Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In the name of religion....

Question: There is a lot of hullabaloo in the name of religion. Reason?

Answer: Wherever there are fights in the name of religion there is no religion, no dharma, there is adharma. Differences are created due to our short-sightedness and lack of understanding. Religion and politics are declared poles apart by selfish people. Secularism does not mean being irreligious, but to have faith and respect for all religions. Being fanatic is not the same as being religious; it is a strange type of blind faith, an illusion. A handful of persons indulge in such behaviour due to their own selfish motives by dragging politics into religion.
They couldn't care less for the welfare of the society of the world, and then the honest and simple suffer the most.
The greatest religion is universal brotherhood. By neglecting humanity you make demons of men who serve only themselves in the name of God. Every religion preaches service, love, renunciation and salvation. By being religious, a man's life, his emotions and actions, are purified. That is the way to the progress of mankind.
In the United States every coin and note carries the legend, 'In God We Trust'. But do they practise it in daily life? I am not sure. The motto of our constitution is, 'Satyameva Jayate' or 'Truth Triumphs', but we and our Government do not believe in practising it.

(-Swami Premanandaji Saraswati )


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