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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2488 to 2511 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2488 to 2511 of 2648





2488 Tvam-Tat-Asi


Tvam-Pada, Tat-Pada and Asi-Pada

All three states in Turiya arose;

In all three states one of Three stands

--Jiva, Para and Siva in order respective--

Together are they known

By the expression compounded,

That is, Tvam-Tat-Asi (Maha Vakiyam).



2489 Siva Appears Beyond Tvam-Tat-Asi


In the Three States Tvam Tat and Asi

Are the time-honored Malas Three--Kamiya and the rest

In the Three States Tvam Tat and Asi

Are the time-honored Gunas Three--Tamas and the rest

When these Malas and Gunas are seared,

Siva appears;

And as He appears, they fleet away,

As does darkness before moon's beam.



2490*2Tvam-Tat-Asi Becomes Tat-Tvam-Asi


Attain the State of Tvam-Tat-Asi

Through coursing breath (in Yogic Way)

Consider it as the Tenth State of (Turiya) experience;

Endless is that Experience;

Alter that expression so

That Siva (Tat) stands first

(That is Tat-Tvam-Asi, or Tatvamasi)

Thus meditate on it and ascend.



2491 As Tatvamasi, Practise Yoga


Thus altering the expression

Into Tatvamasi with Siva (Tat) first

Fix your thought on bliss of Svarupa;

And gently hold to your heart

The Pranava mantra (that is "Aum");

When Jiva thus practises Yoga

He realizes Truth

And stands, in Grace accepted.



2492 Thom-Tat-Asi is Celestisl Vakya


Tvam-Pada arises in Maya (Sakti)

Tat-Pada in comely Parai (Sakti)

Asi-Pada leads to Santhi (Kala)

That Vakya (expression) is verily of Celestials,

Thom-Tat-Asi by Yogic breathing attained.



2493 Jiva in Different Places and Times


Deva Datta is one and same person;

But through time and place he different appears;

Unto it,

If Jiva transcends time and place,

He and Siva one becomes (So-ham)

In Thom-Tat-Asi,

Jiva in body one with Primal Cause is;

Attaining True Jnana

Jiva becomes Para Siva.



2494 The Three Turiyas in the Three Letters A, U, M (Aum)


The Gunas Three, Tamas and the rest,

The Malas Three, Kamiya and the rest,

No more are;

A, U and the consonant M,

In those letters Three are Turiya Three

All these are of Thom-Tat-Asi, forsooth.





2495 Beyond Three Voids--Maya, Bodha and Upasanta


Experiencing the seven Caused States

The Maya Void is left behind;

Experiencing the seven Causal States

The Bodha Void is left behind;

Experiencing and sundering the Cause-Caused States (above)

The Upasanta Void is left behind;

Then alone is End Finale.



2496 Tat-Tvam-Asi End of Voids Three


The Maya Void is of Jiva;

The Bodha (Vyoma) Void is of Para;

The Upasanta Void (Vyapta) is

Where Jiva one with Siva-Sakti is;

All three Voids are of Pure Manifestness (Svarupa)

--The End of Tvam-Tat-Asi that is Tat-Tvam-Asi.



2497 Lord is in the Void Beyond the Three Voids


Of Himself, daily,

Nandi that rides the bull

Blesses you,

With impediment none;

And when I reach His Feet,

I cross the Void,

And in that Void

That imagination transcends

I merge.



2498 Paraparam is a Wondrous Land


That Void where Turiyas merge

Defies description

They call it Paramparam;

Thus they say who know not;

As Paramparam they worship it;

Who knows, what wondrous Land it is!



2499 Import of Si-Va-Ya-Na-Ma


The Tattvas six times six left,

And Malas, Anava and Maya devoid,

Denoted by letters "Na" and "Ma"--

Parai to Jiva ("Ya") Her Grace granting,

Into Paran ("Va" Sakti and "Si" Siva) makes it merge,

That indeed is "Si Va Ya Na Ma" (the Five-letter mantra).



2500 Beyond Thought and Form is Truth


For them who realized Truth

That Thought is Form and Form is Thought,

For them is no descent, no ascent, no Void.

Neither Thought, nor Form.





2501 Transcend All Experiences, Caused and Causal


When Caused Experiences Seven of Jiva

And Causal Experiences Seven of Para


Cause and Caused Difference vanish,

Then Jiva becomes Siva for sure.



2502 Final Goal is in Sushupti--Beyond Experiences


Without Caused Experiences six times six leaving,

Without Jagrat, Svapna and other states of Turiya Jagrat Waking leaving,

Without entering that Sushupti State

That is beyond Tattvas six times six,

What avails it

If of Thom Pada Jiva speaks?

He on earth will never, never,

The Final Goal reach.



2503 Interpretation of A-U-M (Aum) and Si-Va-Ya


Letter A is Jiva; U is Para; M is Siva;

In the three States of Mukti;

Si is Siva, Va is Para; Ya is Jiva

Thus the Mantras "Aum" and "Sivaya" are as one interpreted.



2504 Anava (I-ness) leaves only By Grace


As Life of life,

Interminable and imperishable

Beyond travails of Causal Experiences

And Caused Experience opposite,

Is Isa (Siva) vibrant;

Without His Grace abounding,

Anava that makes Jiva tremble

Never, never, leaves.



2505 Paraparan is in Void Beyond Experiences


Immanent is Jiva in Caused Experiences Seven,

Immanent is Parasiva in Causal Experiences Seven;

In the Void that defies Cause-Caused description,

Beyond Thought and Word,

Is Paraparan.





2506 Seeds Four


Seed of Mukti is Knowledge of Primal One;

Seed of Bhakti is intense adoration meek;

Seed of Siddhi is Self, Siva-Para Becoming;

Seed of Sakti is State of Upasanta.



2507 When Upasanta is


The Seven Caused Experiences lie latent in Maya;

The Seven Causal Experiences lie latent in Void;

When Cause-Caused experiences disappear,

Then is pervasive Upasanta.



2508 Upasanta in Siva Turiya


In (Jagrat) Turiya is Jiva's purification of Self (Atma Suddhi)

In Turiya of the Jagratatita (Para Turiya)

Is Vision of Param;

That extending into Siva Turiya

Is Upasanta pervasive.



2509 Beyond Jiva Turiya and Para Turiya is Upasanta


Removing Anava within,

Entwined with Tattvas six times six,

And realizing Self-knowledge,

--These acts of purification

To Jagrat-Turiya (Jiva Turiya) State belongs;

The Grace of Guru Param dawns

In the Jagratatita Turiya (Para Turiya)

That defies speech;

When that is crossed and Siva Turya is reached,

Then is Upasanta pervasive.



2510 Upasanta State--The Tenth State


Entering into Upasanta experience,

Jiva becomes Siva;

There immersed in Siva-Bliss

Jiva into Siva merges;

Enjoying that Bliss experience

It abides constant there;

That Experience engrosses

All the ten of Jiva

(From Jagrat Upwards to Siva Turiya.)



2511 Shore Beyond


Merged in One with Sakti and Siva,

As cool waters into wavy sea

And realizing Truth of Holy Word,

That is ambrosial sweet

Jiva reaches the Shore Beyond

That indeed defies speech.



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