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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2566 to 2586 of 2648


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA EIGHT - Verses 2566 to 2586 of 2648





2566 Jiva State Beyond the Ninth Defies Expression


Jiva reaches the Void, Upasanta and Nadanta

They say,

That is but to speak in grammatical convention triple--Laksana Traya;

When Jiva reaches Void,

Its state is of total renunciation of attributes all,

When Jiva reaches Upasanta

Its state is of renunciation and adherence yet

When Jiva reaches Nadanta

Its state is of renunciation and non-renunciation at once

The State of Jiva, in Finite Manifestness (Svarupa)

Transcends grammatical conventions all.



2567 Reaching the Goal in One Shot


Jiva strung the bow

Took aim

And with one arrow

Five deadly elephants shot;

He who thus shot

Will behold the Radiant Light

Beaming unto gems several in splendor set.





2568 Tat-Tvam-Asi is Beyond the Three Muktis


In Jiva Turiya Jiva attains Tvam-Pada;

In Para Turiya beyond is Tat-Pada;

In Siva Turiya still beyond Asi-Pada true;

Further beyond is Truth that is Tat-Tvam-Asi.



2569 Beyond Experiences in the Three Suddha States


Tvam-Pada transcends Tattvas six times six;

That is State Suddha;

Then is Tat-Pada;

That leads to Upasanta;

Then is Asi-Pada where Siva is;

Ultimate is the blessed State

Of Tvam-Tat-Asi that is Tat-Tvam-Asi.



2570 Confluence of Three States Jiva, Para and Siva


The Jiva (Deva Datta) becomes So-Ham

And by the speech of grammatical convention triple

Is in Tvam-Tat-Asi

With attributes thus transferred

There Jiva is Jiva, Para and Siva,

All in one.



2571 Tat-Tvam-Asi of Vedanta is the Same as Thom-Tat-Asi


of Siddhanta-Vedanta

Tvam-Tat-Asi is the same as Thomtatasi

The one comes conjoined as the other

The holy concept of (You-being-I) Tat-Tvam-Asi belongs to Vedanta;

The concept of I-Siva-becoming (Thomtatasi) is Siddhanta-Vedanta.



2572 Param-Param State Beyond Triple Turiya


The inexplicable Void that is at Turiya end

They call it Param, they who know not;

Nay, that is not so;

There is the Wondrous Land of Param-Param

That rises beyond (the Three Turiya States)

Who knows about that!



2573 Beyond Jiva, Para and Siva States


Transcend beyond Tvam-Pada, Tat-Pada and Asi-Pada

And seek beyond the triple Turiyas

Then is the State-beyond-all-states

The (One) Truth beyond Jiva, Para and Siva.



2574 Supreme Awareness Beyond Siva Turiya State


At the end of Siva Turiya State

Is the Bliss of Manifestness (Svarupa)

There chant within your heart

The Mantra that is Pranava (Aum)

Then appears Siva the Awareness Supreme.



2575 Beyond Suddha Upasanta and Siva States


Merge the experiences five in Nada;

Drop the lowly Malas behind;

Then enter the Suddha State

Thus the onward course pursue;

Beyond the Upasanta State (Para Turiya)

Is the Siva State

Further beyond the reach of thought and word

Is the Lord Param-Param;

Do Him seek.



2576 Nature of Confluent State in Tat-Tvam-Asi


Completeness it has none,

Limit it has none,

Speech it has none;

Attachment it has none,

Possession it has none;

Uncaused, of itself It reveals--

This It's nature is.



2577 Mahavakyam: You Become That


"You Become That"--

Thus the Great Expression (Mahavakyam) stood;

And I became That;

Thus to Siva Becoming

Nandi blessed me;

And as I became That

In Infinite Bliss I was immersed.



2578 From Jiva to "Aum"--Five Stages


Jiva becomes Para;

And that Para-Jiva becomes Siva;

And from that Vedic Lamp of Siva

Arose the light of Paraparan;

And in turn fills as Aum

That no speech could describe.



2579 The Five Lights in the Body in Yoga


When from nose-tip to cranium the Prana breath

Through Mother-Nadi (Sushumna) passes,

To the Fivonce are;

They of Knowledge True

Know Siva

Who stands as Fire and Water (Siva-Sakti) commingled;

Unless the Knower within

Makeonce are;

They of Knowledge True

Know Siva

Who stands as Fire and Water (Siva-Sakti) commingled;

Unless the Knower within

Make Para and then Siva



2582: Jiva Becomes Para and then Siva


He, Nandi, is within Atita

And Beyond it;

He, Jiva, Jnana bereft of,

And enters Atita;

And attains Jnana

And rid of Ignorance dark, Para becomes;

Then will with God (Pati) one be.



2583: Result of Prayer and Penance


Head bowed low,

I worshipped at the Feet

Of the Lord of Celestials;

Lo! the Lord stepped forward and said:

"You shall now see the result

Of all your prayer and penance,

Of yore performed"

And so blessed me,

He the Lord of Fore-head Eye.



2584: Acceptance in Grace


Of Form Pure, Holy, Birthless,

He in me came and said:

"You are in My Grace received;

Be Pure"

Thus He blessed me,

And my blemishes removed;

He of Golden Form,

Heavenly Lord whom Celestials praise.



2585: Immortality Conferred


Renouncing all, I inward entered

And beheld the Light within;

My heart trembled;

I prostrated low;

But Him I forgot never;

And the Lord of Celestials

Freeing me from whirl of births

Immortal made me, here below.



2586: Pervasive Truth Form


The five sense organs external

The four cognitive organs internal

The worlds all, and lives all

All, all, are by Lord swayed;

He is the pervasive Truth Form

That neither hand nor mouth has.



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