Thursday, February 11, 2016





Baba said, "It will be what He wills. He alone will show the path. When the time comes, without a moment's delay, the wish will be granted" in Shri Sai Samarth Satcharitra, Ch. 19, Ove 149.



Professor Morse was asked in an interview, "In the course of your experiments at the university, there must have been occasions when you felt you were at a dead end, knowing not which way to turn."


"Of course, yes," he answered. "Such situations happened more than once."


"Then, what was your reaction?"


"I pray for light, more light."


"Did God give you what you asked for?"


"Yes, he did," answered the Professor. "So it is that I have always felt that I never deserved the honours that came to me from Europe and America. All this is due to God's help. I wasn't in any way superior to other scientists. The Lord had to bestow this gift on mankind, and He had to choose someone. I am grateful that He chose to reveal it through me."


We can easily understand why the inventor's first message over the telegraph was, "What God hath wrought!"


Whenever we find ourselves at the end of the tether, knowing not which way to turn, let us go to God. And when the answer comes, let us not forget to praise the Lord, "Not mine, but Thine be the glory, O Lord!"

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