Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My experience in New Jersey

My experience in New Jersey (USA)

It was on a tour of the U.S.A. and Canada during July-September 1998. I was accompanying a dance artiste on the Mridangam in the programmes. At the fag end of my tour, I was in New Jersey, to play Mridangam for an Arangetram program for a local artiste.


I was very much tired and exhausted after the hectic programmes and tours in many parts of America. On the day of the Arangetram I had pain in my hands and fingers, which were almost out of control. I was very much worried about my performance that day {12th Sept. 98).


Everything was ready on the stage. Sound checks were done. I was doubtful about my performance on the Mridangam. I was sure I was not at all fit to perform that day. As was my practice, I prayed intensely to Sri Sai Baba to save me from the awkward situation and to give me enough strength to my fingers so that I could do my part properly. I prayed: "Baba, the credit is yours, whether I fair well or bad." I could not believe myself how I could perform so well that day without my knowledge. I got repeated applause and appreciation of the audience and the other artistes. 

No doubt, it was only BABA who gave me strength to play so wonderfully well during the program and it was only Baba who saved me from a critical situation. I sincerely prayed to BABA with all humility and fall at his lotus feet. 

'Sai charanam sharanam mama.' 

Om Sri Sai Ram.

By N. G. Ravi

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