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​​Blessed Sai Devotee Tarabai Sadashiva Tarkad’s Experiences

​​Blessed Sai Devotee Tarabai Sadashiva Tarkad's Experiences


Smt. Tarabai Sadasiva Tarkhad of Poona came to know Baba's name through her brother-in-law Sri. R. Tarkhad of Bombay, who was a Director of a mill there. When he visited his brother-in law's house, he spoke of Baba in terms of high praise, which naturally roused Mrs. Sadasiva Tarkhad's attention for a special reason. Her little child Nalini Tarkhad had taken ill suddenly at the age of 15 months, and she was perplexed as to what to do. Hearing of Baba's fame, she said if Baba makes her child recover, she would along with her family members visit Shirdi. Very shortly after the vow was made, the child did recover, and so, she, her husband and the child went to Shirdi.


She had become Baba's Ankita, by complete surrender with full faith in him. When she went there for the first time, there was no street lighting and no village committee was working. She was walking at night in the street. But suddenly it struck her that she should stop walking. In a very short time, a light was brought. Then she saw that if she had taken another single step it would have been over a serpent that was lying there, quietly. But how she managed to stop then, and why the light came, were never explained to her. It was all Baba's grace, his protection and his ever watchful eye over his children.


Tarkhad family had once taken their servant with them, who was suffering from pain in the waist. As there were no hospitals at Shirdi, her husband went up and stood before Baba. At once Baba said to bring the Green Korphad leaves which was available near Lendi, split them into two, warmed over fire and applied to the patient so that the patient will be all right. Her husband knew at once that it was Baba's prescription for their servant and he took up korphad, warmed it over the fire, and applied it to his servant's waist. That man was cured.


Smt. Tarkhad's eyes were giving her great trouble. She went and sat before Baba. The eyes were paining and water was flowing freely from them. Baba looked at her. Then the eyes ceased to pain and water ceased to flow. But tears were trickling down from Baba's eyes. In the case of Baba, the diagnosis, the remedy and everything was instantaneous. A deep-seated organic disease abruptly and suddenly got cured; and the power of drawing disease from her to him by sheer will power, was something marvelous and something uncommon.


It was probably in 1915, that she had for over one month a splitting neuralgic headache. A number of remedies were tried, all of no purpose. She felt she must die, and that would give the relief she thought. She thought of visiting Shirdi and die in the presence of Saibaba. Hence, she came along with her husband to Shirdi. At Kopergaon, they have to cross the Godavari River. So she thought of taking bath in Godavari and boldly took a bath in the Godavari –in that cold water. Ordinarily that would intensify the headache and accelerate death. But on this occasion, when she came out of the water, the neuralgic  headache ceased and thereafter ceased forever.


In1927, nine years after Baba's Mahasamadhi, with the rest of the family, she set off to Shirdi. She was in the family way, but anyhow she boldly went for the pilgrimage. After her arrival at Shirdi, the foetus died in the womb. Her own features were turning blue and her blood was getting poisoned. There was neither midwife nor doctor in Shirdi. Though some medicines from Ahmednagar were brought, they proved of no avail. Then Mr. Sadasiva Tarkhad went to Sakori and asked Upasini for help. Upasini's reply was 'you have got the best doctor and best nurse over there at Shirdi; why do you come to me?' What happened afterwards she did not know, because she became unconscious. Her husband says that in her unconscious condition, she went on speaking and giving directions as to what should be done and the directions she gave were followed in addition to the application of udhi and Tirtha of Baba. Then the foetus was expelled along with other matter. For weeks she remained unconscious and at last recovered full consciousness and health. This is nothing but Baba's kind care for his child.


Baba's care and help were also extended to her husband. For some time, he was the manager of a mill. Then his services were terminated, and he had to remain for a considerable time without any job. He went to Shirdi in the hope that Baba would help him to get a job. But soon after he reached Shirdi, Baba instead of providing him with a job, told him, 'Tatya Patil and others are going to attend a cinema at Ahmednagar. You better go with them and thence go home to Pune.' He felt mortified that, without getting a job, he was asked to attend amusements. Anyhow Baba's order had to be obeyed. He went and attended the cinema and after leaving Nagar, he went to Pune. But what a surprise! 'Baba, he thought, had sent him to Pune simply for nothing. But on the other hand at Pune in a mill, a labour strike had broken out. The authorities concerned were anxious to recall him as he was a very capable manager of labour, and they had wired for him to Bombay and other places. Meanwhile Baba knowing of the wire and the situation had sent him just in time to get his job. So, Baba, appearing to be doing harm, really was conferring a blessing by his seemingly unkind orders.


In 1915, she and her husband went up to Shirdi. Baba told her to go and put up with Ramakrishna Ayi for accommodation. That lady gave it on the strict condition that Mrs. Tarkhad should carry out all the menial labour that might be ordered by Ramakrishni, who was a Brahmin widow and the latter had a very sharp tongue and would rebuke her for shortcomings. So, Mrs. Tarkhad found that Baba had imposed a very painful position on them. Ayi lived only for Baba's service. She was very deeply devoted to Baba and rendered very great service to the Sansthan. It was therefore an education in service that she got by staying with her. Mrs. Tarabai Sadasiva Tarkhad noted several vital facts about Baba during her stay.


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