Sunday, June 26, 2016



Begin the day with SAI Kneel down to Him in prayer; Lift up thy heart to His abode and seek His love to share. Open SAI SATHCHARITA and read a portion there; that it may hallow all thy thoughts. And sweeten all thy care. Go through the day with SAI What ever thy work may be, What ever thou art, at home, abroad; He still is near to thee. Converse in mind with SAI Thy spirit heavenward raise, Acknowledge every good bestowed, and offer grateful praise. Conclude thy day with SAI Thy sins to Him confess Trust in the Lord's BLESSINGS and plead His righteousness. Lie down at night with God, Who gives His CHILDREN sleep; and when thou tread's the vie of death He will thee guard and keep.


Constant Remembrance of God

It is by His grace the devotee gains strength, courage and hope in his march on the divine path. The word Guru has a world of meaning in it. Guru is at once the master, father, mother, and all in all for him. A saint to whom the devotee clings with all his heart, like a creeper on the tree, is such a Guru. Although at first the Guru is a person contacted from outside, he is realized, as the devotee approaches him in the recesses of his own heart, to be the supreme Deity dwelling within himself.


Just as staff is to one who walks up a steep hill, just as fence to a tender plant, just as milk to a hungry babe, so the divine name given by the Guru is to the devotee. It sustains, nourishes, strengthens and in every way envelops the devotee like armor. The power of the name is simply inexpressible. It is sweeter than the sweetest. To taste it is to taste immortality; it is the giver of endless joy and peace. Death has no terror for him who has the Name on his lips. Life becomes a round of bliss when it is permeated with the Name. God is a miracle and wonder, and His name is perhaps a greater miracle and wonder.


So contact of a saint and God's name on the lips comprise all that is necessary for the devotee to get the vision of God and attain everlasting beatitude. Blessed indeed is he who has dedicated his life to the Beloved and attuned it with Him.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

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