. Om Purnachandra samahaladhine Namaha
who gladdens (us) like the full Moon.

603. Om Purnakamaya Namaha
who has no desires to gratify.

604. Om Purvajaya Namaha
who was (born) before all were born.

605. Om Pranatha palanodhyukthaya Namaha
who is engaged in protecting the devotees.

606. Om Pranatharthiharaya Namaha
who relieves the distress of his devotees.

607. Prathyaksha dhevathamurthaye
who is the visible embodiment of Divinity.

608. Om Prathyagathma nidharsakaya Namaha
who reveals the soul within (the body).

609. Om Prapanna parijathaya Namaha
who is a wish yielding tree to devotees that surrender to Him.

610. Om Prapannanamparagathaye Namaha
who is the highest goal to be reached by the devote that surrender themselves.

611. Om Pramanathitha chinmurthaye Namaha
who is the Pure Consciousness needing no outside proof of its existence.

612. Om Pramadhabhidha—mruthyujithe Namaha
who has conquered Pramada (i.e., engrossec attention to and interest in wordly affairs and lose oneself in them) which has been declared to be Death (in Sanatsujatiya).

613. Om Prasanna vadhanaya Namaha
who is of gracious mien.

614. Om Prasadhabhimukha dhyuthaye Namaha
Whose face glows with his readiness to grant blessings.

615. Om Prasasthavache Namaha
whose words are praiseworthy.

616. Om Prasanthathmane Namaha
whose heart is tranquil.

617. Om Priya sathyamudhaharathe Namaha
who speaks only that which is true and beneficial,

618. Om Premadhaya Namaha
who confers Prema (i.e., intense overflowing love).

619. Om Premavasyaya Namaha
who can be influenced by Prema.

620. Om Premamargaika sadhanaya Namaha
whose sole Marga or prescribed path is Love (Prema) (i.e., who depended on it entirely and bade his devotees to do the same).

621. Om Bhahurupa nigudathmane Namaha
who is hidden under many forms and bodies.

622. Om Bhaladhruptha dhamakshamaya Namaha
who can humble the pride of those who are conceited about their physical strength.

623. Om Balathidharpabhayyaji mahagarvavibhahjanaya Namaha
who shattered the great pride of Bayyaji who fancied that he had great strength.

624. Om Budha santhosadhaya Namaha
who gave happiness to the wise.

625. Om Bhuddhaya Namaha
who is the Buddha (or the wise).

626. Om Bhudhajanavanaya Namaha
who protects The wise.

627. Om Bruhadhbandha vimokthre Namaha
who disentangles persons from the great toils (Bandha) of Sin, Samsara etc.

628. Om Bhruhadbhara vahakshamaya Namaha
who can carry, on his own shoulders, very great weight (i.e., the responsibilities that should be borne by his surrendered devotees).

629. Om Brahmakula samudbhuthaya Namaha
who was born in a Brahmin Family.

630. Om Brahmachari vrathasthithaya Namaha
who was firm in his vow of celebacy or Brahmacharya.

631. Om Brahmanandhamruthe magnaya Namaha
who is sunk in the Bliss Supreme (Brahmanand)

632. Om brahmanandhaya Namaha
who is Supreme Bliss.

633. Om Brahmanandalasad dhrustaye Namaha
whose eyes glowed with Supreme Bliss.

634. Om Brahmavadhine Namaha
who taught Vedanta.

635. Om Bruhacchravase Namaha
whose fame was great.

636. Om Brahmanasthrivisrustolka tharjitha svakruthaye Namaha
who was in the form of the dog that a Brahmin lady (Mrs. G.S.Khaparde) flung red-hot coals at.

637. Om Brahmananam masudhisthaya Namaha
who stayed in a masjid (termed by him accurately) the Brahmins' masjid.

638. Om Brahmanyaya Namaha
who loved Brahmins.

639. Om brahmaviththamaya Namaha
who is the best among the knowers of Brahman.

640. Om Bhakthadhasaganu prana-manavruththyadhi-rakshakaya Namaha
who safeguarded the life, honour, livelihood etc. ( Das Ganu Maharaj.)

641. Om Bhakthathyantha hithaishine Namaha
who was desirous of promoting the welfare of devotees to the highest extent.

642. Om Bhakthasritha dhayaparaya Namaha
who was completely under the sway of mercy and (consequently) resorted to by devotees.

643. Om Bhakthartham dhruthadehaya Namaha
who took birth for the sake of devotees.

644. Om Bhakthartham dhagdhahasthakaya Namaha
who burnt his hand for the sake of devotees.

645. Om Bhaktha paragathaye Namaha
who was the ultimate goal of devotees.

646. Om Bhaktha vathsalaya Namaha
who was fond of devotees.

647. Om Bhakthamanasa vasine Namaha
who resided in the hearts of devotees.

648. Om Bakthathi sulabhaya Namaha
who was very easy of access to devotees.

649. Om Bhakthabhavabdhi pothaya Namaha
who was the boat to ferry devotees across the ocean of Samsara.

650. Om Bhagavathe Namaha
the Bhagavan (i.e., possessor of six grand states).

651. Om Bhajatham suhrudhe Namaha
the friend of those who are devoted.

652. Om Bhaktha sarvasvaharine Namaha
who carries away everything belonging to devotees.

653. Om Bhakthanugraha katharaya Namaha
who was anxious to favour devotees

654. Om Bhaktharasnayadhi sarvesamamoghabhaya sarhpradaya Namaha
who gave the effectual promise of sanctuary to all devotees like Damodar Savalram Rasane.

