Monday, May 23, 2016

Pradosh Puja - Unique Sai Miracle

Unique Sai Miracle

By Mrs. Rathna Chandrasekhar


Baba gave me an opportunity to visit Shirdi from November 16 to 18, 1998, along with my nephew, Dr. G. R. Vijayakumar, and his wife Seetha. My nephew generally performs 'Pradosh' pooja to Lord Mahadev and while planning the trip, he asked us to leave Bangalore after finishing the Pradosh pooja on November 16. Somehow this was not convenient and we had to plan in such a manner that we would be in Shirdi between November 16 and 18. My nephew reluctantly agreed saying that Sai-willing still he could perform 'Pradosh pooja' on November 16.


We reached Shirdi on the 16th forenoon. We had darshan to our heart's content. In the evening, we went to the Mahadev Mandir in the precincts of Samsthan and enquired the priest about 'Pradosh' pooja. The priest said that such a provision is not there and individual devotees could offer worship to the Shiva Linga. My nephew was disappointed. He asked us to fetch some flowers and other offerings and meanwhile, started chanting 'Rudra' and 'Chamaka' hymns preparatory to Abhishekam.


Lord Sainath always provides where He guides. At this moment, a miracle occurred. Even before we started to get pooja materials, a middle aged lady appeared there from nowhere. She brought a basketful of Bel-pathra, Bilva fruits, flowers, seven litres of milk, a pot of curds, a little quantity of honey and sugar, apart from other pooja materials. She placed all these things at our disposal and wanted to perform pooja to Lord Mahadev on behalf of her son.


We were happy at the turn of events. We performed, 'Panchamrit Abhishek' to the Shiva Linga, offered 'archana' by reciting 'Trishathi' and finally did 'Arathi', which coincided with the evening arathi to Sai Baba. The final outcome was that my nephew could perform 'Pradosh' pooja in a much better manner on the holy soil of Shirdi, than he had ever performed at his hometown earlier.


Sai Baba is close behind our thoughts and He is there to fulfill each one of our needs and desires in His own inimitable manner.

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