Thursday, June 23, 2016

Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba’s Miracle before 1918

Blessed Devotee who Experienced Baba's Miracle before 1918




Shama was devoted to Baba but he often took liberties with Him. Once he had go to the office of the Mamlatdar, on some official work. Baba forbade him to go. Non-the-less he left. Just as he crossed Nimgaon he saw the Mamaltadar proceeding to Shirdi. Shama was remiss for not heading Baba's words. So Shama turned back and accompanied the Mamltadar to Shirdi. Rather embarrassed he went to see Baba and asked for forgiveness. Khaparde, Butti and Dixit on the other hand humbly obeyed Baba's words, however irrational it may seem and reaped the benefits.



Leela- 47 in Ambrosia in Shirdi - Part-I

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