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"Without any attachment to the perishable, absorbed in his own self, he concentrates on the single goal of the Supreme. Indescribable indeed was the state of his being." – Shri Sai Samartha Satcharita, Ch. 4, Ovi 46.


A mullah said to Guru Nanak, "You speak of the unity of all religions. You urge that Hindu and Muslim are both dear to Him whose children are we all. Then come with me and offer worship to Allah in the orthodox Muslim way; come and do namaz with me."


The Guru readily consents. The two together go to the mosque; and the priest (the mullah) shows to the prophet (the Guru) the way to pray! The mullah inserts his fingers into his ears and kneels down to pray; the mullah goes through the rituals. The Guru keeps on standing.


Then says the mullah, "Why are you standing there like a log of wood? Why don't you pray with me?"


The Guru smiles, and then gently says, "My brother! If only you prayed, I, too, would pray with you! But, as your lips uttered the sacred words, your mind, alas! Wandered to the stable where your mare is about to give birth to a foal. And you wondered about the colour of its skin! You wished it were white as wool!"


The mullah hears and wonders how the Guru could read his mind.

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