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Baba said, "The illusion of attachment or the love for money is a deep eddy (whirlpool) of pain full of crocodiles in the form of conceit and jealousy. He, who is desireless, can alone cross this whirlpool" in Sri Sai Satcharitra, Ch. XVI & XVII.


There is a suggestive little story told us concerning Udhava, a dear disciple of Sri Krishna. Udhava could not bear to see the suffering which abounded in the world.


He said to the Master, "All around us we see the misery of millions. The people are desperately unhappy. You, Master, are All-powerful. Why don't you take them to the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Eternal Bliss?"


Krishna smiled and said, "What can I do? The people are not willing to enter the Kingdom."


Amazed, Udhava said to himself, "How can that be? Let me go and find out for myself!"


The first living creature he met was a pig, wallowing in the mud. "Brother Pig," said Udhava, "living in such filth, you must be feeling miserable. Wouldn't you like to dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven, where all is neat and clean, where beauty smiles and wisdom is radiant?"


However, the pig had his own doubts. So he asked, "Does one have children in the Kingdom?'


Udhava's answer was in the negative. "In the Kingdom, people do not have children, but they are happy as waves dancing on the sea."


The pig again asked, "In the Kingdom, will I get delicious swill and faeces that I love to eat?"


"Of course not!" said Udhava, shocked.


"In that case," said the pig, "I am not interested in your Kingdom. You will have to find out some other customer."


So it is, that the Lord says in the Bhagavad Gita, "Among thousands of men there is scarce one who striveth for perfection!"


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