655. Om Bhakthavana samarthaya Namaha
who is able to guard and protect devotees.

656. Om Bhakthavana dhurandharaya Namaha
who bears the burden of protecting devotees.

657. Om Bhakthabhava paradhinaya Namaha
who is subjugated by the intense faith of devotees.

658. Om Bhakthathyantha hithausadhaya Namaha
who is the most benefecial remedy of devotees.

659. Om Bhakthavana prathi jnaya Namaha
whose solemn vow is to protect devotees.

660. Om Bhajathamistakamadhuhe Namaha
who grants the desires of the devotees.

661. Om Bhakthahruthpadhmavasine Namaha
who dwells in the heart-lotus of devotees.

662. Om Bhakthimarga pradharsakaya Namaha
who expounds the Path of devotion (Bhakti Marga).

663. Om Bhakthasaya viharine Namaha
who sports in the hearts of devotees.

664. Om Bhakthasarvamalapahaya Namaha
who cleanses devotees of all their sins.

665. Om Bhakthabhodhaikanistaya Namaha
whose one aim is to impart wisdom to the devotees.

666. Om Bhakthanam sadgathipradhaya Namaha
who gives Sadgati (i.e., a blessed life after death) to the devotees.

667. Om Bhadramarga pradharsine Namaha
who guides (us) on a safe path.

668. Om Bhadrambhadramithi bhruvathe Namaha
who constantly says. "Blessings. Blessings" (be to you).

669. Om Bhadrasravase Namaha
who is famous for good.

670. Om Bhannumayisadhvimahitha sasanaya Namaha
whose orders were obeyed by the lady saint Bannu Mayi.

671. Om Bhayasanthrasthakapardhe amogabhaya-varapradaya Namaha
who gave his unfailing and sure boon of Protection to G.S.Khapharde who was much afraid.

672. Om Bhayahmaya Namaha
the undaunted.

673. Om Bhaya thrathre Namaha
who saved people from dangers apprehended.

674. Om Bhayakruthe Namaha
who creates fears.

675. Om Bhayanasanaya Namaha
who removes fears.

676. Om Bhavavaridhipothaya Namaha
who was and is the ferry boat to cross the ocean of Samsara.

677. Om Bhavaluntana kovidhaya Namaha
who was an expert in removing the bondage of Samsara.

678. Om Bhasmadhana nirasthadhi vyadhidhu:kasubhakilaya Namaha
who by giving his udhi (=sacred ashes) dest and removed diseases: mental and physical, sorrow and other ills of life.

679. Om Bhasmasathkruthabhaktharaye Namaha
who destroyed the enemies of his devotees.

680. Om Bhasmasathkrutha manmadhaya Namaha
who is Siva (or who burnt up the sex urge).

681. Om Bhasmaputha masudhisthaya Namaha
whose masjid was purified by the ashes of his sacred fire (Dhuni).

682. Om Bhasma dhagdhakilamayaya Namaha
who burnt out all diseases etc., with his (Udhi) ashes.

683. Om Bhagoji kustarogagnaya Namaha
who arrested the leprosy of Bagogi, (his attendant)

684. Om Bhasakila suvedhithaya Namaha
who knew all languages and dialects.

685. Om Bhasyakruthe Namaha
who commented (on the B.Gita, etc).

686. Om Bhavagamyaya Namaha
who is reached by intense faith and devotion.

687. Om Bharasarva parigrahaya Namaha
who undertakes all burdens.

688. Om Bhagavatha sahayaya Namaha
who helps Bhagavatas i.e., the pious.

689. Om Bhavana sunyathah sukine Namaha
who arrested mental functions and was happy.

690. Om Bhagavatha pradhanaya Namaha
the foremost among the pious (Bhagavatas).

691. Om Bhagavathoththamaya Namaha
the best among devotees of God.

692. Om Bhatedhvesam samakrusya bhakthim thasmai pradhathavathe Namaha
who removed hatred from the heart of (the Mamlatdar) Bhate and gave him devotion in its place.

693. Om Bhillarupena dhaththambhase Namaha
who in the form of a Bhil gave water (to N.G. Chandorkar on the waterless Harischandra Hill) to drink.

694. Om Bhikshannadhana sesabhuje Namaha
who begged his food, gave doles of food as charity, and then ate what remained.

695. Om Bhikshadharma maharajaya Namaha
who was a great king (Maharaj) whose daily duty included begging.

696. Om Bhiksvauga dhaththabhojanaya Namaha
who gave food to numerous beggars.

697. Om Bhimaji kshayapappagne Namaha
who destroyed the sins (karma) that produced Consumption in Bhimaji.

698. Om Bhimabalanvithaya Namaha
who was as strong as Bhima.

699. Om Bhithanam bhithinasine
who removes the fears of the affrighted.

700. Om Bhisana bhisanaya Namaha
who terrifies the terrifiers.

701. Om Bhishachalitha suryagni magavanmruthyu maruthaya Namaha
by fear of whose high command, the Sun, Fire, Indra, Death and the Wind God (Vayu) were and are kept in constant activity attending to their duties.

702. Om Bhukthi mukthi prathathre Namaha
who gave boons temporal, as also salvation.

703. Om Bhujagad rakshitha prajaya Namaha
who saved his devotees (like G.M.Buti, Mahlsapathy, Mericar etc.) from serpents.

704. Om Bhujangarupamavisya sahasra jana pujithaya Namaha
who (at Coimbatore, etc.,) took the form of a serpent and received the worship of thousands of people.

705. Om Bhukthva bhojanadhathrunam dagdha praguththarasubhaya Namaha
who when fed by people, destroyed their past and future evil Kama.

706. Om Bhutidhvara gruham bhaddhva kruthasarvamathalayaya Namaha
who made Sri Gopal Rao Buti build a house (at Shiridi) and converted it into a Temple of All Religions.

