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Save Rama Setu

Atul C. Shah, MD

2884 Manorwood Drive

Troy, Michigan, USA


November 4, 2007


Dr. Manmohan Singh

Honorable Prime Minister of India

New Delhi, India


Honorable Prime Minister of India:




This is the final revision and re-update of the "Save Rama Setu" topic I just emailed to President of India Smt Pratibha Devisingh Patil during the weekend on November 4, 2007 from Troy, Michigan, U.S.A for the clarity. Hindu Janajagruti Samiti web site is requesting every one to email his or her concern about this sensitive topic by writing to President and Prime Minister of India. I am expressing my humble and genuine concern and how to resolve the Rama Setu crisis.


As an introduction, my name is Atul C. Shah, MD. Originally, I am from Junagadh, Gujarat, India and at present moment, I live and work as family practice physician and psychiatrist in Troy, Michigan in United States of America past twenty five years. I have a great privilege to be the citizen of two greatest democratic countries - India, my sacred Motherland and now the United States of America, my adopted land.


I am writing this letter with a genuine request for the preservation of India's greatest historical, religious and cultural heritage - The Rama Setu - . The Rama Setu should be preserve at any cost by every one in India - Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Muslim or Christian or with any religious back ground. As the Prime Minister of India, it becomes a sacred duty for you to preserve, protect and promote the presence of The Rama Setu as it is without any reservation and from your heart.


The financial gain by destroying the Rama Setu is petty and the recommendations from the Rama Setu Scientific Committee are biased, un-scientific and directed primarily to hurt the feelings of one billion followers of the Hinduism - the major religion in India. Also, most of the Modern Scientific theories are collapsing and crumbling like the House of the Cards now are the proofs of the poor quality and shallowness of the so called Modern Science. There are many examples of such observation such as - the Big Bang theory, Quantum Physic theory, Dinosaur theory, Energy Production theory or Krebs's Cycle in Cell Metabolism, Freudian Theory of Psychoanalysis and the Evolution theory of Charles Darwin etc are becoming irrelevant and crumbling like the House of Cards. Also, astonishingly and surprisingly, Bill Gates, CEO and Chairman of Microsoft Company is unable to explain scientifically and accurately about the Fundamental Principles of and how the Internet Technology and Computer are Working!


The primary reason to mention above mentioned defects of the Modern Science is to stress that so called scientific evidences submitted by the Rama Setu Scientific Committee are actually un-scientific and unreliable. There is no scientific evidence that sacred Rama Setu was not build by Lord Ramachandra with help from Shri Hanuman and his associates. The Scientific Committee Members have no tangible and scientific proof or evidence that proves that Lord Ramachandra did not build this sacred Rama Setu. It will be extremely absurd to believe and depend on the foolish judgment of five or six members of the Scientific Committee established overnight by few Government officials who themselves are ignorant of the history of Ramayana. Please take opinion of the modern Saints, Sadhus and Devotees of India such as Shri Shankaracharya, Shri Morari Bapu and Shri Rameshbhai Oza and many wonderful saintly personalities in India about the sacred Rama Setu. The opinion of the Saintly persons is very scientific and accurate than the opinion of the scientific committee members.


If the Central Government of India and Rama Setu Committee is driven only by financial gain of few billion Rupees from Fishery Industry and sea transportation to destroy the Sacred Rama Setu for these petty reasons, then, One Billion strong followers of Hinduism of this world will be very happy to pay one Hundred Rupees per person per year for next fifty years with collection of One Billion X 100 = 100 Billion Rupees per year for the Government of India. This income from followers of Hinduism will exceed far  than the financial reward obtained by Fishery Industry and sea transportation. If One Billion followers of Hinduism may pledge to pay one thousand Rupees per person, then, total amount generated will be 1,000 Billion Rupees per year for the Government of India. This revenue will exceed the expectation from the Fishery Industry with hard labor at any level without any doubt.


Please take permission and opinion from one billion strong followers of Hinduism in India, U.S.A and all over the world prior to destroying the sacred Rama Setu. Do not destroy Rama Setu without the prior permission from one billion strong followers of Hinduism. Government of India certainly know well that one billion strong followers of Hinduism will never give permission to destroy the sacred Rama Setu for petty few billion Rupees obtained by killing fishes and turtles. The judgment of few Members of Scientific Committee and few Supreme Court Judges is groundless, un-scientific and inappropriate in nature. Please do not betray the trust, love and responsibility bestow upon you, upon Prime Minister and all Executive heads in New Delhi by one billion followers of Hinduism in India and abroad.


I will be extremely happy to contribute Rupees 100,000 or one Lakh Rupees per year for next fifty years for this cause. I am fifty seven years old now and I will establish a trust to pay this sacred pledge for next fifty years to the Government of India. We will actively start a campaign in U.S.A and India for the above-mentioned project. We do anticipate a great response from the strong followers of Hinduism, millions of sympathizers of Sanatana Dharma and millions of Muslim, Christian and Buddhist brothers and sisters in India and around the world. In India, there are thirty six Billionaires and most of them are followers of Hinduism and they will be happy to contribute heartily for this sacred and transcendental cause - Preservation, Protection and Promotion of the Rama Setu. Even, millions of beggars in India with their bank balance will be happy to contribute Rupees 200 (Two Hundred Rupees) per year irrespective to their religion, location and language differentiation for this great cause. Beggars are more charitable and God conscious or Krishna conscious as they are facing three folds of miseries every day and every moment. They know better than any one about the human sufferings.


