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[A Basket of Philosophical Conclusions]

124. Disciple: The nature of Maya narrated by you is indeed knowledge. How does that (Maya) remove the transmigration which is unreal ?

125. How does the Maya which is unreal give rise to the release which is real ? You may please remove this doubt remaining in my mind.

126. Preceptor: O disciple, just as the unreal dream cognition 'I am a Chandala' occurred all of a sudden to the pure noble Brahmin.

127. Then in front of this Chandala, who was a thief in the forest, appeared a lion possessing a body as huge as a mountain,

128. Seeing that unreal mighty lion, the Brahmin agitated with fear, woke up abandoning the state of being a Chandala,

129. Just as the lion which is unreal removed the state of being Chandala, so also, the Maya which is unreal certainly removes transmigration.

130. Just as the face reflected in a mirror, though itself unreal, makes the real face known,

131. So also the pure Maya which is unreal reveals to the pure-minded mortals the self which is of the form of reality.

132. Thus when Karma diminishes, the Mahamaya, which is pure and impure, gives beings the liberation, which is of the form of the destruction of Maya itself.

133. Just as in the world the fire in the wood perishes because of the destruction of the wood, so also in the world Maya perishes because of the lack of substratum.

134. Having understood well our doctrine and fixing this in mind and rejecting other doctrines, move about with ease.


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