707. Om Bhubhruthsamopakarine Namaha
who is as charitable and beneficent as a mountain.

708. Om Bhumne Namaha
the perfect.

709 Om Bhusayaya Namaha
who slept on the floor without a cot or bedstead.

710. Om Bhuthasarnyabhuthaya Namaha
who was the refuge of all creatures.

711. Om Bhuthathmane Namaha
who was the self or soul of all creatures.

712 Om Bhuthabhavanaya Namaha
who blesses creatures.

713 Om Bhuthaprethapisachadhina dharmamarge niyojayathe Namaha
who directed even departed spirits, ghosts and devils into the paths of virtue (Dharma).

714. Om Bhruthyasya bhruthyasevakruthe Namaha
who served his servants' servants.

715. Om Bhruthyabharavahaya Namaha
who bore the burdens of his servants.

716. Om Bhekam dhaththavaram smruthva sarpasyadhapi rakshakaya Namaha
who remembered the promise of protection that he had given to (one Basappa by name but who was:now) a frog and extricated it even from the fangs of a serpent.

717. Om Bhogaisvaryesvasakthathmane Namaha
who was not allured by enjoyment and possession

718. Om Bhaisajye bhisajam varaya Namaha
who was excellent as a doctor.

719. Om Markarupena bhakthasya rakshane thena thadithaya Namaha
who went to protect (Hansraj) a devotee (from his Asthma) as a cat (to drink the curds that would harm Hansraj) and was beaten by that devotee.

720. Om Manthragosa masudhisthaya Namaha
whose masjid resounded with loudly chanted (Vedic) mantras.

721. Om Madhabhimana varjithay Namaha
who was free from Pride and self conceit.

722. Om Madhupanabhrusasakthim dhivya sakthya vyapohakaya Namaha
by whose divine power drunkenness was cured.

723. Om Masudhyam thulasipujamagnihothram cha sasakaya Namaha
who ordered the worship of Fire and the Tulasi in his Masjid.

724. Om Mahavakya sudhamagnaya Namaha
who was immersed in the nectar of Mahavakyas (e.g., Anal haq=Aham BrahmaAsmi, I am God).

725. Om Mahabhagavathaya Namaha
who was a great worhipper of God (Bhagavata).

726 Om Mahanubhava thejasvine Namaha
whose face shone with his extraordinary inner experiences.

727. Om Mahayogesvaraya Namaha
the Great Yogeswara (or Lord of Yoga).

728. Om Mahabhaya parithrathre Namaha
who saved (devotees) from the Great Fear (of Death and Samsara).

729. Om Mahathmane Namaha
the great souled (Mahatma).

730. Om Mahabhalaya Namaha
who had great strength.

731. Om Madhavaraya dhespande sakyu: sahayyakruthe Namaha
who helped his constant attendant and companion (Shyama) Madhava Rao Deshpande.

732. Om Manapamanayosthulyaya Namaha
who maintained his equanimity whether honoured or dishonoured.

733. Om Margabhandhave Namaha
who helped one while travelling.

734. Om Maruthaye Namaha
Who is Maruti, or God of Winds.

735 Om Mayamanusarupena gudaisvaryaparathparaya Namaha
whose being the Supreme was concealed behind an Unreal (mayavic) human form.

736. Om Margastha devasathkarah karyaithyanusasithre Namaha
who ordered his devotees (N.G.Chandorkar etc.) to worship the God's image in the way side temples (as usual).

737. Om Marigrastha bhuti thrathre namaha
who saved Sri Gopal Rao Buti when attacked by Cholera.

738. Om Marjalochchista bhojanaya Namaha
who (fearlessly) ate food (drank curds) tasted by a cat.

739. Om Mirikaram sarpagandath daivajnapthad vimochayathe Namaha
who saved the Mamlatdar Merikar from a Ganda (i.e., a conditionally ordered fate) of serpent's bite.

740. Om Mithavache Namaha
who spoke but little.

741. Om Mithabhuje Namaha
who ate but little.

742. Om Mithresthrau-sadhasamaya Namaha
who was always the same to friend and foe.

743. Om Minathayi prasuthyarthem presithaya ratham dhadhathe Namaha
who sent a tonga to (Ramgir) the person who was carrying udhi to be given to Minathai (daughter of N.G.Chandorkarr, at Jamnere) to ease her parturition pains.

744. Om Muktha sanganahamvadhine Namaha
who was not egotistic and was free from all attachments.

745. Om Mukthasamsruthi bhandhanaya Namaha
who was free from the bondage of Samsara.

746. Om Muhurdhevavatharadhi namochcharana nirvruthaya Namaha
who took a delight in uttering the names of God, his avatars etc.

747. Om Murthi pujanusasthre Namaha
who ordered the worship of forms (images, padukas, pictures, coins and saints).

748. Om Murthimanapi amurthimathe Namaha
who though in the flesh was really formless (i.e., was Spirit).

749. Om Mulesasthrigurordholap maharajasya rupadhruthe Namaha
who (suddenly) took on himself the form of Kaka Dholap Maharaj, the Guru of Mule Sastri).

750. Om Mruthasunum samakrusya purvamathariyojayathe Namaha
who drew the soul of a departed son and made it re-enter the womb of its former mother (Mrs. Sapatnekar).

751. Om Mrudhalaya nivasine Namaha
who lived in a mud building.

752. Om Mruthyubhithi vyapohakaya Namaha
who extricated people when death was imminent.

753. Om Megasyamaya-pujartham sivalingaih upaharathe Namaha
who gave a stone image (Linga) of Siva to his poojari Megha Shyama for worshipping.

