Thursday, March 9, 2017





It is impossible to explain our mutual bond carried through several births. I am a Mendicant and do not have a family, dwelling and other such worldly attachments. I forget myself in eternal bliss. Even at that highest plane of existence, I do not forget My devotees. My thoughts are towards your careful approach. Even if you are far away I am always near and dear to you. I am aware of all your actions. When the effect of your karmic action engulfs you with tremendous force, you forget all your attachments and wander away. I am the boat to help you cross the ocean of samsara. I am also the person who maneuvers the boat. Like the rudder in the hands of the boatman, the effect of your karmic seeds is in My hands. You should make effort to get into the boat. If you keep moving away, then the boat will not come to you. Surrender to Me whatever are your needs and accomplishments. I am your well wisher. You alone are My target. Set your mind towards Me and do all your acts with ease. Then I carry your burden.

Have Faith in My Sayings






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