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English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2296 to 2216 of 2648




2296 Gunas experiences in States of Consciousness


Sattvic is Guna in the Waking State,

Rajas in Dream State,

Tamas in Deep Sleep State,

Nirguna, that other three Gunas destroys,

Is attribute of Turiya State Pure.





2297 Cosmic Space is God's Seat of Throne


In the vast spaces of Cosmos

Are universes numberless

That evolved and separated;

Countless are they

Unto the sands that are

On the shores of seven seas;

Sparkling as a jewel of gold

That dazzles

They form His Seat of Throne

--For Him, the Lord of Celestials.



2298 God is Principle of Bliss Beyond Tattvas


On that Seat of Throne

He sits as Bliss-Principle (Tattva)

Five, His Forms

Thirty-six the Tattvas He pervades;


The Tattvas He pervades

Are eight times by far as numerous

As universes in spaces Vast,

Himself beyond Tattvas' end.





2299 Attainments in Higher Experience (Para Avasta)


In the Fifth State (Jiva Turiyatita) is Ambrosia;

In the Seventh State (ParaTuriya-Jagrat) is Bliss;

Above in Ninth State (ParaTuriya-Sushupti) is Aum;

In the Eleventh State (Siva Turiya)

Illumined the Jiva standeth;

Abiding there He the (Divine) Body, attains;

Listen damsel that is red-mouthed as parrot!

--These the attainments of the Higher States (of Jiva) are.



2300 Tattvas Fade in the Finite Stage


Even in the Atita Turiya State

Six Tattvas formless abide

--The Purusha cum Chitta, and Five formless Tattvas;

In the Sushupti State of Atita Turiya,

The rest eight are;

Only in the Eleventh State, nothing of Tattvas is.



2301 There Nandi Alone Is


When the eleven States are thus cognised,

And the Jiva fixes firm in the Jnana Body

There is none but Nandi;

That Being Immutable

Contemplate in order;

Sure believe, you can the Goal reach.





2302 Beyond Kevala, Sakala and Self-Realization States is Suddha Avasta


The Jiva in its primal condition

Is in the Kevala State;

When it mixes with Tattvas

It departs and enters the Sakala State;

Released from there,

It realizes the Self;

When it transcends all the states three,

It enters the Jagratatita State;

There it is Pure (Suddha).



2303 Vision of Void


Give up anger (Egoity)

As far as you can;

Direct your thoughts (Godward)

As far as it goes;

If with Lord's Grace

You slumber (in contemplation)

Day and night,

Even mountains will break;

And you shall vision the Void interminable.





2304 Merge in Silentness, Senses Withdrawn


Deep in the Well of Silentness (Mauna)

Is a turtle--Jiva--(with Malas Five withdrawn)

If from Truth you deviate not,

And in (It) merge entire,

You shall indeed live

A thousand years beyond the turtle.



2305 Experience of Higher States Brings Immortality


Air, fire, water, earth and space,

Hari, Rudra, Mahesvara, Brahma and Sadasiva,

They who transcend these elements and Gods five

And into Higher States enter,

Will never death see;

Thoughts none other will they have

Except be of God.



2306 Jiva Son of Siva


Jiva is the son,

All the hoary scriptures thus say;

That they know not

The Jiva indeed is the Son of Hara;

For, without Jiva,

None the Tattvas five times five be.



2307 In Turiya is bliss Exceeding


Unto being born, living, and dying

Are the experiences three

Of Waking, Dreaming and Deep Sleep States;

When Jiva reaches Turiya State,

And there abides,

Exceeding Pure he becomes,

And infinite bliss he enjoys.



2308 From Turiya State No Return to Tattvas


All within him (Jiva),

And he in all without;

Thus if Jiva

The Turiya State experiences,

No more shall it return

To Tattvas six times six;

Divine Knowledge (Bodha)

It will attain;

And so reach Siva-State.



2309 Yet in Turiya, Karmic Effects Are


Well may you iron

From fire remove;

The iron still retains

The effect of fire (experience);

So too,

Even if sense organs

Are in Turiya State extinguished

The impure effect of Karmic acts

Will still there be.



2310 In Turiyatita State All Malas Disappear Entire


In the burning state of Jagra avasta

Diverse are the (Jiva's) experiences;

Give them up, give them up entire;

And with Grace of Nandi

That is Veda embodied,

You shall reach the Atita State

Bereft of Malas;

Then shall you the very Para be.



2311 Relapse Into Sakala State and Redemption by Grace


Those who have reached

The Suddha Atita-State

If to the Sakala State relapse,

Lord's Grace, them leave not;

Still standing close to Lord,

They enjoy not pleasures of world;

And at the end, Samadhi entering,

They in Lord as one unite;

--All these by Grace ultimate.



2312 All Are Acts of Grace


He parted Himself

In halves two;

He created the cluster of Tattvas

That to body pertain;

He let me be into births and places several;

He took me into inert Arul Kevala State,

And there left me,

The Lord in me uniting.



2313 Power of Grace


The toy whirl of leaves made

The fire wheel of torches made,

The billowy waves of the blue sea,

The curd that stands with the churn

--All these are by some other force moved;

So too, the Jiva pushed by Malas,

Enter hell, heaven and earth

And stand sore troubled;

--All these away vanished

When Grace does descend.



2314 In Jiva-Siva Union All Fade


When that State is attained,

Where the Self becomes Siva,

The Malas, the Pasas diverse,

Gunas and experiences

That arose for the estranged Jiva,

Will all, all, fade,

Even as does the beams of the moon

In the presence of the rising sun.



2315 When Jiva Becomes Pervasive as Siva


Within them,

(Who have attained Siva-State,)

There is fire, water and air;

The sun and the moon are there seated;

Hari, Brahma and Rudra

Are also in their heart.



2316 Attain Jnana and Enter Heavenly Home


He who, the elephants of senses five subdues,

Lights the lamp of Jnana

And entering its radiance,

Drives the darkness within;

For him

It is easy

To ascend the Heavenly Home (Siva Loka).



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