754. Om Moha kalila thirnaya Namaha
who transcended the darkness of delusions.

755. Om Moha samsaya nasakaya Namaha
who eradicated doubts and delusions.

756. Om Mohini raja pujayam kulkarnyappa niyojakaya Namaha
who directed Appakulkarni to worship Siva (Mohi Raja) [at Nivas before attending the Deputy Collector's Office to answer charges against him].

757. Om Mokshamargasahayaya Namaha
who helped people in their spiritual Path (the Path of Salvation).

758. Om Mouna vyakyaprabhodhakaya Namaha
who enlightened the hearts of his devotees by his eloquent silence (i.e., mere presence radiate thought, without any words, gesture etc

759. Om Yajnadhanathapo nistaya Namaha
who was ever steady in his sacrifices, alms-giving and austerities.

760. Om Yajnasistanna bhojanaya Namaha
who ate the remnants of the food that had be offered as sacrifice (to the fire).

761. Om Yathendhriya manobhuddhaye Namaha
whose senses, mind and intellect were firm restrained.

762. Om Yathidharma supalakaya Namaha
who observed very well his duties and observane as a Yati i.e., a hermit.

763. Om Yatho vacho nivarthanthe thadhanandha sunistithaya Namaha
who was steady in his Bliss Supreme which was not to be reached and could not be expressed by words (i.e., Language).

764. Om Yatnathisayasevaptha gurupurna-krupabalaya Namaha
whose strength was in the full Mercy (or Poorna Kripaj) of his guru, obtained by remarkable service.

765. Om Yathecchasukshma sancharine Namaha
who travelled, at will, in his unseensubtle form or body wherever he liked.

766. Om Yathestadhana dharmakruthe Namaha
who gave abundant gifts.

767. Om Yanthrarudamjagathsarvaih mayaya bramayathprabhave Namaha
who is the Lord by whose Mayavic power, the entire universe is kept rolling like clay on the potter's wheel.

768. Om Yamakirikara santhrastha samanthasya sahayakruthe Namaha
who helped R. R.Samant when threatened by the messengers of (Yama) Death.

769. Om Yamadhuthapariklista purandhareasurakshakaya Namaha
who protected the life of R. B. Purandhare when it was assailed by Death's myrmidons.

770. Om Yamabhithi vinasine Namaha
who dispelled the fear of Death.

771. Om YavanaJaya bhusanaya Namaha
who was an ornament of the (Shirdi) Masjid.

772. Om Yasasapi maharajaya Namaha
who was a Maharaj, even by the extent of his fame and glory.

773. Om Yasahpuritha bharathaya Namaha
whose fame has spread over the whole of India.

774. Om Yaksharakshah pisachanam sannidhyadheva nasakaya Namaha
who exorcised Yakshas, Rakshas as, and devils by his very presence (without the use of incantations etc).

775. Om Yuktha bhojana nidhraya Namaha
who had regulated his meal and sleep.

776. Om Yughanthara charithravidhe Namaha
who knows the events of past Yugas.

777. Om Yogasakthi jithasvapnaya Namaha
who had conquered sleep by his Yogic Power.

778. Om Yogamaya samavruthaya Namaha
who was enveloped (and hidden) by his Yoga Maya i.e., the delusive power of Maya.

779. Om Yogavikshanasamdaththa paramanandha murthimathe Namaha
who by his Yogic glance filled the person (who received the glance) with Parama Ananda.

780. Om Yogi hrudh dhyanagamyaya Namaha
who is reached by Yogis in their heart by Meditation (Samadhi).

781. Om Yogakshema vahaya Namaha
who undertook and bore the burdens of his steadfast devotees (to acquire what was wanted and to guard their possessions etc).

782. Rathastha rajathasveshu hruthesvamlana manasaya Namaha
who was not in the least put out or afflicted when the silver horse images were stolen from the palanquin brought and kept for him.

783. Om Rasaya Namaha
who is the Essence of Bliss (Rasa).

784. Om Rasasarajnaya Namaha
who knew the essence of Bliss.

785. Om Rasana rasajithe Namaha
who conquered his palate.

786 Om Rasopyasya pararh dhrustva nivarthitha mahayasase Namaha
whose great glory was in the fact that by reason of his supreme realization, hankrings or desires (=Rasa) left him.

787. Om Rakshanathposhanath sarva pithrumathru- guruprabhave Namaha
who was the father, mother, guru, and lord of all, by reason of his feeding and protecting them.

788. Om Ragadhvesa viyukthathmane Namaha
whose soul was wholly free from attachment and aversion.

789. Om Rakachandra samananaya Namaha
who had a face like the Autumnal moon.

790. Om Rajivalochanaya Namaha
who was lotus eyed.

791. Om Rajabhi: chabhivandhithaya Namaha
who was worshipped even by princes and kings.

792. Om Ramabhakthi prapurnaya Namaha
who had full faith in and devotion to Rama.

793. Om Ramarupa pradharsakaya Namaha
who revealed in his own body the form of Rama (to the S. African Doctor and to the mendicant Adilaxmi of Madras).

794. Om Ramasarupya labhdhaya Namaha
who had attained same form or nature as Rama (Saroopya).

795. Om Ramasayithi visruthaya Namaha
who is well known as Rama Sai or Sai Rama.

796. Om Ramadhuthamayaya Namaha
who had identified himself with Hanuman.

797. Om Ramamanthropadhesakaya Namaha
who taught (some devotees) the Rama Mantra.

798. Om Ramamurthyadhisamkarthre Namaha
who have primal bliss in the form of Rama (or who gave blessings to Rama Murti, of Srirangam, Rama Moorti, of Nellore and other devotees).

