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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2466 to 2487 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2466 to 2487 of 2648





2466 Three Turiyas--Jiva, Para and Siva; and Their Respective Reaches


Tvam Pada, Tat Pada and Asi Pada

The Turiya beyond (in Jagrat)

Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep States

Is Jiva Turiya;

The Turiya beyond

The Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep States (in the Jiva Turiya State)

In Para Turiya;

The Turiya further beyond (in the Para Turiya State)

Is Siva Turiya;

In these are reached

Tvam, Tat and Asi States respective.



2467 States of Consciousness in the Three Turiyas


In Jiva Turiya of Waking State

Is Tvam-Pada;

The end of Jiva Turiya is the beginning of Para Turiya Jagrat;

At the end of Para Turiya

Is Para Pada (Tat-Pada)

Three steps beyond,

In the fourth, is Siva Turiya (Asi Pada).



2468 Ten States of Consciousness in All--In the Three Turiyas


The four states of Jiva Turiya

And the four states of Para Turiya

And the four states of Siva Turiya

As the end of one Turiya is the beginning state of next

They really are states Ten.



2469 At the End of Ten is Union in Para Para


The Ten States are in the Turiyas Three;

Them as Ends, you proceed;

At the Final End is identity with Para Para

Connecting the States in the middle two each

(Jiva Turiya and Para Turiya Jagrat into one

And Para Turiya Turiya and Siva Turiya Jagrat into one.)



2470 If You Cannot Reach Turiya Land, Persevere Still


Reach the Turiya Land, and be there;

If you cannot reach it

Think of Lord in the Way scriptures speak of,

You shall reach the Truth

That is beyond beyond words.



2471 The Holy Way


Become Knowledge;

Away with Tattvas six times six

That Asat (unreal) are;

Crush the crowding Maya

With Lord's Grace;

Then will be the Divine Grace abiding;

That way, the holy ones knew.



2472 From Jiva Turiya to Para Turiya


The Fourth States of Jagrat

Is Turiya (Jiva Turiya);

There Jiva attains Tvam-Pada;

The Karmas end;

Again, commencing from Jiva Turiya

Is the Jagrat State in Para Turiya;

Reach Turiya in Para Turiya State,

There indeed is Tat-Pada State.



2473 On to the Third Turiya


As you reached Tvam-Pada and Tat-Pada,

So now enter the third Turiya State (Siva Turiya)

At its end is the Divine Light (Asi-Pada)

The Super-Subtlety (Suksma) that words can conceive not;

Beyond is Siva

Who as Nandi accepted me into His Grace.





2474 The Three Muktis Are Direct Experiences With Siva-Form


Jiva-Mukti is the Atita (Beyond Consciousness State);

Para-Mukti is Upasanta (Divine Peace);

Siva-Mukti is Ananda (Divine Bliss);

All three are Svarupa Muktis

That from Nadanta branchs

Where Pranava (Aum) as letters Three (A,U,M) are.



2475 Mukti is the Goal of Being One With Siva


They know not the goal of birth,

The Jiva who knows it

Will in Grace be;

Nothing here to be in home or outside,

Thus renouncing all,

Be one with Siva

That verily is Mukti.



2476 Way of So-Ham


Siva Becoming,

The Malas triple perishing,

The Gunas triple perishing,

The Muktis triple attaining,

One with Tattvas uniting

That the way of "So-ham" is;

Unto those who follow this Way

The Immaculate Siva Himself reveals.



2477 All Attainments, Work of Lord


Siddhi and Mukti,

And Suddhi that is Siva Pure,

And Sakti of Pure Bliss,

That extinguishes the Fires Three;

And the Samadhi Exalted

--All these the work of Divine Lord

Who thine bonds sunders.





2478 Beyond Triple Muktis is God


As you ascend,

Attenuate Malas Five

And espouse "So-ham"

That is Jnana filled;

And be liberated

Attaining Svarupa Mukti triple;

And in the End,

Vision Truth of Para (Siva) Eternal.



2479 Light in the Three Mansions


Three the Mansions

Three that reside there

In the Three merge the thirty-six (Tattvas)

The Light that rises from within the Three

May well the Jiva vision;

Then ended will birth's cycle be

That endless was.



2480 Lord's Vastness


The worlds tumbled,

The aeons passed,

The three Lights,

Sun, Moon and Fire

One became;

All in Benevolent Lord merged;

Who knows His vastness and greatness!



2481 God's Multiple Forms


The Primal One, the indivisible Great

Himself into several divided;

As Form, Formless and Form-Formless,

And as Guru, and as Sakti-Lord

In Forms numerous

He immanent in Jivas became

And transcendent too.



2482 Jiva Shines in Triple Mukti


In Triple Mukti Jiva receives Light Divine

With light and brillance infused,

The crystal as a gem shines;

Unto it is Jiva

When he attains Muktis Three

And Grace of Sakti Divine;

Hold to the Feet of Nandi

Who all these Graces ordained.



2483 Beyond Triple Mukti is Mudra of Jnana


With crystalline hue and radiant brilliance,

The Lord stands as a gem of purest ray serene;

Seek Him and reach the Mukti State Three;

Beyond is Void that defies speech,

There contemplate on Aum in Silentness

In that Mudra of Jnana

The final Grace is.



2484 Kundalini Yoga


He is the Light within the heart's crimson lotus;

If the Crimson Lotus within, Nada you reached,

You shall wake Kundalini Sakti;

And closing Muladhara where She imprisoned is,

Ascend upward (through Sushumna in Yogic breathing)

And open wide the gate above at cranium top.





2485 Jiva, Para and Siva Are One in Three Places


One person in places three functions

Yet may be as three different appear;

Unto this

Are Jiva, Para and Siva;

One are they

But in different places appear.



2486 How to Reach Siva State


Brighten the light within

To merge in the Light (without);

Through Sound potency in "Aum"

Rouse Prana breath within

To merge in the breath without (Cosmic Life);

Coursing it appropriate upward,

Merge the space within into Space without;

Clear shall you the Siva-State vision.



2487 Unmai Sakti Takes Over


He ended the pulsations of Karanas

By a sleight of hand, as it were--My Nandi

As the lovely Manonmani (Sakti) left,

Unmani (Sakti) no less lovely entered,

Do take to Her in Samadhi inward.





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