Thursday, April 20, 2017





If a hungry person stands at the gate of your house seeking alms, remember that he has come to honor you with an opportunity to serve you. Do not think that such opportunities will keep repeating. Do not feel disgusted that a beggar is approaching you for money or for food. Even if you externally perceive the same as beggary, you do not realize that he is taking over your sanchita karma. Those who are hungry do not have any form for their hunger. He only has suffering. I am that form of hunger. In fact I am the root cause of the hunger itself. I do not accept anything with the intention of getting any favor in return. All My actions are centered towards rendering service to humanity. When I provide you an opportunity such as the above, at your doorstep to wash away your sins do not dwell on the greed of wealth, property and such worldly matters. This will ensure that My help is not denied to you. If you give a morsel of food, your wealth will not be diminished. Similarly, love and sympathy shown towards other forms of life will also reach Me. I am bound by such pure Love. This is the simplest path to reach Me. Believe Me.





Have faith in My Sayings

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