Thursday, April 6, 2017





There will be a good harvest on a fertile soil. There is a need to plough even such a rich soil. The soil also has to be watered regularly. Proper planting of saplings are essential. Due care has to be taken while tending the plants. If you undertake such efforts then good harvest can be expected. Your heart is also like fertile soil. Nobody is born with a poor heart. When selfishness overcomes the mind then weakness prevails. When selfish desires are not fulfilled, then evil qualities arise. Such evil qualities become the root cause for bad events. This ultimately leads to destruction. Therefore, whoever is far removed from lust, evil and other such negative qualities will become a divine person. If you want to ensure such negative qualities do not sprout in your mind then, it is imperative that you keep Me in your heart always. By the pristine purity of My Form, cleanse your heart and keep it sacred. Then you become totally pure. I will be ever present in the minds of those people who are not weak but pure in their heart. I fulfill all their desires. Certainly such individuals get complete peace of mind.





Have faith in My Sayings

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