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Psychologist provides 'scientific evidence' to reincarnation

Psychologist provides 'scientific evidence' to reincarnation
Saturday January 29 2005 00:00 IST


BANGALORE: CASE 1: A vague memory hit a pair of twins in Agra, Surender and Narendar, while travelling on a bike. The older one was the first to spell it out. They had died in a road accident in their previous birth. They went back and told their parents but were silenced.

The duo were desperate to meet parents and relatives of their previous birth. They spoke about it to their milkman, who hailed from the village where they lived in their previous birth. They milkman takes their message to the village teacher. The teacher visited them and at once she was convinced and arranged for the two families to meet.

CASE 2: A man was shot dead in a police cross fire. Fifteen months later, a child is born with marks on his chest. When he began to speak, he said he was shot dead in the previous birth.

The cases were verified and the documents like the death certificate, FIRs from various government agencies stand testimony to their cases, claimed Satwant K Pasricha, Head of Clinical Psychology, National Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Sciences (NIMHANS).

She was presenting scientific evidences of reincarnation from an ongoing study NIMHANS had been doing for the last two decades along with the University of Virginia
. The two centres had interviewed and documented at least 2,500 children, who were referred to them ``with memories of previous births.''

The research team, she claims, has substantial evidences in at least 67 percent of the samples. Most children, she said, forget about the past by age of 10 and become normal adults. The average time between death and birth was 15 months. At least 51 percent of the reported cases either died of accidents or were murdered.

But the public lecture had more questions than answers. Pasricha is yet to find out why only some children remember their previous birth? Is it always from one human being to another or is also from animals? Why do the children forget the incidents by the time they are ten? How are the dead ones reborn? Do they travel through light? Are they waves?

"We are in the advanced stages of confirming reincarnation. We don't know answers to any of these questions. All we can say now is reincarnation looks possible,'' said Pasricha, while answering to querries from the audience.

The research, she said, was not to dispute to genetic theory but only to suppliement them. "It will take a long time for us establish this as we need data and evidences from several other children. But we are hopeful we would,'' she said signing off.




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