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[A Basket of Philosophical Conclusions]

74. Disciple: You have explained to me the three characteristics of one's self. How is the tranmigrator liberated and bound by his own deeds ?

75. Preceptor: 'I am perfect', 'I am accomplished', 'I am loved', 'I am delighted', 'I am vacuous', 'I am animate'. Thus continuously.

76. Sinking in the six states, the transmigratory being is bound by his own action like a lion by a chain.

77. On the things, house, fields etc., the attitude is 'I am rich'; on the body it is 'I am thin', and on the eye 'I am having affectionate eye-balls'.

78. On intellect 'I am enjoying', with my own action. In the dreamless sleep 'I am void', and on breath 'I am breathing'.

79. Due to perpetual sense of identity with these six natural states, he is bound by these six natural states and also other states.

80. Cultivating ego-sense in the body and sense organs, the embodied one acts continually and is bound to the world by them.

81. Know that the embodied one, associated with desire, covetousness, etc., born of the sense of 'I' and 'mine' is bound by egoity.

82. The good and bad Karma done by the Jiva earlier with the previous body is indeed to be experienced here by the being.

83. And the Karma done here is experienced hereafter. Thus is the rule of the Karma of the confused Jivas.

84. Such beings rotate continually like a wheel. But there is a difference with regard to the wise who are devoted and contented.

85. The beings ascertained with intellect that the Gunas contained in the body and sense organs act only for their own enjoyment.

86. And he who does his duty thinking 'I am not the agent of the action', 'it does not pertain to me', is not bound by the action in any way.

87. The Karma earned prior to the awakening of knowledge is indeed burnt by the fire of knowledge. By no means does it become capable of giving rise to the birth of the embodied one.

88. Just as there is no sprout for a seed roasted by fire, so also the Karma of the knower of the truth will not yield birth.

89. The knower burns down all the righteous and unrighteous Karma pertaining to the period of ignorance as fire the cotton.

90. When the self-knowledge is attained, the being is not bound by acts done by him and done to him, like lotus-leaf by water.

91. Through (the operation of) speech, body and mind, a lot of Karma is being done (by beings) always, but the Yogin who is one among them is in the form of pure consciousness.

92. Being of the form of pure consciousness, the knowledge 'my speech', 'my mind' and also 'my body' is certainly producer of its own accord.

93. Then when looked into carefully the Yogin is not the agent, for, if he were the agent, always there is the defect, namely experiencing the result of what has not been done.

94. Just as the butter taken from the milk does not again become milk when thrown back into it, similarly the knower is a knower for ever.

95. Just as the cotton carried by the wind goes to the ten directions, so also the Karma of the knower.

96. The Karma of the beings who think thus does not verily cause birth. But the Karma of those who lack such a thinking leads to birth.



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