799. Om Rasane kulavardhanaya Namaha
who gave progeny to S.B. Rasane and developed it.

800. Om Rudhrathulya prakopaya Namaha
whose anger was as fiery as Rudra's.

801. Om Rudrakopa dhamakshamaya Namaha
who could quell anger as fiery as Rudra's.

802. Om Rudra visnukruthabhedhaya Namaha
who treats Vishnu and Siva as one and the same God.

803. Om Rupini rupya mohajithe Namaha
who is above the attraction of wealth and women.

804. Om Ruperupe chidhathmanam pasyadhvam ithi bhodhakaya Namaha
who taught his devotees to see in each body (human and animal) God i.e., Chaitnya (immanent therein).

805. Om Rupadhrupantharam yatho amrutha ithyabhayapradhaya Namaha
who emboldens people by showing them that death is a mere change or transfer (of the tenanting soul) from one form to another form.

806. Om Rege sisosthathaandhasya satham gathi vidhayakaya Namaha
who gave sadgati (=salvation) to Mr.Rege's baby and to a blind man.

807. Om Roga dharidhrya dhuhkhadm bhasma dhanena varayathe Namaha
who overcame Disease, Poverty, and Suffering by the Udhi sacred ashes that he gave.

808. Om Rodhanadh dhravachiththaya Namaha
whose tender heart melted at the sight of tears.

809. Om Romaharsadhavak kruthaye Namaha
whose words and deeds were so gladdening as to produce horripilation in others.

810. Om Laghvasine Namaha
who ate little.

811. Om Laghunidhraya Namaha
who slept little.

812. Om Labdhasvagramani sthuthaya Namaha
who was praised by (Chanbai) Patel who got back his lost horse (with the help of Baba).

813. Om Lagudodhdhrutha rohilla sthaihbanath dharpanasakaya Namaha
who humbled the pride of the Rohilla who had heaved his stick aloft (to fell down and kill Baba) by paralysing him with a touch and a glance (in consequence of which the Rohilla collapsed and fell).

814. Om Lalithadhbhutha charithraya Namaha
whose life record is charming and wonderful.

815. Om Lakshminarayanaya Namaha
who is Lakshmi Narayana.

816. Om Lilamanusa dhehasthaya Namaha
who sported in human form.

817. Om Lilaamanusa karmakruthe Namaha
who playfully worked superhuman wonders.

818. OM Lelesasthri sruthi prithya masudhi vedhagosanaya
who, pleased with Lele Sastri's recital of Vedas and Upanishads made his masjid resound with the Vedas.

819. Om Lokabhiramaya Namaha
who attracted a world of people.

820. Om Lokesaya Namaha
The Lord of the World (i.e. God).

821. Om lolupathvavivarjithaya Namaha
who had no hankerings.

822. Om Lokesu vihatham schapi sacchidhanandha samsthithaya Namaha
who amidst all his sport in the world retained undistributed his realisation of Sat Chit Ananda.

823. Om Lonivarnyam ganudhasam mahaapayadh vimochakaya Namaha
who rescued Das Ganu at Loni Varni from great peril (of death at the hands of Kana Bhil).

824. Om Vasthravadh vapurvikshya- Sweccha thyakthakalebharaya Namaha
who viewed his body as nothing but a garment and shook it off from him at will.

825. Om Vasthravath dhehamuthsrujya punardheham pravistavathe Namaha
who renouncing the body as but a garment, reentered it.

826. Om Vandhyadhoda vimukthyartham thadhvasthre narikeladhaya Namaha
who gave barren women issue by dropping a coconut into their upper cloth.

827. Om Vasudhevaika santhustaye Namaha
whose sole joy was in God (Vausdeva).

828. Om Vadhadhvesa madhapriyaya Namaha
who disliked controversy hate, and pride.

829. Om Vidhya vinaya sampannaya Namaha
whose vast knowledge was accompanied by humility.

830. Om Vidheyathmane Namaha
who was self controlled.

831. Om Viryavathe Namaha
who was bold.

832. Om Viviktha dhesasevine Namaha
who resorted to lonely places (especially in the beginning of his career).

833. Om Visvabhavana bhavithaya Namaha
who was endowed with the faculty of identifying himself with all.

834. Om Visvamangala mangalyaya Namaha
who is the auspicious essence of all auspicious things (i.e. that which makes them auspicious).

835. Om Visayath samhruthendhriyaya Namaha
whose senses were retracted (or withdrawn) from sense objects.

836. Om Vitharaga bhayakrodhaya Namaha
who had no desires (or longings), fears nor anger.

837. Om Vrudhdhandhekshana sampradhaya Namaha
who gave sight to a blind old man.

838. Om Vedhanthambhuja suryaya Namaha
who like a sun (in the hearts of devotees) made Vedantha, Divine wisdom blossoms (in them).

839. Om Vedhisthagni vivardhanaya Namaha
who kept up his fire in the Vedi (the Dhuni in his Masjid).

840. Om Vairagya purnacharithraya Namaha
whose life was full of detachment (Vairagya).

841. Om Vaikuntapriyakarmakruthe Namaha
who carried out the will of God by his acts.

842. Om Vaihayasagathaye Namaha
who could travel through the sky (i.e., without conveyance).

843. Om Vyamoha prasamouisadhaya Namaha
who is the remedy for curing Vyamoha (love of worldy objects.)

844. Om Sathrucchedhaika manthraya Namaha
whose name is a mantra that can overcome enemies.

845. Om Saranagatha vathsalaya Namaha
who is kind to the devotees seeking refuge with him

846. Om Saranagatha bhimajisvandhabhekadhi rakshakaya Namaha
who protected (a) Bhimaji (that had consumption), (b) the mad dog, (c) the blind man and (d) the frog that sought refuge with him.

847. Om Sarirastha asarirasthaya Namaha
who though in the flesh, was not in the flesh really (being the spirit).

848. Om Sariraneka sambhruthaya Namaha
who utilised many bodies (as houses for his soul to tenant at each birth and even in any one birth).

