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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2206 to 2226 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2206 to 2226 of 2648



2206 Jiva-Knowledge in Relation to Para-Knowledge in the Four States


Jiva-knowledge cognising Para-Knowledge is Jagrat

Jiva-knowledge cognising-ceasing is Dream;

Jiva-knowledge cognising,

Yet knowing it not, is Sushupti;

Jiva-knowledge merging in Para-Knowledge

Is Turiya verily.



2207 Jiva's Experiences in Turiya State


He (Jiva) then pervasive becomes;

Shedding Malas five,

He takes the Form of Jnana;

Experiencing that,

Abandoning his pervasiveness,

He ascends higher,

The Subtle Form of Pranava (Aum)

To assume.



2208 Tattvas in the Inner Divisions of Turiya State


Thirty and Six are Tattvas

In Jagra-in-Turiya;

In Svapna in that Turiya;

And in Sushupti-in-Turiya

In Turiya-in-Turiya

The Body Gross and the Body Subtle

To the Suddha Maya belong;

He who that Turiya-in-Turiya State attains

Master, indeed, Becomes.



2209 New Knowledge


This I knew not,

All these days;

This when I know,

Nothing else I knew;

When I knew,

This the Truth

Then I Knew I am It.



2210 Immanence of Sakti and Siva


As Life of Life,

As Form and Formless,

As Jiva-Sentience and Knowledge-Divine

All pervasive, He stands;

If Sakti and Siva

In world immanent are not,

Verily, verily, all is inert darkness,

In ignorance entire steeped.



2211 Raison D'Etre of Creation


In endearment wondrous

The Lord moved Sakti into Creative activity;

And to primordial Pasas five,

Conjoined Tattvas thirty and six

And fashioned the body organs too,

--That your Malas sundered be.



2212 Jagrat-atita State Leads to Turiya-In-Turiya (Para Turiya)


In Jagrat-atita State

Anava (Egoity), forsooth, is;

Even when the Soul enters

The Turiya state in Jagrat-atita (Turiya-in-Turiya State)

Anava still is of Jagrat-atita state;

Jagrat-atita is,

Where Truth of Para is.



2213 Mala-Contamination is Root of All Evil


By Mala-Contamination

Was Sakti obscured;

By Mala-Contamination

Was Jnana obscured;

By Mala-Contamination

Was Param obscured;

He who is freed

Of Mala-Contamination

Is verily the Enlightened One.



2214 Enemies of Thought For God


In their bewildered thoughts

Are the lions three (lust, anger and ignorance);

In their bouncing thoughts

Are the jackals four (mind, intellect, will and egoity)

In their sensory thoughts

Are the elephants five (taste, sight, touch, sound, smell)

These the foes (internal and external)

Of the contending mind.



2215 Give Up Distractions and Take to the True Way


With streaming eyes eighteen

Your thoughts in distraction wander;

Before you tremble in death,

Take to the True Way;

You shall indeed meet

The mighty Lord of your soul.



2216 Jiva Devoid of Thought in Sushupti


Of the Tattvas in Waking State

Four times five are behind left;

The Tattvas four that Antahkaranas form

In Dream State are;

--These you shake off

And into yourself enter;

Then thoughts devoid

The Soul in Sushupti Stands.



2217 Evolution of Jiva to Para State


The Soul who thus stood

Has verily a Master become;

He enters the Turiya State

And remains in the Eight-fold Yoga;

He then attains Turiyatita State;

And further a while after

He becomes Para the Pure.



2218 Further Evolution to Primal Light


He who thus Isa Became

Reaching Turiyatita State,

As Pure Jnana comprehends worlds all;

Then He further attains the Five Forms,

Sadasiva, Mahesvara, Rudra, Hari and Brahma;

Having experienced those stages,

Jiva becomes Siva;

Then, further attaining Mauna (Divine Silentless) State,

He merges in the Primal Light.



2219 Lord is Within


He is the Lord of Maya Land,

Where the Spheres Three within are;

He is the One whom I see within

And pine incessant for;

He is the Lotus that blooms in the cranium,

With its stalk stemming deep in my heart.



2220 The Dawn of Light Within in Yoga


The birds (Malas) shrilled

Unaware of the shimmering dawn;

Bewildered were they,

Their mother (Sakti) unrecognising;

Beyond Vedas stood He my Lord;

They who knew the Mystic Way (of Yoga)

Reached to Him inside their very head.



2221 I Saw Him Within In the Nine Centres


In contemplation deep I sought

The Lord of worlds all,

In the Nine Centres within;

Distinct I saw Him,

He, the Lord of Celestials all;

Intense I sought Him,

And He in my thoughts unfailing stood.



2222 Kundalini Yoga Experience


As one that kindles the lamp's flame,

So do you,

The Lamp's Flame in Muladhara kindle;

That Lamp in Muladhara lighted,

Encompassing the Sphere of Moon, glows.



2223 God is Inward Where the Five Sense Controlled Meet


If you ask,

How the Heavenly Space within the cranium is,

Where the inward looking Five abide,

Verily it is,

Unto gazing upward into a mirror

(Seeing the self-reflected in crystal purity)

At a junction

Where the Five, in control, meet.



2224 Lord is the Knower; He makes the Jiva Experience


the Five States of Awareness

The knower he is,

Who things unknown knows;

The knower,

Who the Self knows not,

Is knower none;

The Jiva the Five Avastas knows not;

He, Lord, makes him know

To none beknown;

Who indeed does Him know?



2225 Turiya in Turiya is Para Turiya; Beyond is Turiyatita


The visioning of Turiya State

We thus far spoke of;

The Void of Turiya State

Is state rare;

Unimportant indeed,

Are the states Jagra and the rest;

Great, great, by far

Is the Timeless Para Turiya;

Transcending it is Turiyatita;

Rarer even far that State is.



2226 Seek Para Turiya and Reach Siva's State


The World of Maya (Prakriti)

Belongs to Jiva;

To leave that Maya

Is to reach Kevala Maya State;

To be born again and again

As diverse life forms,

Is the State--Sakala;

In Para Turiya is Siva State.



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