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Power of Sai Prayer – A Devotee’s Experience

Power of Sai Prayer – A Devotee's Experience



My beloved mother was diagnosed with cancer of the uterus in 1994. In November, 1998 her condition worsened. The local doctors at Visakhapatnam (A.P.) who were treating my mother asked us to take her to Vellore for further treatment because her condition was worsening day by day.


My father and uncle took her to Vellore where the doctors told us that her chances of survival were low because the cancer was at an advanced stage and she was unable to eat or drink anything. She was not having bowel movement. The last option left for the doctors was surgery. Doctors told my father that ever after surgery, her chances of survival were very low. Since we had no option left except to get the surgery done, my father signed all the documents needed for surgery. At that time, I was living in Chicago, USA. My father asked me to come home immediately as her condition was worsening day by day.


That day I called my fiancée (now she is my wife, a staunch devotee of Baba), and told her about my mother's condition. My fiancée was in India at that time. She assured me that nothing will happen; she will pray to Baba for my mother's life and asked me also to pray Baba.


For the first time, I prayed Baba with tears in my eyes to save my mother. Baba immediately answered my prayer. A miracle happened and my mother who was in Operation Theater for surgery had her bowel movement. The doctors were surprised; they came out and told my father that no surgery was needed because she had bowel movement and asked him to take her back to Visakhapatam and continue the treatment there.


Baba gave my mother enough strength to perform our wedding within a month of this incident. With Baba's blessing and her blessing we got married as per the scheduled date. With Baba's blessing, she survived for another 15 months and breathed her last in January 23rd 2000.


The local doctor at Visakhapatnam who used to treat my mother is also a devotee of Baba who knows my mother's condition. He gave her Baba's Satcharitra to read while she was in hospital. She always kept it under her pillow in the hospital till her last moment. Baba loves His devotees and takes care at every step of their life. His love for His devotees is infinite.


I don't want to say Baba Thank You, for saving my mother and giving her 15 months more of life and taking care at every step of our life because Thank You is a very small word. I just put my head at His feet and ask Him bless me and my family and stay with us always.


Venkat, New Jersey, USA





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