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"What does he write? What does he plan now? It appears that he is trying to touch the sky. He is not contented with what God has given." – Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita, Ch. 25, Ovi 38.



King Nemi was a ruler of Mithila. He was a dutiful king and people were happy and prosperous in his rule. But the king himself was not happy, because he had a lot of desire to expand his kingdom and to provide everything for his subjects. This king kept him constantly worrying and he was always facing disappointment.



One day the king was strolling along the terrace of his palace, trying to find a solution to a problem. There he saw a vulture carrying a piece of meat in its beak. Other vultures were chasing it to get hold of the meat.



The bird carrying the meat had no way to escape. So it dropped the meat. Before it could fall to the earth, another bird caught hold of it and flew away. Now the other birds started chasing it, leaving the first bird free.



The king realized a truth from this event. So long as you carry desires, you will not get peace. But you will get it at once you drop all desires.



Life is a journey. Desires are our luggage. Less luggage is more comfort.



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