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Re-birth by Baba's Grace

Re-birth by Baba's Grace

This is not a story or fiction but a real life situation in 1974 that happened in TlSCO-owned Hathibari Limestone quarry in Sundargarh district of Orissa.


My second son was aged five years then and on his way to the school had consumed a few berries of a wild bushy plant which is very common in the mining area. On reaching the school he had continuous vomiting and the school authorities sent him home.


My wife arranged for him to be taken to the TISCO Camp Hospital. It was a case of acute poisoning. His condition turned grave as he started vomiting blood continuously. By the time I reached the hospital he had lost his consciousness and was gasping for breath. Doctors wanted to shift him to Rourkela - 32 km away for blood transfusion, if he regained consciousness in the next thirty minutes.


The deadline of 30 minutes was a trying time for all of us. My only hope was Lord Sainath. I prayed to Him for His help. If my son survives the crisis, I vowed that I will take him to Shirdi and offer a rose-garland to His Samadhi. Otherwise, I will forget Sai Baba once and for all, I cried bitterly.


The clock was ticking and seconds grew into minutes. My pulse too was heating faster. On a mental plane I was already at Shirdi prostrating to Baba's Samadhi and seeking His blessings. As the deadline of thirty minutes set by the Doctors was about to be over, my son cried out "Where is Baba?" Doctors examined him and confirmed that his body is warming up. They had a sigh of relief and told me: "Mr. Mani, your son is calling." In Hindi, 'Baba' refers to father and them though! Thai my son was looking for me. I told them that my son is calling the Almighty Sai Baba who is everywhere.


The recovery phase was very fast- My son responded to the treatment and became all right soon. Everyone was happy at the outcome. It is indeed His grace and my son had a re-birth.

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