Friday, September 30, 2016

Baba's approbation of Mystic Experience

Baba's approbation of Mystic Experience 


(a) Baba occasionally gazed at the setting sun. He once admired the beauty and large size of a group of parrots.


(b) K.G. Bhishma and Mr. Balwant Khaparde went out in the morning at Shirdi, when dew was falling and the Sun was just rising. Bhishma turned back, i.e., towards the west and found his shadow a very long one starting from his feet and proceeding endlessly on to the west. At the western horizon the shadow was crowned with or surrounded by a glorious circular rainbow. The sight filled him with joy. It was evidently his reflection becoming endless and glorious. The finite was proceeding into the infinite. The Jiva was lost in the Paramatma. And for a moment he was lost in ineffable joy. Balwant also saw the same thing about himself and had the same experience. When the two returned home, G.S. Khaparde said that Baba had granted them a glimple of the Atman. Then they went to Baba and Baba gave them a smile of approval.



(Baba's Charters and Sayings # 200)


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