849. Om Sasvathparartha sarvehaya Namaha
all those acts were ever for service of others.

850. Om Sarira karmakevalaya Namaha
whose acts were done with the body alone, while in his heart he was desireless, unexcited and unaffected.

851. Om Sasvatha dharmagopthre Namaha
who maintained and supported the Eternal principles of Righteousness (Dharma).

852. Om Santhi dhanthi vibhusithaya Namaha
whose mind and external organs were alike under his control.

853. Om Sirasthambhitha gangambhase Namaha
who (by will power) made the water (a potful) poured over his head remain on the head without falling off.

854. Om Santhakaraya Namaha
who was of tranquil mien.

855. Om Sistadharmamanuprapya moulana padha sevithaya Namaha
who played the role of a disciple and served at the feet of a Mowlana.

856. Om Sivadhaya Namaha
who granted boons and blessings.

857. Om Sivarupaya Namaha
who assumed the form of Siva (or whose appearance was auspicious and propitious).

858. Om Sivasakthiyuthaya Namaha
who combined in himself Siva and Sakti i.e. male and female principles divine (known also as Purusha and Prakriti).

859. Om Siriyanusuthodvaham yathoktham paripurayathe Namaha
who fulfilled his promise to G.G. Shiriyan, within the stipulated time and got his daughter married (to the boy whose father had many years back agreed to his wedding that girl and who tried to wriggle out of the agreement).

860. Om Sithosnasukhadhukkhesu samaya Namaha
who maintained his equanimity amidst cold and heat joy and sorrow.

861. Om Sithalavak sudhaya Namaha
whose words were sweet like nectar,

862. Om Sirdi nyastha gurordhehaya Namaha
whose guru (of a former birth) had left his body in a tomb at Shirdi, (under the Neem tree).

863. Om Sirdithyaktha kalebharaya Namaha
who gave up his body (which is interred) at Shirdi, in the Samadhi Mandir.

864. Om Suklambaradharaya Namaha
who wore white robes (mostly, and not ochre robes)

865. Om Suddha sathvagunasthithaya Namaha
who was (always) in Pure Satva guna (i.e. balance or harmony).

866. Om Suddhajnana svarupaya Namaha
whose nature was Pure Consciousness.

867. Om Subha asubha vivarjithaya Namaha
who was beyond good and evil.

868. Om Subhramargena thadvisno: paramarh padharh nnrun nethere Namaha
who guided people by the pure, white Path (Subra Margha) on to God's Supreme abode.

869. Om Selugurukule vasine Namaha
who underwent his novitiate with his Guru at Selu.

870. Om Sesasayine Namaha
Who is Sesha Sayee (i.e. God recumbent or immanent in Humanity represented by the thousand head snake).

871. Om Srikantaya Namaha
who is Srikanta.

872. Om Srikaraya Namaha
who confers Wealth and Fortune.

873. Om Srimathe Namaha
who has the goddess of wealth at his beck and call.

874. Om Srestaya Namaha
who is excellent and worthy of high regard.

875. Om Sreyovidhayakaya Namaha
who confers blessings.

876. Om Sruthismrithisirorathna vibhusitha-padhambhujaya Namaha
at whose feet even the scriptures have to bow (i.e. who is the divine source of scripture) .

877. Om Sreyan svadharma ithyukthva svasvadharmaniyojakaya Namaha
who saying that it is safer for each person to remain in his own Dharma (be it, Hinduism, Vaishnavaitism, Saivism or Islam or Christianity) made his devotees to stick to their own faith.

878. Om Sakarama sa siyaya Namaha
who was under the same Guru with Saint Sakharam.

879. Om Sakalasrayakamadhuhe Namaha
who showers blessings on (householders, students ment etc.) people of all stages of life (asramas).

880. Om Sagunanirguna brahmane Namaha
who is God with form and God without form.

881. Om Sajjanamanasa vyoma raja-manasudhakaraya
who is like the Moon, shedding joy in the hearts of the good.

882. Om Sathkarmanirathaya Namaha
who is ever interested in and doing good deeds.

883. Om Sathsanthana varapradhaya Namaha
who gives blessings for the birth of virtuous children.

884. Om Sathya vrathaya Namaha
whose vow is Veracity.

885. Om Sathyaya Namaha
who is the Truth, the Real,

886. Om Sathsulabhonya dhurlabhaya Namaha
who is easy of access to the good but not to the wicked.

887. Om Sathyavache Namaha
whose utterances are true or become accomplished facts.

888. Om Sathyasahkalpaya Namaha
whose wish or will is invariably fulfilled.

889. Om Sathyadharma parayanaya Namaha
whose great aim is Truth and Dharma, Righteousness.

890. Om Sathya parakramaya Namaha
whose prowess is based on Satya, (Truth or God).

891. Om Sathya dhrastre Namaha
who realises or sees the Truth or Reality.

892. Om Sanathanaya Namaha
who is ever abiding.

893. Om Sathya narayanaya Namaha
who is Satya Narayana.

894. Om Sathyathathva prabhodhakaya Namaha
who teaches (Satya Tatwa) the truths relating to the Real.

895. Om Sathpurushaya Namaha
who is Sat Purusha, the Divine Person (extolled in the Purusha Sukta).

896. Om Sadhacharaya Namaha
whose conduct is good.

897. Om Sadha parahitherathaya Namaha
who is always interested in doing good to others.

898. Om Sadhakshiptha nijanandhaya Namaha
whose Bliss is always overflowing.

899. Om Sadhanandhaya Namaha
who is always blissful.

900. Om Sadhgurave Namaha
who is a Sat Guru (the Teacher that takes one to God).

901. Om Sadajana hithodhyukthaya Namaha
who is always engaged in promoting the welfare of people.

902. Om Sadathmane Namaha
whose self is Sat (God or good).

903. Om Sadasivaya Namaha
who is Sadasiva (or always beneficent).

904. Om Sadardhachitthaya Namaha
whose heart is always tender (and responsive).

905. Om Sadrupine Namaha
whose form is Sat (God or good).

906. Om Sadasrayaya Namaha
who is the resort of the good or the pious.

907. Om Sada ajithaya Namaha
who was never worsted.

908. Om Sanyasayoga yukthathmane Namaha
whose mood is Sanyasa, i.e. detachment (or, who practiced the Yoga of renunciation).

