Wednesday, August 5, 2009

They return good with evil

Question: I do good to others and they return good with evil. Is this the way of the world?

Answer: To begin with, root out pride of doing good, rather thank God. He has enabled you to help, and never expect that they should be grateful to you. You should be humble to those whom you serve. Moreover, it may be only suspicion that people return good with evil, therefore banish this idea. Nobody can harm you.
The cause of your present troubles may be the result of your past actions. The present is the fruit of the past. Remember, you will not suffer without sufficient cause. Laws of Nature dictate that effect cannot precede the cause. Whatever misfortune is, this is the result of one's actions. It is only to relieve you of past actions that God in His Mercy has devised the present chain of events. A spiritual person and devotee of God should only think that the person causing pain is only an agent, and therefore to be pitied, not hated. To be annoyed with him, to wish ill of him is not the right approach-Pray like Jesus Christ for his good.
A person who returns good with evil is despicable, who returns evil with evil belongs to a low category, who returns good with good is of average category, and the one who returns evil with good deserves God realisation.
(-Swami Premanandaji Saraswati )



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