Thursday, June 2, 2016

Baba and Music

Baba and Music


Baba sending for a devotee. M.B.Rege., who was a musical amateur; "Go on: sing."

The devotee sang. Baba corrected errors and gave hints for the singing of some tunes.

Baba. himself sang frequently at nights at the Takia in his earliest days at Shirdi, and rarely after 1890.


Baba, to Abdul Rahim, Rangari: if you had come yesterday, it would have been better.

Abdul. why?

Baba: There was music. I wept all night. They abused me.

Abdul: Why did they- abuse you?

Baba: When I say "abused' people do not understand; but you will understand,

Abdul: One who loves God, would weep, laugh, or dance as the songs in praise of God go on.

Baba: Just so. You are right. Have you your own Guru?

Abdul: Yes. Babee Baleeshah Chishti Nizami.

Baba: That is why you understand.

N.B.-This Chishti Guru was accompanied by music whenever he travelled. The Chishti sect use music as an aid for attaining trance


(Baba's Charters and Sayings # 201-202 )

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