909. Om Sanmargasthapana vrathaya Namaha
whose vow is to establish the virtuous Path (Path of Righteousness).

910. Om Sabhijam palamadhaya nirbhijam parinamakaya Namaha
who received (from Thackersey Sait, Kaka Mahajani's master) grapes with seeds and transformed them to seedless (muscated) grapes.

911. Om Samadhuhkha suka swasthaya Namaha
who was happy, by treating joy and sorrow with equal indifference.

912. Om Samalostasma kanchanaya Namaha
to whom a clod of earth, a stone and gold were the same.

913. Om Samartha sadgurusrestaya Namaha
who was the excellent Samartha Sadguru (i.e., the teacher who takes his disciples to God, using all his wonderful siddhies or powers in the effort

914. Om Samana rahithaya Namaha
who is without an equal.

915. Om Samasritha janathrana vratha-palanathathparaya Namaha
who is keen on carrying out his resolve to protect people who seek his support.

916. Om Samudrasamagambhiryaya Namaha
who is as profound and magnanimous as the ocean

917. Om Sankalpa rahithaya Namaha
who has no desires or objects.

918. Om Samsarathapa haryahgraye Namaha
who relieves people from the sufferings of Samsara.

919. Om Samsara varjithaya Namaha
who has no Samsara.

920. Om Samsaroththara namne Namaha
whose name ferries people across Samsara.

921. Om Sarojadhala komalaya Namaha
whose body was soft as lotus petals.

922. Om Sarpadhi bhayaharine Namaha
who removes the fear and obviates dangers fron serpents etc.

923. Om Sarparupepyavasthithaya Namaha
who is immanent even in the bodies of serpents.

924. Om Sarva karmaphalathyagine Namaha
who renounces the fruit of all his deeds (to God).

925. Om Sarvathra samavasthithaya Namaha
who is (immanent) in everything, everywhere.

926. Om Sarvathah panipadhaya Namaha
who has hands and feet everywhere.

927. Om Sarvathokshisiromukaya Namaha
who has eyes and head everywhere.

928 Om Sarvatha: sruthimanmurthaye Namaha
whose form has ears everywhere.

929. Om Sarvamavruthya samsthithaya Namaha
who stands enveloping all.

930. Om Sarvadharma samathrathre Namaha
who protects (men of) all creeds equally.

931. Om Sarva dharma supujithaya Namaha
who is worshipped by men of all creeds.

932. Om Sarvadharman parithyajya gurvisam saranam gathaya Namaha
who cast aside ideas of observances according to numerous Sastraic injunctions and sought refuge at the feet of his Guru (whom he identified with God).

933. Om Sarvadhi sakshibhuthaya Namaha
who was the spectator or witness in the hearts of all.

934. Om Sarvanamabhi suchithaya Namaha
who is that which is denoted by all names.

935. Om Sarva bhuthantharathmane Namaha
who is the (inward) soul of all creatures.

936. Om Sarva bhuthasayasthithaya Namaha
who is in the hearts of all creatures.

937. Om Sarvabhuthadhi vasaya Namaha
who is the indweller in all beings.

938. Om Sarvabhutha hitherathaya Namaha
who is interested in promoting the welfare of all beings.

939. Om Sarvabhuthathma bhuthathmane Namaha
who had identified his soul with that of all beings.

940. Om Sarvabhutha suhrudhe Namaha
who is the friend of all creatures.

941. Om Sarvabhuthanisonnidhraya Namaha
who keeps vigilant guard and is awake in that which is darkness or night to all creatures.

942. Om Sarvabhutha samadhruthaya Namaha
who pays equal regard to all creatures.

943. Om Sarvajnaya Namaha
who is aware of all things (being Pure Consicousness).

944. Om Sarvavidhe Namaha
who knows everything.

945. Om Sarvasmai Namaha
Who is all.

946. Om Sarvamatha susammathaya Namaha
who is well pleased with all religions (and with whom persons of all religions are well pleased)

947. Om Sarvarm brahmamayam dhrastre Namaha
who sees everthing as Brahman.

948. Om Sarvasakthyupabrurmhithaya Namaha
who is endowed with all powers.

949. Om Sarvasankalpa sanyasine Namaha
who renounces all desire.

950. Om Sanga vivarjithaya Namaha
who has no attachment.

951. Om Sarvaloka saranyaya
whose support or shelter is and can be had by all the world.

952. Om Sarvaloka mahesvaraya Namaha
who is Maheswar or the great God of all the world.

953. Om Sarvesaya Namaha
who is Lord of all.

954. Om Sarvarupine Namaha
who is in all forms (and can appear in any form).

955. Om Sarvasathru nibharhanaya Namaha
who destroys all enemies and opposers.

956. Om Sarvaisvaryaika manthraya Namaha
whose name is the one mantra for obtaining all Aishwarya (fortune, wealth, power etc.).

