Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Tell me what is God?

Dadaji, Tell me what is God?

Dada said: "God is Truth. And God is Good, Absolute Good. And God is Beauty. And God is Holiness. The human soul has somehow lost Him: and He may not be found again until, in His infinite grace, He comes down and touches the human soul. For it is true, too true, that behind man's search for God is God's search for man. God seeks man. God seeks every one of His children who have turned away from Him. And God will not rest until we all have returned to Him. Therein lies our deepest hope.
What is it that stands between man and God?
Veils have fallen on man: and he remains sunk in ignorance and apathy: he is unable to see God. Man, under the influence of his gross physical environment, is blind to the Beauty of God and runs after vanities of the world. Man is a victim to the one great veil – that is appetite or desire: the flesh is a very serious veil. Desires dominate man and he turns his face away from the Light.
Man may turn to Him again and behold the Beauty of God. This may be achieved by God's mercy and grace. Beholding Him by His grace, we may see Him as Light. Not until the seeker travels to the Realm of Light, may he become truly a 'man'. Most of us are no better than animals – excommunicated from the City of Light. Man, tied to a life of the senses, is no better than a brute-beast. Man's destiny is to be a divine bird – to grow wings and fly from this world of darkness to the radiant world of Light
What may I do, to grow wings and fly to the realm of radiance and light?
Realise, first, that you live in a state of banishment from the Beloved. Then know that you must die to 'selfhood' in order to live in the Beloved.
(Sadhu Vaswani)

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