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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2512 to 2526 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2512 to 2526 of 2648





2512 You Can See Lord Only if You Hold Him in Your Heart


"I shall smite the hare in the moon"

Thus saying

A man unsheaths his jewelled sword;

Unto him are they

Who say,

"We the blue-throated Lord will see,

We know the Way;"

Such shall never see,

As in their hearts they hold Him not.



2513 Lord is Remote and Near


The black-footed Garuda bird

Across the sky passes;

The black-hued serpent in deep well dies;

Stop bragging of your greatness, O heart!

Be unto the river

That into the wavy ocean merges.



2514 Perform Tapas


If you seek your enemies (Malas) to perish,

Why fight at the Gate of Birth?

Silly heroism indeed!

If suitable the Tapas of holy ones are,

He, who all gifts gives,

Will with Celestials seat them.



2515 Seek and Be in Bliss


Be not in contentions lost;

Our Lord pervades worlds all

He is Siva--

Thus you hold;

Then the very Heavenly Hosts Eighteen

Will worship at your feet;

Seek Him, seek Him;

You shall in bliss be.



2516 Contemplate on Him


The Lord who is dearer than dearest life in me,

The Pure One who is brighter than purest gold

The Great One, in all life, unvarying glows,

On Him contemplate, in ways appropriate.



2517 Adore Him in All Ways


Standing, sitting and prostrating

Well may you, the Pure One adore;

Though learned you be,

Do conquer your Senses Five,

And quick sunder contending Pasas;

Thus seek Him and know Him,

He in you one will be.



2518 He is Pervasive Knowledge


My Father, My Lord

As subtle Knowledge He stood;

As pervasive Knowledge, engrossing

The Seven Worlds, too, He stood;

He knows melodies all;

Sing His praise,

The Celestials will you in endearment hold.



2519 Think of Him Continuously


He whom even Celestials know not,

Think of Him, in the waking dawn,

Continuous think of Him morn, noon and eventide

If thus you perservere,

You shall become the very Paraparam.



2520 He is of Infinite Grace


As One He pervades the seven worlds all,

He, of yore, His Grace on Jiva conferred;

He, Lord of Grace Infinite;

Goodly is He in Jnana

Of the holy ones of constant heart;

He who is festooned in flower unfading,

He, the Famed One.



2521 Witness Dance of Siva


"Hail, my Father! Hail His golden Feet!"

Thus I praised;

And as I praised,

The radiant lamp

Of life within sparkled;

And then I heard the bewitching sound,

That my body in rapture immersed;

And lo! there was His Dance!



2522 God Vision in Yoga Way


I sought my Nandi within

And there I met Him;

They seek Him not within their hearts,

And so know Him not;

In yogic way I entered within

And ascended Adharas;

And eyes closed in trance

I saw His Form Divine;

And the Seven Worlds too.



2523 Vision of Lord Within


I behold the Little Mount within

In it was Divine Glory,

Abiding Jnana and nectar sweet

For them that realize Him in (love) unfaltering,

He creates the very Heaven within;

He, the Compassionate One.



2524 State of Quiescence


Of Wisdom infinite,

The Tapasvins great in wisdom stood,

Pure as moon's rays they beam;

In Transcendental bliss they are;

Themselves Divine Jnana becoming,

They encompassed in Consciousness

The Universe Cosmic;

And entering Upasanta

They freed themselves of Malas,

And State of Quiescence reached.



2525 Siva Siddha State


They abandoned Muktis three as vain;

They dispelled enticing darkness of Pasa,

They rid themselves of Anava,

They transcended "I" and "mine" consciousness,

They in constancy remained,

They, verily, are Siva Siddhas.



2526 Siddhas Are Like Sadasiva Himself


Siddhas are those who Siva saw;

Soaked in Suddha-Asuddha,

Yet soaked are not;

Muktas are they,

And source of Mukti, too, are they;

Possessed are they of Muladhara prowess

Alike are they unto Sadasiva.




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