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Together we are Stronger: the Integration of Spiritual Science and Modern Science

Together we are Stronger: the Integration of Spiritual Science and Modern Science



January 30, 2008


Ronald M. Davis, MD


American Medical Association

515 N. State Street

Chicago, IL 60610


Dear Dr. Davis:


As an introduction, my name is Atul C. Shah, MD. I am General Practitioner and Psychiatrist practicing at Metro Detroit area in Michigan past twenty years. Originally, I am from India and I practiced as General Practitioner in India for eight years after my medical graduation in 1974. I have evaluated 12,000 (Twelve thousand) psychiatric patients and total 112,500 medical patients (Fifteen patients per day x 250 days per year x 30 years) during my thirty years of career as physician and psychiatrist in both countries. I have a great privilege to be the citizen of the two greatest democratic countries of this small globe - India and U.S.A. Presently, I am working with General Motors Corporation as Contract physician past eleven years and solo practitioner at Metro Detroit in Michigan.


The inaugural speech by you as the President of AMA on June 26, 2007 was simply wonderful. As the Spiritualist and Psychiatrist, I am glad to mention that you certainly believe in Re-incarnation as you connect your self with the founder of  AMA and 16th President Dr. Nathan Davis one and half century ago. However, I have to mention that you were reluctant to use word "Re-incarnation" in your speech primarily due to political, cultural and religious reasons.


Another reason for not mentioning "Re-incarnation" in your inaugural speech was the lack of knowledge and poor understanding of Re-incarnation concept within our Modern Bio-medical Science. However, I greatly appreciate your boldness to acknowledge this wonderful topic with our medical specialties as 162nd President of AMA. I will be very happy to support this revelation and let me be the first person to recognize that Dr. Ronald M. Davis and founder of AMA Dr. Nathan Davis are the same person or Soul transmigrating into two different bodies. This phenomenon will be a great stimulant to understand and propagate the "Spiritual Science" at present moment and in the future in U.S.A. and all over the world.


The primary purpose to write this letter to you is to support the wonderful Motto of American Medical Association "Together we are stronger" and to help the Mission of AMA "To promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health". These are the wonderful Motto and Mission of the AMA past one and half centuries for the American public and the people all over the world.


I am a proud member of AMA past seventeen years from Michigan. I actively participated with AMA activities during my Psychiatric Residency Training at Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan in early 1990'. Also, I am a member with Michigan State Medical Society, Wayne County Medical Society past seventeen years as well with American Psychiatric Association and Michigan Psychiatric Society for ten years in Michigan. This information is just for a short introduction.


Also, another interesting purpose to write this letter to you is the great need of integration of Spiritual Science and Modern Science at present moment. The motto of AMA - "Together we are Stronger" - is precisely pointing that our human body is a sophisticated machine made up of the three natural divisions as follow:

1. Gross Anatomical Body,

2. Subtle or Astral Body and

3. Spiritual Body or Spirit Soul


The integration and accurate understanding of above-mentioned three aspect of our human existence is very essential. In other words, artificial separation of these three aspects of Living Entity will be detrimental and this vital information must be re-introduced to the educational system from Elementary school to University level. The artificial separation of Gross Anatomical Body, Subtle or Astral Body and Spiritual Body of the living entity have created great chaos in mind of the modern mankind resulting into disorganized and poor quality of knowledge in Modern Science including the Bio-medical Science.


The summary description of the Living Entity such as Human being can be categorized in three levels:

1. Description of the Gross Anatomical Body

2. Description of the Subtle or Astral Body

3. Description of the Spiritual Body


I am happy to mention that the blissful and eternal Vedic Literature of India super-scientifically describe the fundamental principles of the above-mentioned three divisions of the human and sub-human body. The accurate understanding of three aspects or divisions of the human body is extremely essential for revealing the purpose of the human existence and human nature. The super-scientific concepts of the blissful Vedic Literature certainly will help Modern Science including Bio-medical Science to achieve the higher dimensions with our conventional knowledge at the present moment and in the future.


Furthermore, we have to take a serious note that the fundamental principles of the Basic Sciences such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Science are less accurate, disorganized and semi-scientific in nature. For an example - The Periodic Chart with description of 106 or 108 Atoms is not able to describe how the atoms were formed and where the atoms were originated. Physicists are not able to reveal whether the atoms were created in chronological sequence or in non-chronological order as described in the periodic chart. Physicists are unable to answer scientifically about these relevant inquiries.