So, this is a simple and genuine request from the bottom of my heart. Please preserve, protect and promote the sacred Rama Setu by every ounce of power and love from the bottom of your heart. The Supreme Lord Ramachandra has given you a great opportunity to fulfill this sacred duty without any reservation and pressure from outside or inside forces. Also, this is a sacred duty for every one born in India and every one born in this small planet Bharata-varsa. I may humbly suggest following steps and actions to resolve this unnecessary and unworthy plan by the Government of India.


Recommendation and Actions for the resolution of sacred Rama Setu Crisis:

1. Do not destroy the sacred Rama Setu any time and by any means.

2. Preservation, Promotion and Protection of the Rama Setu and Establishment of Rama Setu as the World Heritage and as the greatest symbol of triumph of Good over the Evil.

3. One billion followers of Hinduism of this small planet will be happy to contribute one hundred Rupees per year for next fifty years to preserve sacred Rama Setu. Total 100 x One Billion = 100 Billion Rupees annually for the Government of India. One billion strong followers of Hinduism will be happy to contribute for this great cause which includes thirty six billionaires and millions of beggars of India including your self. One thousand billion Rupees annual income will be generated for Government of India if one billion strong followers of Hinduism may pledge for one thousand Rupees per year. This is a tremendous income for India.

3. Central Government of India should advertise for this pledge from followers of Hinduism in India and all over the world with help of all Newspapers, TV channels, Internet Technology and every means to contact one billion strong followers of Hinduism at Local, State and Central levels for their contribution for preservation of the sacred Rama Setu.

4. Central and State Government should establish new banking system and utilization of current banking system to deposit one hundred (or one thousand) Rupees contribution from one billion strong followers of Hinduism in India and abroad.

5. Encouragement for the similar voluntary contribution from the followers of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Judaism, Baha'i and any one who wants to contribute any amount for this noble cause for any length of time. Central Government may use all Newspapers, TV Channels, and Internet Technology for this purpose for pledges.

6. Establishment of World Scientific Committee and Fact Finding Committee to reveal that Ram Setu was built or not built by Supreme Lord Ramachandra with help of Shri Hanuman and his associates. Also, World Scientific Committee should find out the credibility of Big Bang Theory, Dinosaur Theory, Quantum Physic Theory, Freudian Theory, Cell Metabolism Theory, Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Super Nova and even the Fundamental Principles of Modern Internet Technology. The primary purpose of the World Scientific Committee should be to find out that the above-mentioned Scientific Theories are real facts or the greatest frauds in name of Science. Most of the scientific theories are mere speculation and they are no better than the mythological tales created by ignorant modern scientists. Please invite world famous coreligionists, scientists and scholars from the eastern and western horizons for this noble purpose. I will be happy to be a member of this committee.

7. I am planning to ask a simple question to famous Bill Gates, the CEO and founder of wealthy Microsoft Company in U.S.A. The simple question is this - Will you let me know explicitly what are the Fundamental Principles of Internet Technology and How Internet Technology and Computer Science are working? I hope Bill Gates will answer my question. If Bill Gates do not answer my question and he feels that "I am a little monkey sent to America by a forest man Rama to disrupt the peace", then, I may request you to ask this simple question to him as a friend rather as Prime Minister of India. I am sure that he will answer your question and we will analyze his Internet Theory with the World Scientific Committee established by your honorable self. Truth will be revealed immediately for every one of this planet. Also, you may ask this simple question to the Computer Scientists of Silicon Valley of San Francisco in U.S.A. and Bangalore Silicon Valley of India at home.

8. I will be happy to provide the impeccable and super-scientific Fundamental principles of the Material Science or Modern Science and the Spiritual Science as revealed or described in the Vedic Literature - the Supreme Science for the mankind for a review by the World Scientific Committee any time and willingly without any charge. These fundamental principles will include Internet Technology and Computer Science mystery.

9. Please remove without any delay the Dynamites and Explosive Devices already implanted by the American Marines & Submarines, American Scuba Divers and the expert American Demolishing Companies performed secretly and privately recently to prevent any damage to the sacred Rama Setu without fail. This action should be given highest priority by the Government of India and the Government of U.S.A. without any hesitation and regrets.

10. This will be the real test for the Government of India and Rama Setu Committee members for their honesty, integrity and reason for the destruction of sacred Rama Setu.

11. These are the practical and amicable recommendations from the bottom of my heart to you as the Honorable Prime Minister of India - the Spiritual Giant of the World with largest and the greatest Democratic country. Please accept these recommendations without delay. Despite this humble request, the Government of India will go ahead with the destruction of the sacred Rama Setu and inauguration in October 2008 by Sonia Gandhi, then, we, one billion followers of Hinduism will see all of you in the Supreme Court of India or the Kuruksetra near New Delhi for the great and transcendental debate to re-establish the eternal and blissful Vedic Literature as the Supreme Science for the entire mankind now and for ever.


Please forgive me for any inadvertent transgression or lapse in addressing you - the Honorable Prime Minister of India. Rama Setu is very sensitive issue for every one and some lapses are not uncommon to occur. I will be happy to accept any reward or rebuke per your discretion. Any way, I am the most insignificant servant and a beggar of Mother India in our blue planet Bharat-varsa.


I hope to hearing from you soon. The "Save Rama Setu" article has been already sent to Smt Pratibha Devisingh Patil our Honorable President of India before the Deepavali festival of 2007.


Please circulate this article to all responsible executive members of different parties and committees in India and abroad.


Thank you very much for your precious time.


Sincerely and fraternally yours,



Atul C. Shah, MD

Troy, Michigan, U.S.A.

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Telephone Numbers: Home - 248-879-0795 & Cell Number 248-835-5025 in U.S.A.

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