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Total Faith Total Protection - Great Miracles of Sai Baba to Durgabai 2 of 3

Total Faith Total Protection - Great Miracles of Sai Baba to Durgabai  2 of 3


The lane between Dwarkamai and Lendibaug was unoccupied at that time.  So if any residence was built in that unoccupied space then one could have easy Darshan of Baba while His rounds to Lendibaug in the morning and evening.


Durgabai built a pukka house of her own in Shirdi in between the lane from Dwarkamai and Lendbaug.  She used to work at two different places and earned her living.  She was a hard worker and never felt ashamed to do any type.  Well learned and high profile devotees of Baba's court gave her much respect, but she was not the least proud of that.


But such down to earth nature of Durgabai was not liked by all and few people used to criticise her very badly.  Still she did not speak anything in answer to those people.  She sat in a corner of Dwarakamai and wept slowly.


One day it was noon time.  She was pressing Baba's legs in Dwarakamai and she remembered few bitter words against her.  She could not control her tears.  Baba, who knew everything Sai to Durgabai, "Durge! What business do you have with these people?  People may do anything, speak anything, but is there any necessity to pay attention to them?  I am here for you.  You have to do main things and work hard.  You will always find Me sitting here and ready to help you."  Baba's nectar like words consoled Durgabai to a great extent.


Durgabai never rejected any type of work.  However difficult it may be, she would complete the work.  After retiring from work she used to take pot filled with rice grains to Dwarakamai and cooked it on Baba's Dhuni (sacred fire lit by Baba himself).  Till the rice was cooked, she used to massage Baba's whole body.  She would not stop until Baba said her to stop.


Durgabai prepared Naivedya from the rice cooked in Dwarakamai for Baba. There was a strange relationship between Durgabai and Baba. Durgabai was inspired to prepare those dishes which Baba wished to eat!!! So undoubtedly dishes prepared by Durgabai were partaken by Baba with love.  Dada Saheb Khaparde was very much impressed by Durgabai's service to Baba.  For her uninterrupted service, he had arranged to give fifteen rupees to Durgabai every month.


Durgabai used to follow strict rules in her worship to Baba, though Baba was only hungry for true feelings and love His devotees.  She believed in discrimination of touchable – untouchable.  Once it so happened that Durgabai had kept rice to cook in Dwarakamai and was massaging Baba's body.  Meanwhile a devotee turned up.  He placed aside a rice pot from Dhuni, took a flame from Dhuni to light chilam and again placed the vessel on Dhuni.  That devotee did not have any thought of untouchablility.


He only knew that it was Baba's darbar where there is no discrimination of high – low, rich – poor, touchable – untouchable.  Everyone is equal in this court.


Durgabai did not object to any of that person's actions nor did she leave her service. Mentally she tought, "It's time for my son's lunch.  How can I feed untouchable rice to my son? A person lives on food and he is outcome of the food he eats.  No, no, such untouchable food will not do any good to my son.  Now when will I go to shop to bring rice, when lunch will be prepared again and when will I feed my son?"


Such were the thoughts of Durgabai and they made her cry.  One tear fell on Baba's back and Baba knew her feelings and state of mind there and then.


Baba said, "Durge, you please don't cry.  There is no room for untouchability in our court.  This Masjidmai is not worthless.  People come here and wash away sins of their crores of births.  I have lighted this Dhuni with My Hands.  God of fire – Agni Dev resides in this Dhuni.  So, will the rice cooked on this pious fire ever become unfit to eat due to someone's touching it? Your son's fortune will shine by eating rice cooked on this holy fire.  I am not saying these words because mercy has downed in Me.  I don't have any ill feelings towards anyone in My heart.  Agni Dev resides here in this Dhuni and I have lit this Dhuni.  People come and take Udi (sacred ash) of this Dhuni to cure diseases and apply on foreheads.  So what to say about their fortunes?  Durge, don't have any doubts in your mind.  You feed Raghu with this rice only and also feed yourself!".  Saying so Baba tied to calm down Durgabai and gently moved His hand on her back.  Again He added, "Now get up and go to your home. Eat this rice and give to Raghu also."  Like this Baba imparted a very valuable message that everyone is equal in His eyes and thus discrimination of caste-creed and touchable and untouchable are barriers in the path of spiritual progress.


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