Thursday, April 7, 2016


Baba's Verdicts on Nama Japa


Ram Nama.

Baba (to N.R.S.): "Ram Rami Ghya." i.e., (repeat the name of Rama)


Baba (to Mrs. G.S.K.)

Always say Raja Ram, Raja Ram.   If you do so your life will be fruitful.   You will attain peace and infinite good.


Baba (to Rao Bahadur M.W.Pradhan):

What  should we  say? Sri Ram,  Jaya Ram,  Jaya Jaya Ram.


Baba (to H.S.D.): cf 293 Namasmaran.

I was always saying, "Hari Hari". Hari then appeared to me. I then stopped giving medicine and gave Udhi.


Babu (to some one):

(Say, 'Ram, Ram'. God will bless.)


Baba (to a Bandra youth):  Read Pothi i.e., Have Parayana).   Make some Nama Japa.

Boy: Baba, I will not. If sometimes I fail in these, I will incur sin,

Baba: Mother, I have now to take ENTIRE RESPONSIBILITY FOR HIM.


Baba.I had heart disease. I kept Vishnu Sahasranama close to My chest Hari descended from it. I was cured



Baba approves of "Sai"   nama Japa (by the judge)


-          Baba's Charters and Sayings 192-198)

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