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[A Basket of Philosophical Conclusions]

457. Disciple: O Master be gracious. O Lord of the universe the ignorance accumulated (by me) is destroyed. Is there or is there not liberation for all O Lord ?

458. Thus asked by the disciple, the preceptor, the omniscient lord spoke in order to create harmony between (the different) doctrines.

459. Preceptor: According to all these philosophers the self is established as the doer. Because Atman fills everything, it is said to be the all-doer.

460. Having ascertained that the Atman of all is well expressed indeed by the followers (of different systems), I do not dispute with them.

461. The Lord is in every form. By whatever manner (he is) worshipped by people, all that is accepted by the Lord.

462. The Self is conceived by the Charvakas as the body.

463. Since the Self is all-pervasive it is agreed that even the body is the Self. The Self being of the size of the body, voidness and momentariness are attributed (to the self) by the Bauddhas.

464. Inertness and substances are attributed by the materialists to the Self which is of the nature of all-pervasiveness and pure consciousness. Even Prabhakara believed in a similar manner the

state of being.

465-466. Purusha is imagined by the Samkhyas who are given to deliberation. And its
nature of being the cogniser of the objects of the world is accepted by the Bhattas. The supreme Lord is conceived in different forms by others.

467. According to Kapalikas the nature of the self belongs indeed to the vital air (Prana). (The Lord) shines as all beings and as the Soul of everything.

468. Just like the fire in wood, the oil in the sesamum, the Supreme Being remains pervading the world outwardly and inwardly.

469. In this case, the conception of everyone is true, for the universe which is conceived in him is not different from the Lord.

470. Therefore at the proper time there is liberation to all the followers of (the different) doctrines. Those devoid of such an attitude are conceited fools.

471. They should be avoided diligently. And always observe silence with them. Further, O handsome boy, have confidence in the highest truth taught by me.

472. With the confidence thus placed, you will attain perfection. Further when perfection is well established, the state of possessing the Universe as the self comes into being. While remaining thus,

473. the state of being body of the universe is also produced. And there takes place, in the intellect (the notion that) the possessor of the body is the Supreme Self.

474. Reflecting thus, one should commence to wander about places to beg for alms. Having received alms, one should eat it because food obtained as alms is indeed food.

475. Food obtained as alms is declared to be of three kinds by those proficient in unsullied tradition. Having approached the house of devotees, remaining there at ease,

476. having spent five nights there, the food is termed inferior (Adhama). The mediocre type (Madhyama) is the food obtained from the house of the pure-minded Yogins.

477. The superior is the Madhukara (collected from different houses like collecting honey from different flowers). Thus food is of three kinds. Having exhausted day by day, the experience of the Prarabdha Karma become pure consciousness at the proper time.

478. (Thinking) continually, 'I am of the nature of all-pervasiveness 'I am everything', always remain of the nature of infinite self-consciousness.

479. Having performed the evening Samdhya, having merged this movable and immovable universe into the pre-consciousness, remain as pure consciousness alone.

480. To the Yogins the Self continues to remain in the same way after the destruction of the body as it was before destruction, hence remain like that.

481. Remembering this day and night, wandering in the world on account of Karma, you will become pure awareness on the exhaustion of the Prarabdha Karma.

482. Disciple: O Master, be gracious, O lord of the universe ! victory to you who are compassion embodied. I know the Self now due to your kindness only. I am the Supreme Lord, of the nature of contentless pure consciousness.

483. I have understood the truth and I have achieved the goal, by worshipping your lotus feet.

484. Wandering in this world always to experience the actions which are in operation and satisfied with whatever obtained, I am entering perfection.

485. This Sastra text Siddhantapanjara came through the mouth of Vighnaraja (Vinayaka) in the presence of Keralavarman, Chief of Matika.


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