Thursday, May 26, 2016

CASTE - PRIDE by a Doctor from South Africa

CASTE - PRIDE by a Doctor from South Africa




Mamlatdar says to a Brahmin Doctor from South Africa.-Come, we shall go to see Sai Baba.


Doctor: I am a Rama Upasaka and will not bow to any others.


Mamlatdar: Never mind, come on.   You need not bow.


The Doctor, at the mosque, while standing at a distance from the Arati proceedings suddenly darted inside and fell at Baba's feet.


Mamlatdar: (later}: Why did you change your mind and bow?


Doctor: Sai Baba showed himself to me as the beautiful dark Rama and so I bowed. This Sai is a Yoga Sampoorna Avatar. (Baba showed himself as Rama to Madrasi Ramdasis.)


The Doctor resolved upon satyagraha, fasted three days and absented himself from the mosque resolving not to go there until Baba should send for him and give him Brahmananda, ' God Realisation. But on the fourth day, a long absent chum of his turned up and accompanying him came to the mosque. Then,


Baba: Did anyone invite you to come here?


Doctor was abashed and prayed mentally for experience of Paramananda. He had it that night at Shirdi and at his own town




(Baba's Charters and Sayings # 222 )

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