957. Om Sarvepsitha palapradhaya Namaha
who grants all, their desired objects.

958. Om Sarvopakarakarine Namaha
who renders all help to all.

959. Om Sarvopasya padhambhujaya Namaha
who can be worshipped by all.

960. Om Sahasra sirsamurthaye Namaha
who has (1000 i.e.,) innumerable heads.

961. Om Sahasrakshaya Namaha
who has (1000 i.e.,) innumerable eyes.

962. Om Sahasrapade Namaha
who has (1000 i.e.,) innumerable feet.

963. Om Sahasranama visvasine Namaha
who had faith in Vishnu Sahasranama.

964. Om Sahasranama lakshithaya Namaha
who is denoted by (1000 i.e.,) innumerable names.

965. Om Sakaraapi nirakaraya Namaha
who though with form (apparently) is (really) formless (being the spirit or soul).

966. Om Sakararcha sumanithaya Namaha
who approved of worship of forms.

967. Om Sadhujana parithrathre Namaha
who protects the good.

968. Om Sadhu poshakaya Namaha
who feeds and supports the good.

969. Om Salokasastisamipya sayujyapadha dhayakaya Namaha
who grants (his devotees) the four grades of salvation viz., saloka, Saroopa, Sameepya and Sayujya - i.e., (1) being cosphered with, (2) attaining the same form as, and (3) being in the proximity of God and (4) being merged in God.

970. Om Sayiramaya Namaha
Sayee Rama.

971. Om Sayinathaya Namaha
Sayee natha (i.e., the supporting Sayee).

972. Om Sayisaya Sayeesa Namaha
(the Lord Sai).

973. Om Sayi satthamaya Namaha Namaha
Sayi Sattama (i.e., the best of saints).

974. Om Sakshathkrutha hariprithya sarva-sakthiyuthaya
who was endowed with all powers by God (Hari) who appeared before him (being well pleased with his Hari NamaJapa).

975. Om Sakshathkara pradhathre Namaha
who grants Sakshatkara to his devotees (i.e., suddenly appears before them and makes them have other similar experiences.)

976. Om Sakshath manmatha mardhanaya Namaha
who is the visible Siva, the destroyer of Cupid.

977. Om Sayine Namaha

978. Om Sayidhevaya Namaha
Sai Deva (Lord Sai).

979. Om Siddhesaya Namaha
who is a Siddhesa, lord of (siddhi) psychic powers.

980. Om Siddha sankalpaya Namaha
whose very idea becomes a realised fact.

981. Om Siddhidhaya Namaha
who confers siddhies (powers).

982. Om Siddhayavahmukhaya Namaha
who was indifferent to the acquisition of siddhies.

983. Om Sukrutha dhushkruthathithaya Namaha
who is beyond virtue and vice.

984. Om Sukesu vigathaspruhaya Namaha
who had no desire or Joy-even when he experienced it.

985. Om Suka dhukkha samaya Namaha
who maintained the same serenity equally amidst Joy and sorrow.

986. Om Sudhasyandhi mukojvalaya Namaha
whose countenance glowed with and dripped nectar (i.e., filled the beholders with Joy) and made them forget care and sorrow.

987. Om Svecchamathra jahaddhehaya Namaha
who gave up his body at will, by will power alone (i.e., without use of instruments etc.).

988. Om Svecchopatthathanave Namaha
who resumed his body by will power alone.

989. Om Svikrutha bhaktharogaya Namaha
who transferred or withdrew disease from the body of his devotee to his own body.

990. Om Svemahimni prathistithaya Namaha
who is established in His Own Greatness.

991. Om Harisate thathananarh kamadhe: parirakshakaya Namaha
who guarded Hari Vinayak Sathe and Nanasaheb Chandorkar against the attacks of Lust etc.

992. Om Harshamarshabhayodvegaihi nirmuktha vimalasayaya Namaha
Whose heart was clear and pure being free from Rejoicing, Anger, Fear, and other ebullience (out burst) of emotion.

993. Om Hindumuslim samuhamscha maithrikaranathatparapa Namaha
Who was intent on promoting good relations or friendship between Hindu and Muslim communities.

994. Om Humkarenaiva sukshipram sthabdha prachandamaruthaya Namaha
who stilled a strom very Quickly by shouting out (Humkara) against
it (and ordering it to be still).

995. Om Hrudhayagranthibhedhine Namaha
Who removed Hridayyagranthi (i.e. the notion that the body and nothing but the body is the self).

996. Om Hrudhayagranthivarjithaya Namaha
Who was free from Hridayagranthi.

997. Om Kshanthanantha dhaurjanyaya Namaha
Who patiently endured innumerable misdeeds (of people).

998. Om Kshithipaladhisevithaya Namaha
Who was honoured and served by kings etc.

999. Om Kshipraprasadhadhathre Namaha
Who grants boons very Quickly.

1000. Om Kshethrikruthasvasirdikaya
Who turned his hamlet shirdi into a place of pilgrimage.


1. Sayinama japannithyam sayidhyanam karothi cheta
dharmarthakamamoksha: cha siddhasthasya na samsaya:

2. Puthrahino labhethputhram dhanahino dhanam labhet
vidhyarthi cha labhedhvidhyam varahina subham varam

3. Prapannavathsala: sayi bhakthan arvam dhadhathi va
sainam saranam gaccha Aihikamushmikapradham .


1. If one dally repeats Sai's names and meditates on Sai, then he will surely attain (Dharma) Virtue, (Artha) wealth, (Kama) enjoyment and (Moksha) Salvation. There is no doubt about this.

2. The issueless, will thus obtain issue; the poor, wealth; the student
Learning and the maiden will obtain a good husband.

3. Sai who loves the devotees who have surrendered themselves to Him gives everything to them, (so) seek refuge with Sai, who grants boons beneficial in this world and beyond.