Thursday, March 16, 2017





There are several ways to reach and realize God. To follow disciplines espoused in Vedas, Shastras, study of such scriptures, reciting God's name, meditation, penance and many other such good deeds are available for anybody to pursue. People pray to me seeking a simpler way to reach God even though there are several methods such as the ones mentioned above. Set aside My blessings for those who seek a solution from Me. Think about your contribution to all those benefits you enjoy, which are provided by God, such as clean air to breath, water, fire, the sun and the moon. Whoever respects the creation of God and abides by the principles of natural laws, will have His blessings. Creation is represented by the existence of all species including the society of human beings. You do not think of them in the least, nor do you feel for them. To help them, you may not provide them any money, but at least console them with soothing words and encourage them with the confidence of your support. Your feeling of support to other beings will be taken as worship to Me. If this simple effort cannot be extended by you; what else can I do for you?





Have faith in My Sayings

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