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Soul is the Original Pace-maker

Soul is the Original Pace-maker


S.A. Node is the Secondary Pace-maker in Heart




Dear Dr. Shephal Doshi, MD:




Congratulation for wonderful 6th Annual Symposium "Frontiers in Cardiology" on September 23, 2010 at Westin Hotel in Southfield, Michigan. Your presentation as an erudite Scholar and Cardiologist was really impressive and wonderful.


It was nice to discuss during lunch break with you, Dr. Subramanian Krishnan and Course Director Dr. Siddiqui, MD about the Most Important but intentionally neglected topic in Cardiology: Soul is the original Pace-maker and S.A. Node is the secondary Pace-maker in heart.


I asked this fundamental question during end of Cardiology Symposium to Dr. Mukarram Siddiqui, MD Course Director. His response was that this question - Soul is the original Pace -maker in heart is a Profound Question and Cardiology Panel have no answer for this fundamental Question at this moment. This topic needs further investigation, insight and higher knowledge or Divine Dimension.


As we discussed, I am forwarding several Super-scientific articles written by me past four or five years and transmitted to my Web Site and other Web sites for your review and pleasure.


I am forwarding these super-scientific articles to you and my close friends Dr. Yash Shah, MD well known Professor of Radiology at DMC & Harper Hospital in Detroit, Michigan as well as to Dr. Kishan Khurana for their information and pleasure. I am forwarding these articles per their personal request during this conference.


Please keep these articles in a separate folder with title as "Dr. Atul Shah's Articles" for quick access and review. I will email my latest article titled as "Preface & Article - Global Pollution: Classification, Causes and Remedy" by separate email for your review. This article contains Fundamental Principles of Physics, Biology and Bio-medical Sciences and other basic sciences per the authoritative and super-scientific concepts derived from eternal and blissful Vedic Literature: the Supreme Science for entire mankind. The article "Global Pollution: Classification, Causes and Remedy" provides super-scientific information about the size, location and functions of Soul in the heart.


I am sure that you have open mind and sincere desire to learn from the great sources. Please pay attention for the Sanskrit nomenclatures which are self explanatory and easy to understand. Sanskrit language is the Mother Language of all languages in this planet including Indo-European languages. This sublime truth is known to most of Scholars in Western and Eastern Hemispheres.


Again, I congratulate for your superb presentation at Cardiology Symposium. I will be happy to provide brighter ideas and insights for helping the people in USA, India and other places for betterment of Bio-medical Science and modern science in this small globe.


Thank you very much in advance for your time reading my articles. I will greatly appreciate your friendly input and comments from our colleagues Dr. Yash Shah and Dr. Khurana at your leisure.


Hope to hearing from you soon.


Sincerely and fraternally,




Atul C. Shah, MD

Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.

September 30, 2010


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