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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2355 to 2369 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2355 to 2369 of 2648





2355 Importance of Self-Knowledge


With knowledge of Self

No harm there be;

Without knowledge of Self

Himself His (Jiva) harm be;

When knowledge

That knows the Self dawns,

Yourself Siva becomes,

Worshipped high.



2356 Lord on His Celestial Throne


There on the Throne leonine,

Adored by the mighty Celestials,

Was Siva Seated;

And the Lady of tresses exuberant,

With bangles of conch-shell

And anklets resounding

Sang "Hail My Lord."



2357 Siva's Form is Jnana


I knew not,

Siva's Form is Jnana;

Nandi by His Grace taught me

Siva's Form is Jnana,

I sought Jnana's Form

And in that knowledge

I remained.



2358 Jnana Alone Knows Jnana


Jnana has no death, nor birth;

Jnana has ground none but Jnana;

It is Jnana that knows Jnana

Thus they conclude, in the ultimate, Vedas all.

Jnana has ground none but Jnana;

It is Jnana tha



2359: Seat of Jnana Within


Above the flower of the heart, (Visuddha Adhara)

Is a flower of petal sixteen,

There is Jnana Pure,

Sivananda (Siva-Bliss) it is;

When jnana of Self

In it merged

Jiva united in Siva

And as one remained.


2360: Lord Blessed Me



To them that firm-fixed Him in thought

As Grace of Sakti

He hastened;

I praised Him;

The Lord too appeared

His Golden Form revealing;

I held fast to Him knowing Jiva Jnana,

Then are Anima and other Siddhis (eight);

Nandi thus knew

Jiva Jnana as Siva Jnana.



2362 Dividing Line Between Knowledge and Ignorance


"Jnana, Jnana," thus laments this world,

They know not,

Jnana of Jiva is Jnana none; but ignorance;

When Divine Jnana overlays Jiva Jnana,

They both Pure Jnana are;

Thus much is it after all,

Between Knowledge and Ignorance.



2363 Transcend Knowledge and Ignorance and Reach Siva Jnana


Knowledge and Ignorance

Both transcending,

Abandoning senses five,

And immanent becoming,

Himself as Jnana,

And Jnana's pervasiveness

Jiva stands.



2364 Heart of Jnani


The heart of Jnani is Expanse Vast;

The heart of Jnani is Tapas rare;

The heart of Jnani is Lord's abode;

There He stood, in the heart of Jnanis.



2365 Siva Stands Close to Jiva


The Lord He is

Hari, Brahma and Rudra;

He is the Seed

Of the corporeal world;

Distant, and near is He;

He is sugar cane-sweet and ambrosia divine;

Thus He stands close to Jiva.



2366 Know Self and Be With God


All these days,

I knew not the Self;

When I knew the Self,

Nothing else I knew;

When I knew the Self,

He left me not

And within me He enquires

Of my welfare in loving care.



2367 Seek Pure Lamp


The Maya's Lamp is flickering,

It burns and dies;

The Pure Lamp steadily burning;

The body's Lamp within heats;

The Distant Lamp I seek.



2368 Seek God


I seek in directions eight and two,

I seek, in goodness, the Feet of Lord

I sing, "Param is my Refuge"

I unite in Him, in mind's fulness.



2369 Jiva's Journey to Liberation is Lord's Play


In the Primal Play of Lord

Were Jivas created;

Enveloped in mighty Malas were they;

Discarding them,

They realized the Self,

And besought the Feet

Of their hoary Lord;

Thus, they Siva became

With birth no more to be.



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