Also, Biological Science fails miserably in description of the chronological evolution of the various species such as sub-human to human species. Social Science fails to describe the natural "Occupational and Social Divisions" of the human beings. Psychologists and Psychiatrists have been undoubtedly and miserably failed in the description of the Mental Apparatus, the Mental Activities and the classification of the natural emotions and relationships of the human beings.


The missing links and deficient nature of our Modern Science becomes apparent when we scientifically analyze the fundamental principles and concepts of the Basic Sciences at Atomic, Molecular, Cellular and Organ levels. In Medicine we have fifty plus specialties based upon the structural information at Atomic, Molecular, Cellular and Organ levels. The atoms, molecules, cells and organs with their distinct structures are described in the basic sciences of the Modern Science are less accurate and defective in nature.


The simple reasons for the deficient nature of modern science can be summarized as follow.


The structural classification or Anatomical Classification is based upon the structural information obtained by the natural senses and extended senses or modern instruments or innovations. Unfortunately, our Natural Senses and Extended Senses or Modern Instruments are defective and they are misguiding all of us about the ultimate purpose of the human body & senses, subtle body or mental apparatus and mental activities. In other words, our Natural Senses and Extended Senses or Modern Instruments have limited capability and they themselves are defective in nature. The modern instruments are not able to reveal the truths about human body, mind and the spirit soul.


The primary purpose to mention the above-mentioned deficiencies of the Modern Science including Bio-medical Science is to elaborate that our fundamental principles and concepts of Basic Science are disorganized, semi-scientific and deficient in nature at present moment. In this scenario, it will be very difficult to make any progress to understand the ultimate structural and functional classification of the human body, human mind and spirit soul .


We are very fortunate that the blissful and eternal Vedic Literature in Sanskrit language of India with authoritative English transliteration is available. The Vedic Literature will certainly help to rectify these cardinal deficiencies of the modern science right now. Together we are stronger, healthy and happy as well peaceful and prosperous.


The Spiritual Science and Material Science or Modern Science are complimentary to each other and the integration of Spiritual and Material sciences is the greatest need at present moment in our educational system in U.S.A, India and all other countries of this small globe.


I am trying my best to share this great body of knowledge with colleagues past twenty five years in U.S.A. and in India as physician, colleague and inquisitive human being in very humble way. I am an ardent reader of the eternal and blissful Vedic Literature in Sanskrit language with authoritative English translation by Vedic Scholars from the Eastern and Western hemispheres past twenty five years. I humbly believe that the blissful and eternal Vedic Literature can and will solve the deficient and disorganized nature of Modern Science including Bio-medical Science right now.


I have experienced many bitter and sweet experiences in trying to share the super-scientific and impeccable concepts of the blissful and eternal Vedic Literature in U.S.A. and in India. I have experienced personal ridicules, apathy and lack of interest by Supervisors, Program Directors and Chairman as Resident Physician in my residency training program, as Physician working with several companies and at CME conferences with colleagues and co-workers in work places. However, most of the colleagues and co-workers are sympathetic and inquisitive to the questions of Spiritual Science. The Spiritual Science definitely able to resolve the queries such as Soul as the original pace maker in heart and body; S.A. Node is the secondary pace maker in heart; transmigration of Soul; description and classification of emotions; description of mental apparatus & mental activities and fundamental principles of cellular metabolism and other interesting but poorly understood topics within the modern science.


I may humbly request to you and our colleagues at AMA to discuss above-mentioned authoritative and super-scientific topics of the Spiritual Science freely in democratic spirit for the improvement of modern science and betterment of the mankind of this small globe.


Dear Dr Davis, I have a spectacular proposal for you, for Dr. Plested William G. III, MD, Immediate Past President and Dr. Nancy Nielsen H., MD President-Elect of AMA and our colleagues as follow:

 1. Recognition of Spiritual Science as Specialty just like Psychiatry and Psychology specialty including Spiritual Science Residency Training Program.

2. Integration of Spiritual Science and Modern Science/Material Science at graduate, post -graduate and PhD levels with educational system.

3. Acceptance of defective nature of Modern Science including psychiatry and psychology. Spiritual Science can provide higher dimensions in the Modern Science including psychiatry, psychology, social science and other basic sciences.

4. Encouragement and active participation of physicians, scientists and physicists for the understanding of the Spiritual Science at undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels in Schools, Universities, Clinics and Hospitals.

5. Encouragement to discuss the Spiritual Science with dignity, love and respect by Physicians, Co-religionists and Scientists of the various disciplines and faiths in U.S.A., India and all over the world.

6. Formation of the "Spiritual Science Committee" at AMA, National and International levels to implement the integration of Spiritual Science and Modern Science or Material Science. I will be happy to be member with this committee.

