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"When I was living in Virupaksha cave‚ Sundaresh Aiyer used to bring the alms from town. Sometimes, there would be no curries or any such dish in those alms. There were too many people to feed and too little rice to go around. What to do? I would make the rice into porridge by adding warm water and give a glass each to everybody. People felt that it would be better if there was at least some salt. But then, where was the money for the salt? So, we would have to beg for it. As one is already begging for salt, maybe one should beg for some curry too! And while we are at it, why not ask for some pudding also? So, to avoid the thought itself, we used to gulp down the porridge as it was, disregarding the taste. And it felt so good. Being a satvik (bland) food it was so good for the body, as well as for the soul," said Bhagavan

I asked him, "Does salt also come under a rajasic (rich) food?"

"Oh! Doubtlessly! I think it is mentioned in some book. Let me look it up and tell you." said Bhagavan.

"It is enough if Bhagawan says so... Why consult books?" said I.

It was just not possible for me to avoid salt totally. On top of it, I felt the craving for some chillis too! So much for our food habits and our resolves.

Great souls eat to live so that they can work for the betterment of the world at large and we...? We live to eat, indulging ourselves in various tastes. This is the difference between them and us.

Should one eat to live? There is no need to bother about tastes. But should one live to eat, there is so much bother about tastes and no end to one's troubles.

(from The letters of Sri Ramanashram, Mrs. Suri Nagamma)

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