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The Last Days - By Sri Narasimha Swamiji - part 2

The Last Days - By Sri Narasimha Swamiji - part 2

The year 1918 commenced as any other and a few months passed. Uddhavesa Bua, usually visited Sai Baba every fortnight. One day, when he arrived, Baba told him not to take the trouble of visiting Him thereafter. He said the same to another Mrs. Chandrabai also in July 1918.


Not long after this, one day Sai Baba gave some boli with boiled foul to Kasim (the son of Bade Baba) and told him, "Go to Aurangabad and see Shamsuddin Mia, give him this money, Rs. 2507- let him do Moulu, Kowali and Nyas." Moulu is the singing of devotional songs Kowalis are devotional songs about saints, sung to the accompaniment of Tabla; Nyas is feeding poor people. Baba then told Kasim to go to another fakir, Banne Mia, decorate him with a garland. Thereafter Kasim was to tell Mia "On the ninth day of ninth month, Allah Himself takes away the lamp which He had lit. Such is Allah's mercy." Sai Baba gave him Rs. 250/- and a garland. Kasim pleaded he was a stranger to Aurangabad and so Baba asked Chote Khan to accompany him.


Both Kasim and Chote Khan started for Aurangabad. When they arrived at Aurangabad railway station, Fakir Shamsuddin whom Chote Khan knew had come to the station. He was enquiring "Who are the guests come from Fakir Sai? Chote Khan and Kasim were surprised and bowed to him. Shamsuddin himself repeated the message of Sai Baba, word by word! Then he led the three guests' home and fed them. With the money sent by Sai Baba, he fed a large number of people. He also performed Kowali and Moulu. By night all this was completed.


Next day, Kasim, started in search of Banne Mia. When they reached his house, they saw him standing still, with one hand raised and the other held down in a trance. There were a few Arabs. They warned the visitors not to approach him, when he was in that state as he would be furious with them. So visitors waited for one hour but Banne Mia showed no sign of regaining awareness. Then Chote khan took the garland which Baba had given them in his hand and put it round the fakir's neck. Then Banne Mia lowered his raised arm, as though he became aware of the arrival of the visitors. So Chote Khan repeated to him the words of Sai Baba, "Ninth day of the ninth month Allah Himself takes away the lamp which He had lit." On hearing the words, Banne Mia gazed at the sky and tears rolled down his eyes.


The party left Aurangabad quite thrilled by the happenings. But they could not understand what it was all about nor had they the courage to ask Baba about it.

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