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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2227 to 2246 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2227 to 2246 of 2648




2227 Sat, Asat and Sat-Asat Nature of Suddha, Kevala, Sakala States


He who cognises the Self

Is in Suddha State;

He who is not

Is in Kevala;

He who cognises in distracting differences

Is in Sakala;

In Sat (Real), Asat (Unreal) and Sat-Asat (Real-Unreal)

They respective conjoin;

Each according to his cognising state.



2228 Importance of Self-Cognition-Suddha State


Himself unto himself

Is foe and friend;

Himself unto himself

Is the here and hereafter;

Himself his Karmas

He experiences;

Himself unto himself

His master be.



2229 Evolution of the Sakala State of the Soul


The Soul in Kevala State

Inert reposes;

On it the Mamaya (Asuddha Maya) acts;

By the action

The Soul receives powers of cognition;

And then mixing with Desire (Kamiyam)

And the Objects of Desire (Mayeyam)

In Pasa it full enters;

That the State of Sakala is.



2230 Who Are the Sakalas?


Sakalas are those

Who in Sakala State are;

Steeped they are in Pasas three;

The peerless Brahma, Hari,

The Celestials numerous,

The humans here below

And all lives unto the tiny worm,

All, all, are Sakalas verily.



2231 Who Are the Pralayakalas


Pralayakalas in Maya (Asuddha) world abide;

Of Maya their bodies are in main;

Of comeliness eternal are they;

The Srikanta

And the eight and hundred Rudras;

--(These the Pralayakalas are.)



2232 Who Are the Vijnanakalas


Vijnanakalas are souls, other numerous,

They reside in the State of Kevala;

They are possessed of Anava (mala)--alone;

The eight Vidyesvaras beginning with Ananta

The (Maha) Mantraresvaras that seven crore number,

--(These the Vijnanakalas are.)



2233 Suddha or Pure State


Of them,

Those who receive Siva's Grace

From Anava mala get liberated;

Transcending the states of Bindu (light) and Nada (sound)

As Aum (Pranava) they become;

And in Siva Pure they merge;

That verily is the Suddha (Pure) State (Avasta).



2234 Four Divisions of Vijnanakalas


When you think of it,

Of these Souls in gradation three,

Vijnanakalas have divisions four.

They are shrouded in Kevala (Asuddha) Maya;

Inclined are they to be gripped by Desire,

Yet, of themselves they leave all;

When the Lord His Grace bestows;

And together the Malas sunders.



2235 When is Suddha State Reached?


Abandoning the illusory Tattvas

Six times six;

Rid of ignorance

The Jiva becomes Siva Himself;

And pervading all Creation

He enters the Void true;

This the Suddha State,

That of himself the Jiva reaches.



2236 How Suddha State is Reached


Eternal is he, Jiva; pervasive too is he;

Immersing him in Eternal Malas five,

The Lord lifts him

From the Primordial Kevala State

And consigns to Sakala State;


Freed from unceasing whirl of birth

The Jiva, Suddha State reaches.



2237 Knowledge of Self in Turiya Leads to Suddha State


The Suddha State is the ultimate;

The Jiva that passes through Kevala

When it reachs Turiya

Receives knowledge of Tatpara,

--Who beyond States, Kevala and Suddha, exists--

Thus realizing the Self within.



2238 Involution of Tattvas After Jiva Reaches Suddha State


The Tattvas five times five

Will into the Soul involute;

The Soul, having realized Suddha State,

Will in Suddha Vidya Tattva merge;

The first three of this category

(Suddha Vidya, Isvaram and Sadakyam)

Will in Sakti involute;

Beyond the Sakti is Siva

(Of the Siva Tattva)

Thus involuting, the Soul returns to the Beginning;

This the order (in reverse) of evoluting too.



2239 Involution of Tattvas Further Explained


The Tattvvas five times five of Purusha

Into the Six (Vidya Tattvas) involute;

They into the three Siva Tattvas higher above involute,

Who in turn merges into Sakti Bindu

Who with Siva (Nada) stands;

--Thus is the ultimate of involution reached

Into Tattvas four and seven.



2240 Souls are Ranked as Vijnanakalas, Pralayakalas, and Sakalas


According to the Number of Malas They Possess

The Kevalas (Vijnanakalas) are inert

With Anava alone possessed;

The Pralayakalas have Maya

In addition;

They see with form unseen;

The Sakalas are Souls

In all three Malas steeped.



2241 Further explained


The Vijnanakalas possess Anava mala alone;

The Pralayakalas have Maya too;

Anava, Maya, and Karma

--All three the Sakalas have

These their Malas are.



2242 Sakalas in Vijnanakalas


The Vijnanakalas

Who stand in Kevala (inert State)

By the power of Bindu,

That in Kevala is,

Become activated as Sakalas within Kevala;

And so attain the truth of Mamaya

Who the power of Mantra holds.



2243 Pralayakalas--108 Rudras


The Pralayakalas in Maya (Suddha) reside;

Yet that Maya affects them not;

They stand with Anava;

With Mamaya's (Asuddha) Kamya desires that Sakalas possess;

They verily are the Rudras One Hundred and Eight.



2244 Sakalas Have All Three Malas


They who in Malas three enveloped

In worldly life wallow,

Are the Sakalas per se;

Thus are the Devas, the humans,

And the rest of Brahma's creation numerous

Unto the very worm

That life's womb enters;

--All these are Sakalas that crowd the world.



2245 Rid of Malas, Souls Become Suddhas


They who Suddha State reach,

By luminous Grace of Siva

Stand dispelled of Malas triple,

That Sat-Asat are;

And of dark Pasas, one by one;

Having thus rid them entire,

They become Suddhas ever.



2246 Gradations of Suddha States--Suddha-Kevala, Suddha-Sakala,


Suddha-Jagra, and Suddha-Suddha

In Suddha-Kevala-Mukti State

The Jiva stands alone;

When afterward

The Kalas leave,

Then is Suddha-Sakala-Mukti;

When in sound Aum

The Soul as one stands,

Then is Suddha (Kevala) Jagra Mukti;

Still beyond,

The Soul Itself within Itself stands

Then is Suddha-within-Suddha-Mukti State.




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