7. Removal of the artificial separation of the Science and Religion without any political, religious and financial consideration and manipulation. Politicians, Co-religionists and Financial institutes should support "The Synthesis of Science and Religion" honestly and whole-hearted without any reservation and obligation.

8. The blissful and eternal Vedic Literature in Sanskrit language is just like an endless and unfathomable ocean. The eternal Vedic Literature is the original source and the fountain-head of the Spiritual Science and Material Science including Modern Science since the beginning of this planet Earth and Universe. 

9. Acknowledgment of the Vedic Literature: the Supreme Science in Sanskrit language with authoritative English transliteration as the World Heritage of the mankind.

10. The eternal and blissful Vedic Literature in Sanskrit language with authoritative English transliteration by the Vedic Scholars from Eastern and Western hemispheres will help to understand the Spiritual Science and Material Science or Modern Science accurately and super-scientifically for the betterment of the mankind at present and in the future.

11. Establishment, endorsement and grant support of the Spiritual Research Institutes to promote, preserve and propagate the spiritual Science and Spiritual topics all over the world.

12. The eternal and blissful Vedic Literature and Modern Science are created by the Almighty One for the entire mankind irrespective of his or her religious, national, cultural, linguistic, racial, caste or creed affiliation in this small globe.


The eternal and blissful Vedic Literature will provide higher dimensions with the Modern Science in the following essential fundamental understandings and topics. These topics are just the glimpses of the impeccable concepts and wisdom of the Vedic Literature in Sanskrit language - the ultimate body of knowledge for the entire mankind.


A. Universal Health Form: Easy Guide for Health Professionals and Workers. We are looking for the 'Universal Health Form' which can be use by Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Insurance Carriers for easy to understand and easy to communicate the patient information at Clinics, Hospitals and offices.

B. Fundamental Principles of the Spiritual Science and Material Science.

C. Fundamental Principles of Transmigration of Soul or Re-incarnation Concept.

D. Fundamental Principles and Realistic Concept of Mind and Mental Activities.

E. Classification of Emotions, Inter-personal Relationships and Science of Rasa.

F. Super-scientific Description of the Structural and Functional Classification of Human Body and Human Senses.

G. Occupational and Spiritual Division and Classification of the Human Society based upon the Characteristic and Actions of the Individual Person.

H. Super-scientific Definition of Time and Actions of Time Factor.

I.  Super-scientific explanation of Creation of the Universe and Universal Management.


Dear Dr. Davis and fellow colleagues at AMA: this is very simple and humble proposal for the betterment of the mankind from a simple, ordinary and humble person like me. The ordinary persons performing the extra-ordinary actions are very common in America and in this world. This wonderful phenomenon - "Ordinary persons performing extra-ordinary action" - is well known to the people of America past five centuries.


I greatly admire the American Spirit - the relentless pursuit to realize the truth: the Absolute Truth. I believe that this is the real secret of success for America past five centuries. Let us continue to re-vitalize this Great Spirit for the betterment of the entire mankind now and forever with unity in diversity, with love and respect for every spirit soul. However, it is a fact that the Absolute Truth is not American, Indian, African and Chinese or Japanese in nature.


Birth, Death, Old age and Disease are the four formidable and inevitable events for every Living Entity - Human, Sub-human or Super-human beings in this mortal world. We all at AMA can perform better job by transforming these four formidable and inevitable events of Birth, Death, Old age and Disease processes into pleasurable events in service of the Almighty Creator rather than the source of miseries and sufferings. I am sure we all can do better job together with unity in diversity.


We greatly appreciate your able leadership as President of AMA and Preventive Medicine Specialist helping and taking care of many needy persons in U.S.A. Your genuine relationship with late Dr. Nathan Davis and your fascination with "Davis lineage and terminology" bring all of us into the amazing arena of Re-incarnation Concept. The eternal and blissful Vedic Literature has complete and super-scientific explanation to unravel this frontier of the Spiritual Science for every one of this small planet. Let us pray that we all take advantage of this foremost and ultimate body of knowledge without any reservation and with open mind and heart.


I hope to hearing from you soon. I may humbly request you to forward this letter to all Board of Trustees at AMA and other research organizations per your discretion. Dr. Joel Bender, PhD, MD, the Corporate Medical Director and my colleagues at General Motors Corporation are very supportive of the Spiritual Science. I am happy to let you know that we are discussing some of the above-mentioned Spiritual topics past few years at personal level at General Motors conferences.


The purpose of this correspondence is very simple: Together we are Stronger.


Sincerely and fraternally yours,



Atul C. Shah, MD

Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.


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