Thursday, June 23, 2016

Baba’s View on Conversion from one religion to another

Baba's View on Conversion from one religion to another


Sai Baba symbolized the coining unity of the two creeds in Him and in His abode. Like Kabir - and Baba said he was Kabir in a former birth - he combined in himself the Hindu boring of ears with Moslem circumcision. He dressed like a Muslim Fakir, but was painted, garlanded and ornamented like a Hindu image. He spoke to Muslims in their Hindustani and to Hindus in their Marathi and quoted the Koran to the former and the Gita to the latter. He gave advice and help suited to each and was the friend and father of all. He was strictly conservative and kept each group or individual to its or his customary observances and lines of progress. He hated proselytism. Once when Bade Baba, the Malegaon Fakir, brought with him a Hindu recently convened to Islam, Baba mockingly asked the latter (knowing. of course, that the conversion was external and not a change of heart): "Well, have you changed your father?"


(Source: HH Pujyasri B V Narasimha Swamiji)

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