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TIRUMANTIRAM - TANTRA NINE - Verses 2847 to 2865 of 3047


English translation of the Tamil Spiritual Classic by Saint Tirumular



TANTRA NINE - Verses 2847 to 2865 of 3047








2847: Understand Fate's Working; Jnanis are not Thwarted


What though you cut them, chop them,

And with chistle their heads hammer,

Or with cool sandal paste soften them?

All these are but by Fate, Nandi decreed,

Thus realizing they impassive remain,

They, the Holy Jnanis, that Truth perceived.



2848: The Past is Inexorable-Seek the Fair Land


Nothing there is,

Except by your past deeds come;

The heavens cannot decree otherwise;

And so by Muladhara Way

I sought the Lord within the head;

And what I did afore

Took me to the Fair Land of Bliss.



2489: Understanding Logic of Karmaic Law, I Sought Nandi


The sands the river deposits

Are by the river carried away;

To none else is that task apportioned;

(And so)

I sought Nandi

Of holy ashes and erect matted locks,

And with Him inseparate stood, devout intense.



2850: Seek Lord Always


What though the welkin thunders,

What though the seas rise and foam,

What though the fires spread and burn,

What though the tempests roar and blast,

Unconcerned I seek Lord

In devotion intense.



2851: Plough the Field of Jnana


What thought the elephant pursues,

What though the arrow pierces,

What though the wild tiger surrounds,

Deep I plough the field of Jnana

In the Other Land,

Lord has me allotted.



2852: Jnanis Are Unconcerned


If this body to harm comes

There is One to fashion another;

If a land to destruction goes,

There is another land for people to migrate;

If a house to pieces falls,

There is another house to dwell;

-Thus do their thoughts, unconcerned run,

Who Nandi's bounty know.





2853: Siva Reveals in Doubt-Free Thought


Those whose thoughts inseparable in Siva merge,

In their thoughts, Siva reveals;

Those who can vision their thoughts doubt-free,

In their thoughts, Siva is.



2854: He is Subtle Beyond Thought and Speech-Seek and Find Him


Beyond speech and thought

Is hidden that Vedic Object;

Look at it;

It is an Object subtle by far;

It has no coming, nor going, no perishing;

All blessings are

For those who seek Lord true.



2855: The Unknowable Bestows Grace as Hara


As Paran, as Parparan and Beyond

As constant interminable Light Transcendental;

As Support Finite of all,

As One beyond knowledge of Self,

As Hara here below,

He, His Grace showers.





2856: Supreme Svarupa Bliss


Beyond Difference and Non-Difference

Is that inviolate Bliss;

In every hair root its ambrosial sweetness floods;

Beyond the initial Manifestness Three it is;

There indeed is the greatness vast of that Supreme Manifestness

That Vedas praise so high.



2857: He is the Fragrance in the Flower Within


He is Sentience, He is Life;

He is union, He is separation;

He is Continuity beyond thought;

He stands in the fragrance of flower within.



2858: Seek Him There Within


He who stands thus

Of Him you think;

Seek His Presence;

He ends the imperfections

Of those who seek Him;

He is the unwritten Veda immutable;

He is of Tapas great

He stands within the head;

For sure it is.



2859: He Blessed Me Saying, "You Know"


My thoughts woke up

In lightning flash within;

And as I woke up,

The self-illumined Lord, the peerless One,

Of Form golden-hued, Nandi of matted locks

Entered into me and said, "You know;"

And thus saying, in benignance

He cast His glance upon me.



2860: Brahma TuriyaBeyond Triple Turiya


Satya-Jnana Bliss is He

It is Sivananda light

That surpasses Thought;

It is Pure Brahma Turiya;

It is Turiya beyond Turiya;

In it arises the Light Transcendental.



2861: Svarupa Siva Beyond Bliss of Satya-Jnana-Ananda


Paran He is not,

Nor the expanding Paraparan is He;

Nor the abiding Object Beyond;

Nor the Vibrant Light above it;

Nor the One who supports all;

He is they and not they;

Hara He is not

Beyond Bliss is He.



2862: Aim of Suddha State


Mukti, Siddhi and mature Jnana attained,

In devotion standing,

In Param standing,

In the mighty Sakti standing

They realize the Tattvas;

Then from that Suddha State

They passes to SukhanandaBodha State.



2863: Ariya-Turiyatita Beyond; Turiyatita Beyond is Svarupa


Turiyatita is Void

That is beyond words;

When AriyaTuriyatita state still above is reached,

Jiva blossoms shimmering;

Neither folding, nor unfolding;

The Form too is altered;

How to describe it!






2864: Progression of Soul's Journey to Five Muktis


Jiva reaches to (Jiva) Mukti first;

Then passes on to Param State;

And thence to Siva State;

In the Turiyapractised therein,

Is the Primal Self-illumined Manifestness;

And having attained Svarupa,

Is reached the State of Nirvana.

(In AriyaTuriyatita State.)



2865: He is the Finite Goal


He is Param that is reached

By those who desire Him,

Leaving their own desire behind;

He is Lord of Fore-Head Eye

Whom the learned who have learned all,

Still learn about;

He is the Transcendental Light

Whom those who have bonds none


He is the One,

Whom those who have reached,

Have ceased to prattle about.



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